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Yola Resa

3.11.2019 – Savoring Daylight

Just like everyone’s number one conversation starter in an elevator or any awkward moment between two or more people in a social setting, people always say “how about the weather?”.

Well, the weather was pretty great today. I did only enjoy it for about 30 minutes walking to and from work which, today, luckily, was walking distance from home being on 8th and 48th — this is not usually the case.

On this March 11th, in New York City’s Manhattan it wasn’t cold nor warm. It wasn’t windy nor chilly, or even super sunny. It was calm and cloudy. You couldn’t hear the weather, which is always good in my book. My ideal weather and favorite season is Autumn: 65 to 75 degrees, “light jacket” weather where I can wear either that or a hoodie, boots and even a hat with loose pants, jeans, or leggings.

Right now at this 6:53pm the weather is perfect. It’s my favorite time of day. Dusk, or twilight, or sunset. As a self-proclaimed “celestial sucker” this time of day has many names. The sun is setting — but really the Earth is moving and another part of the world is getting the sun right now…I believe Asia — and it’s making the sky those beautiful colors that I always remember Cameron Diaz in The Mask saying the Jim Carrey’s character, Ipkiss, “all those pinks and greens”. The sky right now is pink and purple and orange and of course blue. It has that beautiful royal blue in the wee hours of the morning around 6am that also come to mind at this time.

I get why people say “talk about the weather” when you don’t know what to say to someone or if you need a quick conversation starter to get out of an awkward situation. It’s a broad topic, or at least it can be, if the other person is willing to listen to all the things you can say about it. ‘You’ meaning me, because as a self-proclaimed “celestial sucker” I can talk about what the sky is doing forever. It is, after all, endless. I think about it everyday, and as long as you can think about something you can talk about it and you can definitely — as per this essay — write about it.

I find the weather and what the sky does very inspiring and even moving. Get it? The sky moves, the Earth moves. It’s moving…anyway.

Looking outside my 19th floor living and bedroom large Hell’s Kitchen windows and seeing the sun setting everyday over the Hudson River passed the Lincoln Tunnel over what I assume to be the Hoboken, New Jersey skyline is always a dream to me. It’s like watching a dance. Ha! I am in fact such a “lame introvert” that I make sure I’m home at this time just to watch it daily. Today’s weather was wonderful, and it has, yet again, provided another beautiful Dusk, Twilight, Sunset that filled the sky with those incredible “pinks and greens”, but instead swapping the greens with oranges, and reminded me of Autumn, in the middle of a month which is in the middle of Winter and Spring, one day after we have daylight savings back.

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