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5 Seconds

It was around 4:00 pm when I was returning from the coaching class. As I was exhausted I decided to have a short nap for around ½ hour I was just about to relax when I heard some weird sounds, those sounds were very scary as I woke up and started searching for the source of this sound. Searching for the source I went to the drawing room accepting that the sound must be coming from television but there I saw that the switch of the television was turned off. Also then I unplugged the speakers but the sound was still coming searching for the source I went up on my terrace having the thought in my mind that the sound must be entering the house from somewhere outside but as I stepped on my terrace the sound stopped but when I stepped backward in my house the sound again started to tear my ears. I felt really scared as there was no one in my house except me. Then I started searching again and then I came to my room back and there I noticed an unpacked travel duffle which was not in the room before or I couldn’t notice it before but then I remembered that I use to keep my school bag at the same place and the school bag is missing and in place of that there is a travel duffle. That unpacked travel duffle contained clothes which were fully unfolded or we can say that they were kept like someone has teased a bag a lot of times I started searching for the source of sound in that bag and I was shocked!!!!! To see a “Time Bomb” in that it was counting its last 5 seconds I ran with my full power and reached drawing room but my steps was stopped by another travel duffle which was kept in drawing room which contained the same things as the first one, as the other duffle acted as a barrier to my steps I fell down and with me all the things which was present in that travel duffle came out I found another bomb in that and the bomb was counting less than 5 seconds I gave up my life at that moment as I thought that I can’t leave in any situation and I was waiting for my death but the bomb didn’t blast nor the sound stopped feeling tensed I fainted………….  

A Story by Jyotirmay Thakur

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