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Tyshondra Barnes 

Rejection:  The Play Of Sarah A Short Play  A Short Play Sarah was born on  September  2, 1982  by her mother in Chicago, IL  Sarah  had an older sister name  Tina who was born on July 31, 1977 from a previous father. Sarah  started having trouble with temper tantrums and was mistreated as a child sadly,  Sarah was diagnosed with a learning disability.  Sarah will often cry because she was treated differently  than her older sister  Tina. Sarah  always had problems coming as to dealing with her mother and father battling drug addiction. Sarah had  5 uncles and one aunt  addition to,  they were to her.  She came from a model class family where her grandfather worked and grandmother stayed home in any event  Sarah ‘ s mother could no longer care for Sarah. Sarah ‘ s grandparents started taking of them. Sarah at times felt she did not have anybody by her side likewise, Her mother was in/ out of drug rehab.   Sarah started having problems in school and kids to put her down  and called her names furthermore. Her  family mistreated her also.  Sarah ‘s older sister was the popular one always getting  all the boys as well as getting into trouble.  Most of the time Sarah ‘ s grandfather will be in / out of town and she will be in  the care of her grandmother.  Sarah ‘ s grandmother was mean  to Sarah  and that often lead Sarah to  confine with her other people about her problems.  Sarah ‘ s grandmother treated  Sarah ‘ s older sister better than her.  There was Favorism within the household addition to,  That made Sarah angry. Sarah  tried to  confine with her grandmother how she was feeling neglected but Sarah ‘ s grandmother will push her way for the most part, Sarah  was never close with her sister.  Sarah finally graduated from grammar school and made it to high school in the long run, She graduated from high  school. There she attended college as time went by Sarah had the passion to write and as time went on she wrote” Yet published  her first book as time progressed  Sarah wrote several short story books and wanted to dedicate her life being a successful writer. The problems  Sarah was having did not  destroy her bit made het Stronger.   Rejection The Play Of Sarah A Short Play on 

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