the short story project


Love is only a feeling.

One day evening ,I sat on a bench enjoying a beautiful weather and listening to the chirping of birds .And I got a phone call from my friend and I answered it .I could hear her cry and she requested me to come to her place .

I reached her home .And when to her ,she was crying  terribly and I asked her why ??            She replied that ….                           Everyday she used to wait for a bus in the busstop ,the bus arrived and sat I n her seat .And she saw a guy ,who is smart and who is so professional.He sat beside her ,He saw her and gave a smile      ?   .she didn’t even smile back .And the bus stop has arrived .she got out of the bus .Next day this guy started staring at her ,and same seat in the bus and slowly they started talking each other though they have ample of time in the bus .When ever he talks to her he just looks straight away in her eyes .After many days both fell in love .One day when my frnd called him .A lady lifted the phone and my frnd thought it may be his cousin or sister and told her to give  him the phone and the lady said he is out ,he may come home soon and my frnd asked who she is ??The lady replied that she is his wife .And she was shocked and my frnd already invited him to dinner and shared the spot ,To know where he is ??She called to his phone .She was so tensed and she was in a restaurant waiting for him and she could hear his voice saying “HI” and she told him she called him .And he replied that he forget his phone at home and he sat before her and told her she is beautiful and she replied “Don’t try to fool people” she got up from her place and rushed to her home .


           This is all what happened to my frnd .From that day onwards she was so upset?.      Sorry guys I just shared a story to u all though my language is not that much good ,sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes .Never mind it guys, love u  and thatpnks for reading .           The important message from this story is never believe anyone blindly by their appearance.?                                                                        

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