the short story project


Dead Flower

A girl was dying and she has to find a flower. A flower that glowed. When she found the flower it was dead. She left and a few minutes later a fairy cane along and asked why she was sad. The girl said she was sad because she is dying and the flower she was looking for was dead. The fairy then said that it was supposed to look dead when it is really alive. She said all you have to do is touch the flower and it will glow. The girl and the fairy went to the flower and touch the flower. Flower then glowed so bright. The fairy picked up the flower and put it in a bowl and ground it up. The little girl drank it was starting to float. Then she started growing wings. The wings were so big they were holed like the sun and dragged along the flour if you walked. The girl was put on the flour and the wings disappeared, but the wings instead was a tattoo on the the girls back that goes down to her ankle. The girl didn’t fell anything. She said she felt alive and then she jumped off the cliff and started to fly and the fairy flew next to her. The girl flew over oceans and land. She saw everything. But one day she started feeling sick, she called the fairy. The fairy cane and said that the flower numbs the pain, but the pain is still there. It only numbs it for awhile but comes back. The girl then dissolved into glowing specs into the air.

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