the short story project


Anna Stephens

A World within Worlds 

Walking down the beach the sand reflects the millions of stars in the sky and the rocks glisten with sea water and moss. There is an atmosphere of tension in the air, as if every single sea creature is waiting for the final moment when the sun falls beneath the skyline and the moon comes into full being in the sky. Every inch of the landscape is touched by salt from the unruly waves which take power over the beach every day. The scene is the epitome of life, but at the same time remains still and harmonious. She is the first person to enter the place which had remained wild for billions of years, covered and enclosed by a cave overgrown with dense green ivory. As the stars come into being the entire galaxy is reflected in the pools of water which surround the cave and edges of the beach. Every detail of every star and planet appeared to be encapsulated in just one of those pools. Looking into the pool one could almost trace the beginnings of creation, seeing every atom and molecule of energy colliding in perfect harmony leading to.. this beach, this here, this now. The moonlight creates a parallel as the stars mirror the glitter which bounces off the black sand as if the beach were made of diamonds. The beach is just the same as a diamond; a perfect combustion of rock made only under immense pressure in the exact right circumstances. Everything is a diamond, is what the girl thinks, as she looks at her hands and they glitter with the sand she has touched.

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