the short story project


X Jin

It was bleak and bitter cold,the feeling of being seated desperately behind the washing machine.Never had I felt such a strong and protected feeling from a non living object in my life.It felt so strong,the old washing machine protecting me from whatever the hell that was waiting for me to reveal myself and pounce at me with ferocity,knocking me down in an instance.My uncle hushed at me hiding behind the bathroom door as I sobbed shaking convulsively.Uncle Tom seemed to remain calm in such situations as he was an ex military officer.Dad told me that he’d voluntarily resigned after seeing the horrific site of his major being beheaded leaving a bloody trail in the harsh deserted floor.

Uncle was now a gym instructor.Besides being a cross fitter,he enjoyed family company.The only love of his life is his cat Gerard,a tabby.Uncle was quite well built, 6’4 in height and neatly kept hair.He would visit us every Saturday and stay with us for the night watching soccer with my dad.Today was no different until the uninvited guest came in.

I’d just returned home after buying some groceries.Mom was preparing her usual Chicken roast which we all looked forward to.I parked my bike in the courtyard and was about to enter the house form the main door but i hesitated as I could feel a cold and hostile feeling in the air.Like the silence before a storm.So I decided to enter from the backdoor walking through the lawn.As I slowly but casually opened the door a pair of strong hands held me.With his right hand covering my mouth and the other pulling me towards him it was Uncle Tom.He then with extreme caution pushed open the bathroom door.He then slowly pushed me inside and with his eyes he hinted me to hide behind the washing machine.He then hid himself behind the door.I was too scared to even utter a word or make any noise.He then slowly whispered to me telling me that Mary,my mom was hiding in the kitchen cabinet.He told me that after his gym routine,he had decided to drop by at our place like usual.As he entered from the main door, he could see that dad wasn’t home as his car wasn’t parked in the garage.Entering the house after a few repeated knocks on the main door and no answer,he saw my mom rush towards the kitchen with great fear.As he stood there clueless,a man covering his face with a scream mask followed mom carrying a huge jackknife in his hands until he noticed my uncle and started to walk towards him in a slow but horrifying manner.My uncle had managed to knock him down and run towards the backdoor until he met me entering the house through the backdoor.

“We’ll wait until he shows up.I’ll then knock him down and then you run out from the backdoor,call the neighbors and the police.Get your mom safely out of the house and then call your dad.We can do this”uncle Tom said.I stood their breathing heavily.Why was this happening to me.All I had to do was fetch the groceries and help my mom out with the meals.Id never imagined some freak to show up at my place trying to hunt us down.It almost felt like I was a helpless Impala hiding in the savannah grass from the hungry and ferocious Cheetah,gnarling and making her way towards me with slow baby footsteps almost seeming to do something completely out of innocence.

My greatest fear came true.I could now hear the killer make his way into the bathroom.Each footstep felt so heavy and malicious.The sound of the footsteps had a shrill bleak and bitter coldness to it.”Now or never Charles!!!”exclaimed Uncle Tom.Fostering up all my courage I stood up,ready to flea from this  hellish situation.As I stood up,it was a horrific scene.I don’t know that it was relief or anger or fear that I felt.My stomach churned cold like a dead steam engine in the winter morning.It was my mom standing in front of the bathroom door.Her eyes had a sort of protective fierceness to it,like that of a fallen tigress ready to make her last move.She was bleeding heavily from her abdomen and the wound was naked for visibility.It seemed to be deep blow from something like a kitchen knife.Her crimson red blood left a bloody trail all over the floor.”What have you done to my boy!!Get away from Charles right now!!!”she shouted with a great strain in her voice.Before I could make any movement,I felt the cold and sharp blade press against my throat.As I turned my eyes sideways for a peek with great tension,I could see the cold dead eyes of Uncle Tom staring at me.It wasn’t a stare at my eyes,it was a stare right through my soul.He had this emotionless yet malicious smile stuck in his face.Pandora had finally opened her box.The fictitious killer had finally revealed himself not as some stranger with sheer cruelty for a reason but someone rather too close or obvious to be neglected for the doubt to be the killer.”Be a good by and don’t move Charles.Ohhh how terrifically I’ve wanted to release all the young,youthful blood running through your veins for all this time.Today there shall be a feast,a feast of blood.The start of a joyous occasion with a youthful sacrifice”he muttered without the smile leaving his face for a second.As the knife pressed against my throat with immense strength,there was loud sound I couldn’t recognize at the moment as I was loosing consciousness,but I could feel the object ricochet at a great speed and force slicing through the cold air.With a loud thud,my uncle fell to the ground.I slowly gained my consciousness back.He had been shot down by a young police officer standing outside the bathroom window in the lawn.Deep red crimson blood flowed from his scalp,slowly spreading all over the bathroom floor.My mom fell on her knees with great relief.

We were then taken to the ambulance with all our neighbors looking at us with concerned eyes.Our neighbor had seen mom bleeding immensely from his window and called the police.It was over now.As I stared lifelessly at the bloody red gauge treating my mothers wound,I could no longer hear,smell,feel or taste anything.All I see is the bloody red gauge as I think how scary reality actually is and how easy it is to be locked and have complete faith in one’s imagination.Reality is scary.

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