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“Love is truly the most beautiful feeling in the world.

But it can also be the most painful at the same time.”


Dhruva still remembers when he saw Trisha for the first time. He couldn’t be more thankful to his fate for breaking the ice and introducing each-other. It was like a love at first sight for him. He could feel his heart’s beating at high speed when she used to be near. Well, they never usually talked much but his unconditional love for her couldn’t be ignored by anyone. Three years passed by, they became good friends. Dhruva was so happy to be with her. She shared everything with him.

“But like most of the love stories, there have to be a separation.

It isn’t different too.”

Everything was going fine, until Harish entered in their life. Harish was a childhood friend of Dhruva. Dhruva was happy to meet him after years. They started chatting with each-other like the old times. It didn’t take too long for Harish to find out that Dhruva was in love. So, Harish pressured him to tell who she was? And Dhruva told him everything because of the brotherhood. After some days Dhruva introduced Trisha with Harish. Trisha was impressed by the generous nature of Harish. So, they became very good & close friends in no time. The three of them started to hang out together. But Harish & Trisha were becoming closer and closer day by day.

A few days later, Trisha’s priority for Dhruva started to decrease. At first Dhruva didn’t mind anything as he saw that she was happy. Her one smile was enough for him to forget all his pain. But as the days passed by, Trisha started to get too close with Harish. They even started to hang out without Dhruva. So, Dhruva decided to propose her as soon as possible.

A few days later, He went to her favourite place to propose her. But as he got there, he saw that Trisha was already there. He became so happy and excited that he couldn’t even feel himself. But as he approached her, he saw Harish was there too. He stopped; the rose fell down from his hand with a drop of tear which dropped from his eyes; because Harish was actually proposing Trisha in-front of him. Dhruva then could only see all his dreams had started to break. His mind was blanked out, he couldn’t think of anything, until he saw Trisha’s smile. That smile which healed Dhruva’s all pain; put a smile on the crying face of Dhruva.

For Dhruva it was an end for his life; because he had become a forgotten lover. Trisha forgot that there was someone who loved her more than himself.

Years passed by, Harish and Trisha are now the love birds like none other…… And Dhruva? HeHe! Don’t know…… Lost, forgotten, never to be seen again.

“The Love of the love birds is the most beautiful one.

But the love of a forgotten lover is the most painful one.”


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