the short story project


Aniket Chalke


It was after graduation that i got a new job in a new city. Everything was new for me, my friend suggested me a broker from whom i can get a rented flat. I called him up asking for a flat He showed me quiet of those, but all of those were out of my budget. I kept on insisting him to show a place in my budget. So, he asked me to meet him once again at 10 Am near DS road. It was quiet a old building with no paints you can the main door of the building was broken there were certain hoardings put to cover up the leakage as we entered the side wall was broken and the lift was not working properly. We went to the 5th floor there were 3 flats out of which 2 were locked. We waited near the third flat as the broker rang the bell, it took a lot of time for someone to open the door. As soon as the door was open we could see an old lady wearing a plane white saree with grey colour embroidery her face was full of wrinkles and she has a very sharp eye we went in sat she brought glasses of water. The broker starts speaking to him but the strange thing was she was continuously staring at me i was feeling a bit nervous but i thought of not staring her back coz her eyes has something to say. It was all finished I didn’t even realised what the broker spoke to her or what he said to me coz i was so much nervous that i was in a state on mind. Then we left the apartment but still i can see the lady staring at me. when we reached down the broker told me that you got your flat in affordable money. I asked him about the old lady he told me she is old can’t take care of her self that’s the reason she is leaving this apartment and going to her native place. The next day i shifted in to my apartment it was a whole new place with a full-length drawing room and a balcony attached to it. I use to work for many hours at office and only come home just to sleep. One day when I came home I was having my dinner, I saw my bell ringing i looked in from the peephole there a man and a woman waiting outside. I opened the door they told me that they were my neighbours. I invited them to come in. They told me that the broker told them about me but couldn’t never saw me as I use to come always late. They sat we had a healthy long conversation. That night they told me a thing. They told me that the old lady whom use to live in this apartment has killed his own son and daughter in law. I was completely shaken by that. I told them that the broker never told me about it. Then they both went back. I tried to call the broker but his phone was out of coverage. The whole night i could not sleep. Somehow, I got a nap the next morning I got up. I went to my office but tried calling the broker. It was at night when I must come back to home I was not in a state of mind to come back home but somehow, I made my mind and came back. As I came in the doorbell rang once again I looked in from the peephole, it was my neighbours, I opened the door the brought in some sweets for me I invited them in. We were having a long conversation and my phone rang. It was the broker I told him the whole story and asked him why he didn’t bother to tell me such an important thing. He apologised to me and said first thing in the morning I will sort out your issue, but asked me who told me about this incident. I said my neighbours. He said but your floor is completely vacant you don’t have any NEIGHBOURS! I was standing in the balcony completely shaken….

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