Nisaa Byrd

Help from Gods & Angels 

      Ever had that feeling of a Tardis flying around your tummy. Has the name Aiko, ever spoke to you? The days have come where I finally understood what they were talking about. His name is Atomsk, Aphrodite gave him special. But Phthonus came and took him away from me. After I sat there and cried the days away while the days Lyssa took pity on me… Rage flourished and the anger turned in to the feeling of sex became stronger then my want for happiness. Pothos & Himeros came touched my core. Months went by and Kōkai came and smothered me & forced me to look to the night sky.  With the twinkling stars & into the moon lover’s pond. There was a day that Hephaeshs spoke and pleaded with Aphrodite to allow my love to come back to my arms. The night I went to the moon and pleaded to the gods for such guidance. They would watch me cry into the lake, there was a night where the pen wouldn’t stop moving by the fire of the candle light.  A night where the light of the moon hit the lake perfectly & the stars twinkled brighter than ever. The gods took pity and saw the letter that was being written my love Atomsk.

     Falling asleep on the table, the letter that sat next to me while I slept.  Tightly sealed in an envelope and saying to the love who waited slowly began to lift & towards the sky. The letter I wrote flew out the window & off to a land of wonder. Days went by and it began to turn to late fall. The fallen autumn leaves layer across the ground like a painting, something that by Monet or Van Gogh. Sitting by the pond looking at the two beautiful fish that swam around in circles. The evening lights and the beautiful sun and clouds standing very still.  Slowly the night began to take the evening sky hostage. Soft steps and a small wind pulls my hair back, a Hikari-no-Tenshi appears in front of me and hands me a flower a Spider Lily.

            The beauty of the Hikari-no-Tenshi was as strong and bright as looking into direct sunlight. His hand stretched out reaching for mine, beginning to stand he pulls me up and leads me into the small forest that resides in the back of my small cot.  The small gown I walked outside in was begging moved around like small white leaves as the moves wind moved it. In mid step, a small gleam of light was shown. Bi-no-Tenshi stood in front of now just standing there as, the Hikari no Tenshi bows and fades from my eye sight. She walked up to me & pulled my hand guiding me farther into the woods to a large group of trees with only two types of flowers. Cherry Blossoms & Spider Lily’s, I look behind me & beautiful Bi no Tenshi points her hand towards the Cherry Blossom tree to the left. But before leaving, she waves her hand in front of me. Instead of a small white gown, i was put in a Short Beautiful Kimono. I then began to walk towards the tree to see leaning there looking casually was Atomsk. He had fallen asleep against the tree with the letter in his hand the envelope I had placed it in was opened. 

    I stood next to him, reaching up touching his face softly. He gave a slight jump and began to stand up, only to see he was so much taller than me. Looking down he pulls my face up, kissing my lips very softly. He spoke only three words to me while we stood there. Tears began to slowly dance down my cheek falling to the ground touching small flower petals. He held me closely, a slight breeze moved around us. Making the flower petals dance around, the colors looking like a beautiful painting.

     Picking a flower from the tree placing it in my hair ~ we walked into the dancing flower petals that acted like a door way and vanish into the next world. Leaving only the letter of my feelings for him that soon began to disappear along with us. In the dancing Flowers, Crystal Moon & Twinkling stars we vanished. 

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