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You are a failure. It doesn’t matter what you did.

                            YOU ARE A FAILURE.

Everything you ever did in your miserable life is nothing but a waste of time. You failed at every aspect of your life. You are a disgrace to your family and the society. No one can expect anything from you. No one cares about you. You matter to this world. You have absolutely no reason to live in this world. There are way more talented people than you out there.

                               YOU ARE A LOSER

Right now you might be thinking, “who is this crazy writer and what the hell is he talking about?” If I were you, I would probably be thinking the same thing. And to answer your question, I just want to say that I meant everything I said and I don’t regret any of it. Before you click away just hear me out for a minute.

You probably have been called a failure a number of times in your life. Weather that’s because you failed at a test or broke someone’s promise or trust or didn’t live up to your parent’s expectations. It’s a common thing to be called a failure or a loser at something. And that’s okay. Being called a loser doesn’t mean you can’t do it [although that is exactly why you were called a loser in the first place] it means you can’t do it “YET”. You are still in a learning process. We all are. Making mistakes is what makes us human. Now you might be thinking ” But I have this friend/cousin who is perfect at everything.” Well, that’s where you’r wrong. NOBODY IS PERFECT. That’s just the way it is. Am I the perfect guy to write about this article? HELL NO!! Are you the perfect guy to read my article? Well…. you might be. But still you are imperfect in some way. Even your perfect friend/cousin. Likewise, we are all failure. You hve to accept yourself that you are a failure. If you can’t accept it yourself, then you’ll easily be butthurt. So accept yourself that you are a failure.

When you finally accept it. Your mindset will change. Your brain will start signalling you that you are not good enough. You can do better. Even if you are really good at something like sketches, photography, cinematography, writing, studies whatever, your brain will tell you give more effort than before. Thus your already good skill becomes better all because you believe that you are a failure. This is how people accomplish great things.

Expect less of yourself. Whatever you do with you’r life, expect less from it. Specially to from the thing you are good at doing. Because when you expecting less and calling yourself a failure but at the same time giving twice the effort to your work, the reward is far greater than it was when your expecting more. When you’r expecting more but could not reach up to your expectations than you’ll feel bad about yourself. But if you’r expecting less then there no bar to cross. If can’t cross your low expectations then there is no need to feel bad because you were already expecting less. And if you can cross your expectations than you’ll feel like you conquered the mount Everest.

So, to sum this up: Believe that you’r a failure
                                  Expect less out of youself

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