the short story project



I still remember that thrilling night. It was about 10 years ago; I was going from Springfield to Petersburg by a train. It was raining heavily outside and the train was at halt at Dale City; the time was 1:20 am and I was awake… I usually don’t stay awake for that long; but that night was magical, as it was being washed off by the rain and the lightning, so, I was enjoying the mild humming of the rain.

Suddenly, I saw a man standing alone on the platform. It was unusual for anyone to stand all alone on the platform, as it was about 1:20 am and it was raining heavily. I don’t know what he was thinking, but his behaviour was strange. After a few seconds that man hopped into the train and sat in-front of me. Suddenly, with a chill in my spine I realized that my compartment was empty, only we 2 were in that compartment. Suddenly the train started to pick up the pace. He was looking creepy as I looked at him. His face was covered with big and thick beard. I thought he was either drunk or on drugs, I didn’t want to draw any attentions so I brought out my phone and started to focus on it.

But suddenly I realized that he was now sitting beside me. There was something off about that man.

Suddenly, a deep horrible voice lingered my ears as he was saying, “Where are you going?”. “Petersburg… you?”  I replied with a fear hidden inside my voice.

No replies were given so I got back into my phone (playing games). After quite a while I noticed that the guy was staring straight at me without a blink for a long time, I started to feel uncomfortable so I asked him, “Is something wrong?” But he was staring at me like a statue with creepy eyes. Then what happened was horrible. I noticed that he was coming near me time to time; the train was running through the middle of nowhere.

I was too much scared, he was about to get me but I picked up my bag and ran through the hallway of the compartment as fast as I could; I could also hear the footsteps of that person. So I got more scared, suddenly I stumbled and fell on the floor but with no time to waste, I hurriedly hid myself under a seat. After a while I could no longer hear the footsteps, so I peeked through a seat. I saw a giant 6’2” shadowy figure standing about 2 feet away with a knife. As he was stepping front my breath was becoming faster and faster.

I was so scared, my mind was all blanked out, I couldn’t think of anything…… then suddenly I noticed that the person was standing right next to me; I stayed as silent as a dead. After a while that man crossed me without noticing me, I tried to look at my wrist watch. I noticed that it’s about time; the train will reach Petersburg at any time. So, I called the cops and explained the situation. They insisted me to calm down and stay hidden as long as I could.

After a while I realized that there was dead silence in that compartment, I thought he was gone. So, I came out, as I came out I saw that guy was standing at the end and stared at me with the same creepy look. With a rush in my veins I ran so hard towards the other side of the compartment; it was like a never ending run.

As I was running through the compartments, I saw the train was entering Petersburg. Then suddenly I hit a pole and blacked out.

Next day, I opened my eyes in the Petersburg central hospital; I saw a cop was standing next to me. He told me that they found no one else inside that compartment except me; all my stuffs were safe and intact. I was released after some time, my left arm was broken maybe because of that pole. I never met that guy after that day but it still gives me goose bumps. I hope to never meet that guy again.

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