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Edna Mae Rose Barlow (Melnick)

The Hillbilly Crack Guy That Attacks The Bus. 

There was this hillbilly crack guy that attacked a Florida bus.

My friend Don was on his way home from work one day were this hillbilly crack guy just attacked the bus just out of know where. Don yells going to be late I got to catch my train come on already just let him the bus. Next the hillbilly guy was walking all over the street he even walked out in the middle of traffic. 

Don yells he like a walking zombie, and look at him he grabbed the bus’s windshield wiper and also Don yelled look he’s going to kill us all. The bus driver finally let the crack hillbilly guy on the bus.  Don said looks like the guy forgot his stem. Then Don told the hillbilly guy look lips are smacking! What were you eating peanut butter or were eating some sugar before you got on the bus the old man was walking around all dizzy like and crazy, before he sat down in his seat on the bus. The bus went on it way down the road with the dizzy, crazy zombie like crack guy on the bus. 

The bus finally reached the destination were Don got off the bus and Don wiped the sweat that was on his face with that purple handkerchief that was on his golden brown sweaty hair that he had from his hard day of work that he had before he got on that bus with that crazy, zombie like guy that later came on that bus. Don then hoped on the train and finished his journey home. Then when Don got home he took a shower and looked in the mirror and said to himself I hope I never got on a bus like that ever again, because what a crazy ride that was with that hillbilly crazy crack guy that attacked my bus while I was on my way home from work.

In The Memory Of My Friend Don, Who Passed Away On January 17th 2018.

By Edna Mae Rose Barlow “Cosmic Queen”


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