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Edna Mae Rose Barlow (Melnick)

April, The Spring Mermaid

Every year on the month of April, April the springtime mermaid will come out and pick some springtime flowers and put them in her brown wicker basket and she would take them back to her underwater village that was called Pleasantville. She had a small flower shoppe there where she would sell her beautiful springtime welcome home wreaths. That all the undersea folk would buy from her so they can put them on the front doors of the underwater homes they lived in the Villiage of Pleasantville had a population of two thousand people. He lived two blocks from her flower shoppe where she was famous for her beautiful pink flowered wreathes with white lace bows and baby breath flowers too. For the holidays she made special baskets too. Her flower shoppe was filled with all kinds of flower, wreaths and baskets that she sold them with plenty of cheer and love from her heart.

By Cosmic Queen

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