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Lost Colors- A Random Excerpt

“Come on, I want to show you something,” He outstretches his hand and I look at him from beneath my glasses.

“What now?” I sigh and close my book. Dusk was slowly falling all around us as night-time pushed its way in. Quite eagerly too. The sun was a red shade instead of its cheery yellow. I couldn’t care less about that detail, but Acakar had to mention it anyway.

“The sun looks beautiful- I mean… you know… sorry,” He looks down and flushes slightly.

“It’s fine, you know I don’t care anymore,” The park was curving into the city with the quiet honks blaring loudly in the tipping silence.

We start to talk about our usual conversation, switching to another topic in the middle of one. Despite Acakar name being so rough, he was quite soft inside. We walk for a long time- so long in fact, the moon and stars had come out.

“We’re here, just on time too,” He pulls me into a festival, which just reminded me that it was May 29th- Dragon Festival.

He pulls me past stalls filled with food made especially for today, stuffed dolls, animals, some fake and some real, and even a stall with masks ranging from all sorts.

“Good thing we managed to a good spot,” He pants and none of his words connect correctly. Enough to make me laugh. We share a look and my giggles start all over again.

“I did it,” He smiles and blink at him, “What do you mean?”

“I made you smile, you’re always so serious all of the time, and everything you ever loved slipped from your fingers,”

I look at him, “ Well then, I should wish you congratulations then,” He shakes his head and points upward, “There’s something else too, look up,”

The minute I did I realized we were on a hill. There were fireworks blasting across the sky, over and over.

The last I had watched the fireworks were at five with my mom- when everyone was at my side. When I thought the possibilities were endless. Those colors had shocked and I clung onto to them for days- something I regretted before. Those exploding stars seem to push colors back into my mind.


The day mom died, stilled troubled me and I barely crawled out the mountain of debt she left for me. Colors just slipped from my mind before I could realize it. Twelve years later, I only just realized it.

Twelve years- what was I thinking of?

Tears were blurring my vision- couldn’t care less. The purples, yellows, blues, reds, was so much more precious.

“How do you feel?” Acakar asks and I bury my head into his shoulder, “There, there, look up one last time okay? Three, two, one,”

The fireworks explode one last time symbolizing the dragon as it spread across the black sky. It was harsh contrast my eyes yearned for. They die out and the park comes out the lights, blowing out the oil lamps. Stars lit up everything up, and the Milky Way spread out in its glory. It takes away my breath, I can’t even tell if I’m alive anymore. The monotone is gone, and the contrast of colors, crans my head longer than it would like, and I’m still looking upward when he pressed something into my hand. I stare at my hand until I spot it. A clear-glass ring was just large enough for me to slip onto my finger.

“You’re kidding,” I laugh, but he puts it on anyway. The fourth finger, barely visible, but it reflected the light beautifully.

“Not always,” He laughs, “You know what I’m going say,” I can’t believe my ears.

“Yes, 私はあなたが好きです,” (I love you too,)

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