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The Greatest Truth

Ridhima Chatterjee, a Bengali girl lives in Mumbai with her grandparents. She is 18; she has been living here for last 10 years. Her parents were divorced when she was just 8. So the little girl was allowed to stay with her mother, Anamika Roy, who married a billionaire after few months and settled in Las Vegas. But the little soul was not happy at all because she wanted both of her parent’s company. Her own father settled in Dubai, busy with his own business, he didn’t care much about her own daughter. And her mother was busy with her newly married life; she wanted to start everything new so she didn’t pay attention towards Ridhima. None was giving affection, love what she needed the most at this early stage of life. Few months later her mother gave birth to a baby little boy who was the heir of the billionaire. When Ridhima’s grandparents came to know about the situation they took their grandchild to their home. They were rich enough to bear all the expenses of Ridhima. Her mother was quite happy to forget about her previous life, she was overwhelming to accept all the happenings coming through her way, so she didn’t protest.

So now Ridhima has grown up enough to understand every little thing in this huge world. In fact she is more matured as she faced too many complications in her early life. Now she is happy with her new life, her life is full of love, her grandparents have given her everything in this world to survive. Now she is in one of the best schools in town and she is the brightest one there. She was quite happy with her world, but her wish to be around her parents was nothing to be solved.

In fact she was not interested having a love partner because she had faced the bitterest truth at early phase of her life. She had no faith in love because she has seen her parent’s separation, which has affected her so much. In these last ten years none of her parents came to visit her, none bothered about her, none was actually caring towards her. She has got every kinds of happiness in this world, without her parent’s affection. So was little unhappy in her mind but her grandparents were so protective about Ridhima, as she was the only child in their home.

One day Ridhima was having her breakfast, along with her grandparents a letter came. It was from her father from Dubai. The letter tells that he was dying, so he wanted his family by his side at his last days of life. Ridhima’s grandparents didn’t pay any attention because when his child needed him the most, he was nowhere to be seen. But Ridhima had tears in her eyes after hearing her father’s condition. So at her request, her grandparents agreed to visit their son in law in Dubai.

The next day they reached Dubai and went to the address which was stated in the letter, and they found a small house, dirty and quite old fashioned. Ridhima’s father Mr. Chatterjee was in his bedroom, lying in his bed, his parents were there to visit their son. Tears rolled down from Ridhima’s eyes, seeing the condition of her father. She came to know that he was suffering from cancer, but he didn’t have any kind of facial expression of suffering. Then Ridhima went towards her father and touched him softly, he woke up suddenly, but could not recognize his own daughter as she has grown up now. They both were crying and hugged tightly. They were hugging after so many years, so their happiness was overflowing. Her father, Mr.Anil Chatterjee told everyone to excuse them because he wanted to be alone with her daughter. Then Ridhima came to know that her father had something to share with her before he dies. Her father was feeling week but also he tried to convey some messages to his dearest daughter.

Then Anil started his story, his love story which wasn’t fulfilled by him. But he wanted to convey the truth of his life and wanted to tell that true love happens in life, of course it exists, sometimes it gets fulfilled , and sometimes not but that doesn’t mean that true love doesn’t have any existence.

Thirty years ago……………

It was the story of Anil and a girl, Anisha, who was in the same batch of him at college. Anil was a popular head boy at college when Anisha took entry in his life. Anil was a year younger to him, he had an attraction to this beautiful girl but hadn’t enough courage to tell her the truth. One day Anisha was at the cafeteria with her friends, Anil went towards her with a bunch of roses and a proposal note. Thus their love story began. Their love story was in full rhythm, every kinds of happiness were there, and every kinds of joy fulfilled them. But when Anil came to know that Anisha’s parents arranged a marriage for her daughter to a rich well-known family, his heart was broken. He wasn’t wealthy enough to take her ladylove away from her family, so he was mentally disturbed, but at the end of the day when he used to listen to her voice he felt a sigh of relief.

But a day came when Anisha’s parents confirmed their daughter’s marriage date. Anil was totally destroyed. But the next day Anisha came to his house with a huge smile and a bundle of joy, she came with a report of her pregnancy, and it was true that she was pregnant. This news came to Anil as a shock; it was the worst news, the worst truth he had ever faced. Anisha was happy because she had some serious excuse to cancel out her marriage. But Anil wasn’t happy because he wasn’t prepared for the truth, it took away his dreams. Anisha wasn’t happy enough to see his facial expression because she expected him to be happy with this good news. But this wasn’t the worst enough; the horrible was coming on their way, when her parents came to know about her pregnancy, they were going to abort the child. But Anisha was strong enough to fight against the situation, she was mentally prepared for giving birth to the child, after a few months Ridhima came to this world and their happiness came back, their smiles returned. Then Anisha’s parents accepted the truth, everything was getting normal between the two families, suddenly Anisha died due to a car accident. Ridhima was a month old, when she lost her mother. Then everything finished in Anil’s life and he wanted to leave this world but he reminded of her baby girl, whom he had to take care of. Few months later he married Anamika, who accepted him to marry just to take care of his child. Anamika has raised little Ridhima for eight years and she has treated her as her own child. After that the divorce happened between them then also she took Ridhima with her.

Ridhima was astonished after hearing the truth of her life. All the years she blamed Anamika, but she was absolutely right at her own point of view. Anil also informed Anamika about his deadly disease, so he tried to go away from her own daughter to save her. He knew his daughter would be in good company with Anamika’s parents.

Ridhima’s tears rolled down from her eyes, she couldn’t think of her past life be so ruthless. She didn’t believe in true love but her past life is truly based on such unconditional love relations. She has blamed everyone in the past years, but none was guilty at all. She was truly grateful to Anamika’s parents who have raised her like their own child.

Two months passed, Anil is no more. Now Ridhima has none from her blood relations in this world. Her own grandparents also passed away, and Anil’s family didn’t know anything about her. But also she leads a wonderful life, full of love and peace. Now Anamika comes every week to see her daughter, and Ridhima has also been her place several times to spend time with Anamika’s son. So now in every aspect of life Ridhima is totally happy, completely full of new dreams to fulfill in future.

So true love exists, not only in movies, in real world also it has a faithful existence. Sometimes, just not only the blood relations, but the true love relationship creates more fascinating story than the real one.

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