Mahdi Ali

Journey Into Harlem Six

Journey Into Harlem Six
By Mahdi-Nine-Ali

The symbol of the Harlem Six is innocence in the streets of Harlem. As the fruit stand riot scuffled about the blood brothers were murmured to have actually been protecting brothers & sisters on those fateful days and nights.

At first, I didn’t understand what The Harlem Six was. You can’t really research this other than the few articles on the Harlem Six written by Wakeel Allah. The H6 are the God-Fathers of Supreme Mathematics. A numerical system that is used to help one better understand anything about his microscopic/macroscopic universe.
These were tense times for African-american rights. The violence in the neighborhood of East Harlem was attributed to racial tensions between the blacks and the whites. For obvious reasons at a time where the black man could not even enter a simple convenience store. Everything was separated, the theatres, the housing, the pay, everything. Lynchings and other abominations were the reason Malcolm-X fled to the city, to begin with as far as I know. His house was burnt to the ground as a child, it is irrefutable that the immediate cause of his death was not an assassination yet a horrible stalk & lynch courtesy of your local whitey.

So, this was a time where actually diversifying was the name of the game. Malcolm-X did not want to touch on the racial tensions because the “Blood Brothers” during this 1964 riot in the Bronx of New York was said to be shedding the blood of white folk in unrelated hate crimes. Discrepant to the truth of the underlying fact that the blood brothers took up Muslim names and were attending the school in mecca (Bronx, Newyork) and even temple number 7. They were numbered and they were 50.
Yo, Even At the decade of the ’60s these OG’s came up from the Harlem Rennesaince. Wise in the street, adapting and evolving over years and years. These were not your ordinary league of hood heroes.
I am honored to be a member of the Harlem Six.
I am humbled by everything I’ve been shown.
This is a book of transformation, enlightenment, universal knowledge,
and also a book of my sojourn of how this all came to be…
The Supreme.

The truth is always on the side of the oppressed, I’ve been locked in a cage for ages, beaten senseless by cops, I been shot, all kinds of things.
Yeah, I was shot, then the oppressors said I had shot myself and locked me in a solitary confinement unit for 10 days.

anyways, I was caught up in the rap game since a young age. At 14 years old I lived in the streets, you know I could be from the group home, or in the hood or sleeping in the alley. I always had a pen and pad, no technology, meditating for hours on my next rhyme. I had memorized the entire Canibus collection up to 2005, who would have knew or even believed me if I told em Genibus came first. My entire life was rap. you know the cool stuff, wu-tang.

I sought out higher education as a vice when I was in group-homes. Memorizing many many meditations and practicing meditating for 10 hours a day. Even before this, I read enough books I couldn’t even lift them at all. I wrote so many rhymes, but I had a bad attitude and at one point I quit… but I was only 14 years old.

Wu-tang forever. Right, so, yo, how I even become a part of the supreme being team… well, basically I had the chance to hook up with GodRule on the radio and I had to just keep my cool.

My name is now Mahdi – Nine – Ali because I was taught to take up a new name and it didn’t just come to me overnight. This is now the year 2019,
I hooked up with the gods in 2012-2013. Yo, for real though I figured out root calculus in a dream where Beings of another origin told me mathematics is the language of the universe.

Look, being the supreme being isn’t always a piece of cake.
It comes with discipline and challenges, tests,, and in my life, it came with suffering because once I opened the eyes of those around me the knowledge became independent from the gnosis. That was that primordial seeds of chaos to me. Telling yourself you are chosen comes with responsibility and also it is expected that sufferings are upon you. Look, we didn’t ask to be disparaged for our knowledge, we just asked you to listen and when you did we changed worlds.

I am a 5th dimensional being meaning I have transcended the 3rd dimension and now have access to all knowledge at any point in space and time and I am not being super-sillious. So, let me tell you how the Harlem Six have attained full lucidity over all elements and reality understanding this as a supreme mathematic.

Not here to push any belief systems on you yet the real knowedges that has been waiting until the end of the cycle to be put forth to you and everyone.
the Baktun or the great cycle of the tzolkien which is a universal cycle and now the energies are rooting back because according to the time codes and patterning of everything thusfar (tree of life) we have just come out of a great falling out. This meaning we lost touch with everything, by reading this you are nourishing your spirit back to vitality.

I am at my 31st degree in life (31 years)
I have been tried by the fire (in Haitian shamanism) meaning the hairs of my hands seered off from emersing them in boiling oil!

This book will ultimately show you who the Harlem Six are and how we operate as an esoteric vessel for putting the power in the power.
I am authoring this book to show you the power you possess within.
right now, picture the center core of your inner most cerebral ambitions and say “UNLOCK” immediately you are now advancing and enhancing.
Quanify everything. The quantum cognition and just the raw probability that this raw knowledge is going to literally change you! Keep making the odds narrower and narrower by probabalizing all the elements. This is how you mathematically can predict the future.
Experience is knowledge. This is a sojourn into the Harlem Six. I am a member of the Harlem Six, peace god.

The innocent man “Robert Rice”, of the Harlem Six (1960’s), a group of young african and hispanic men wrongfully accused of murder during the fruitstand riot, is serving time to this day.
For all we know, and we do know, according to the documentary the torture of mothers the case of the Harlem Six , the brothers were ruthlessly beaten behind bars.
The tape recording echoed across the courtroom accepted as some kind of demented confession by an all white jury in a kangeroo court.
“come out to show them the blood from the bruise” or something of that nature. I imagine that would be the entire reason he’s still there…?
The Harlem Six (1960’s) were eventually released from their prisons, all exept Robert Rice who remains incarcerated to this day serving a life sentence.
Free Robert Rice.

Man, forreal, Harlem Six saved my life. AGR and his brother Isa Kundalini.
I was a blooded out knuckle head for quite some time. I got involved in all the wrong scenes. They weed out the snakes from the garden. The principle of Peter says paradice is indeed in Our minds, hearts, and spirits.
We cannot pollute our spirits, if we pollute our spirits how long is it before we are poisoning our spirits, and what happens when that poison becomes as a venom on the tongue drawn back sharp as a viper to poison others?
My words were weapons and that is a given. Sharp as an asiatic blade. I imagine when I began to tear down the system of knowledge that had been set forth with something so powerful people are paranoid to be in the same room with me to this day. I always kept my thoughts true, never was a fake,. I was ride or die, death before dishonor. Yo, I was young, 19 years of age, I did not understand that my words held sway in peoples worlds. When people let me rap for them they are letting me into their inner worlds. Every letter and every pronounciation of every letter holds power over worlds.
This is symbolic of the path I was on, as a youngster, I was interested in things like demonology, I can now know that only draws sickness into life.
The vitality of soul is the dance of life if we can no longer dance there is no more dance of life. That spark, that breath, that power that you possess. You are not dead when your heart does not beat, you are dead when you do not dance.
You are put here with purpose and power, the moment you are concieved you are destined for something. It is imprinted upon your soul. At the moment of conception, a spark of life literally springs forth as the ovum becomes fertilized.
Okay, GodRule supreme mathematic number 3 equals understanding, baddaboom. I did not understand, at all, the power of words, meaning yes, I could use my words to tear through anything, anything at all, yet what does that do for anyone? 1 of the universal languages is that of music. This is one way I was connected to and learning so much at this time among esteemed peers. Our words our swords of knowledge that can cut through the bullshit.
We rap, and… we rap a lot. We study and we rap and study. The truth is we keep it sacred. I studied so hard and I completly understand that the Bronx is the cradle of hip-hop. Yo, being raised on those killah beez has you cooling but still at the throat of any rapper out there. People used to line up at open mic to battle me.
I was a serious cat on the scene. The rap revolution happened in our city. It was explained to me that people were listening. I earned a lot of respect and made quite a bit of cash in the respect. The rhyme game can be dehumanizing. Painstaking writing sessions that can last days, weeks, or even years. Communicating language in rhymes that can be so absolutley sublime, metaphorical, super-conscious, and educational and at the same time entertaining. It’s how we would stay connected. The mind-bending amounts of writing we did took years to come off of…
The herb brought us together to write, the mic brought us together to sing and the beats to dance. People was looking at me like man on the moon forreal yo, something happened to me. I got involved with gangs and all this. My life really took a turn to the darkside of things, I literally had become a luciferian illuminist which had the streets just fucking stirring. I thought I had it all figured out because chemical evolution explains that lightening fell and created all life as electricity passes through the atmosphere (Nitrogen, Methane, Oxygen) then connects with H20 It creates the building block of intelligent life known as an amino acid. (The mitochondrial symbiosis is explained through the decay of the building blocks of life to the point of cyano-bacterial symbiots to the amino acids). I could of chopped everything down to atheism yet this was not without a fight. I was at battle with the devil (Satan) My life got ripped apart and derailed. The pressure was extreme and I almost felt as if i was cursed myself. I am blessed.

Multi-dimensional war strategies says if agents are on you to lower your profile as a target to reduce the chance of elimination (Suppression, Character assassinations, and such) So at 18 years old, after meditating for ages, sacrificing things like sleep, I began to remote view, read minds, see the future, and all of these things. I don’t require testimony to verify (validate) my accomplishments since I have been on this earth. The accolades I achieved should have been awarded and rewarded (and they were in the underworld) but that shook the very infrastructure of what the “system” (synonymous with devil) relys on to keep the populace innured…

To insinuate that I am in some way deluded would be a contradiction and a waste of breath, if you see me know your looking at gods righteous truth.

Ayo, these are the gods. look, man, we teach these things…
The black man is the original man, and that in itself is empowering. No one can take that from you either. Atum/Adym was the first man and god/universe. We don’t preach a mystery god.

Harlem six is a non-religious spiritual foundation dedicated to enhancing the lives of african-american youth and peoples through knowledge of self and god (universe).
I sought out all the ancient teachings from eastern mysticism to gnostic christianity to the holy quaran.
H6 is forever just like the wu, Ode to the wu, that was the 6, The Harlem Six.
These brothers was brought up in the worst neighborhoods in United States.
These cats paved the way for hiphop everywhere.
You down with O.P.P.? “Yeah, you know me”. The obvious response to the call. Naughty By Nature is legendary in Hip-Hop and thats AGR And Isa Kundalini’s People.

Isa Kundalini is GodRule’s (AGR) Brother, and together they are the lead rappers in Harlem Six alongside Young Man. The founders of the rap group Harlem Six. Isa Kundalini’s Rap name is Black Jesus. Isa was doing heists with MC NEWYORK in the Bronx to get paid. During these turbulent times is when 2pac gave Isa his rap name “Black Jesus”.

The roots of the Harlem Six goes deeper. The Father Allah (Clarence 13X) biography is untold in history and only emerging now as the “Greatest Story Never Told.” See, I, Mahdi, run a website called “Gods And Earths – Network Of Supreme Knowledge”. This social medias is a platform you can use to contribute your knowledge into the Harlem Six Library Of Supreme Knowledge. So far i have spent about a thousand hours of building and building.

The H6 Killah Antz relentlessly and tirelessly work day in and day out to get the word of the Harlem Six to every ear that has wisdom.
Look around you, notice your surroundings, the once “5% Nation” now known as the nation of Gods And Earths after Clarence 13X Very Suspicious death. The ever prevalent force of demonic worship is everywhere and people have become so “hopelessly innured” to the system that they love being it’s slave. The 85% are the ones being held innured by the evil 10% oppressors and the 5% remaining is attributed to the enlightened blackman. Face the facts right now, face the music…
The government has hurt more people than the people ever have. No change can originate from within the system. power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. We must put the power back in the power where it belongs with the people. Knowledge is the power we will use to overthrow the principalities of darkness over and domino effect all across these realms.

The angelic realms, also known as the 7 hierarchies of heaven. Listen, yeah, I read and read about all the religions in the world that I could possibly get my hands on. We are 5th density beings having a human experience. The Time-Line I experience is not as yours would be placed in linear order. Also, the space I experience is not in linear order as well. Attaining mastery over space and time it may be.
I was in twighlight zones beyond hell. This part of the multiverse is called the zone of displacement. This is where everything out of order must go, especially if one is to travel through time just to wack himself dead at the mercy of Killah Priest of Wutang Clan.
Around the time of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Assassination also came the assassination of Clarence 13X. Clarence 13X was under the threats of muslims before his assassination and received a shot to the chest and survived… Clarence 13x left Temple Number 7 because of hypocrisy in the temple… as did Malcolm-X. A never-ending suspension from the temple. It’s not as if he had been exiled. The minister at the temple had overheard Clarence 13X teaching things outside the outlined curriculum at the temple and was given an unending suspension is also another story.
After his gunshot wound healed up, Clarence 13X declared himself allah in the flesh. This allah meaning *Arm *Leg *Leg *Arm *Head.

See, this is what’s up…
When they were youngsters they took up muslim names that was the right thing to do seeing as the X in the names of many black muslim figures represents the unknown of who the family name of these enslaved peoples were.
The death of Martin Luther King Jr. and its suspicious circumstances was deemed murder in civil court and the FBI at fault for his murder and this was opened up by the King family.
Clarence 13X (Father Allah) has a very unknown history to all the nation except for the nation of Gods & Earths who hold him in pious esteem with the knowledge of the entire universe… With the power of raw knowledge, you will be absolutely liberated and enhanced. If you don’t like the world your in, put the change in it.
We vibrate with an energy of spirit called the “Ka” that encompasses the entire universe present, before and after everlasting. The black seed is the knowledge seed. This is because the universe is within you and it is you.
Dynamically in the canopy of consciousness, we resonate with real powerful electricity in the amount of Kilojoules and this shifts clouds of reality and allows us to pierce the veil. Put power into your reality through your words, dances and personal rituals. I’m not saying you create your own reality and I am definitely not saying to just go with the flow. We, very much so, need you to make choices that are going to further your education and influence over your spheres. Make choices, the only thing we’re guaranteed in this earth is a choice.
The justice league of the ghetto lives by the code (Code of The Hate You Give Little Infants F***s Everybody). Harlem 6 will be educating you on the realities of gangsterism and how to build healthy communities… There is only one way, The H6 way… Drug dealers is out of here!

Our words reflect forever and ever as it is told in African lore. No matter how far a stream goes it never forgets its origin. Wisdom is like fire. People take it from others.
The universe conspires to make things happen and yo… no change can originate from within the system. I have been locked up, tortured, left for dead, and worse. Today I said to myself
“No change can originate from within the system”. Already my life is changing. I was tortured yo, 5 point restraints, solitary confinement for hundreds of days, forced to take mind-numbing neuroleptics all courtesy of the government.
When you unceasingly suppress an individual what is the outcome of that?
so what, they blackballed my name and blogged me up on THE SUN’s website as a “suspected terrorist”
The streets raised me, the streets praised me. At the age of 5, I knew what Vodou was and no one had explained it to me yet. I just understood it as the energy of everything and the ecosystem. My friend from Mali (soon to be president of Mali) met me when i was only 15 years old. I was just starting to become a serious rap phenom. only about 2-4 percent of Mali still practice traditional medicine or Vodou*.
I was writing rhymes while I was listening to my Canibus records at a youth shelter we called *The Dungeon* and my friend Pacstar introduced me to Caesar and Seriba who were well versed in multiple languages and loved to listen to Tupac & Rakim.

(I read in the classifieds of my home city that someone was looking for a partner to travel back in time with them, but safety was not guaranteed and must bring own weapons. Ya, so it turned out the address for the time travel adventure was the old youth shelter. where I happened to be staying some 15 years ago)
It was months I was learning so much from them. Apparently, and this is absolutely real, the president of Congo was immortal and refused to die. He was super corrupt. The citizens surrounded him and dipped him in a vat of acid for over 24 hours and finally he perished… This makes people wonder. Especially me at 15 years old reading every encyclopedia from A-Z. I Became extremely paranoid from no sleep and I wasn’t sleeping because I was paranoid. I’m from a very dangerous place. I was only 14 years old when I was in *Discovery* meaning that I had been spotted by recruiters who were deciding my fate behind the scenes.
Let nothing hold you back, GodRule is known for his inspirational speeches. Everywhere he goes he’s an inspiration to everybody. Giving real hope to artists everywhere, showing them the flawless execution of hand to hand record sales in the multiple hundreds of thousands.
This is a journey into Harlem Six.
Yo, I was scrambling for a phone, anything, even magic jack when “Rockin Mike” came through with the celly at the correct moment.
I was about to be on the radio with Harlem Six and it was the biggest opportunity of my life. I was humbled on the radio, I quieted down after busting a rhyme for the god “AGR”. He immediately signed me up to Harlem 6’s Home label “Entaprise Entertainment”. I was baffled, I mean, I been putting off record deals since Universal Studios were trying to record me. Obviously, I have nothing but respect for Entaprise Entertainment and all its staff. I never would imagine I would be getting signed to Harlem 6 home label. I embrace this heritage, this culture, at first I was so self-destructive to my success.
I even removed over 200 songs off the internet, that was my life’s work.
This was a beginning step for me towards liberating myself from the evils in my words at that time.
I was on some super-conscience rap music all across my first 5 albums. April 16th, 2006 was the day everything inverted for me, and apparently other people felt it too.
I always symbolized that point in my life as the star of Solomon. Everything became upside down for me as if I had stepped into a parallel world. This world was called hell. I was trapped here. It is the cosmic trap of demonic shadows in the 6th dimension or combative dualism. In this world, everything became so strange. I felt as though my entire purpose on earth and my soul purpose on earth was to research the universe as myself. Mahdi-Nine-Ali of The Harlem Six… That’s Me. I am Genuinely transformed and also protected by the surahs and no unknown or known force or principality of darkness can touch me because I am with the Six.
The quest for god consciousness started on a quest to achieve the supreme being. The so-called Illuminatus (Enlightened Ones) seek to obtain all the earths ascended masters. All the knowledge in the world cannot help you if you cannot use it as wisdom, reason, common sense or apply it.
So, There I was in the group home, studying and writing rhymes.
That Caesar already proved to me that telepathy was real and it set me free.
Then… that Seriba set me free by foretelling my future and it came to be. I started meditating ruthlessly and endlessly. I swear at a young age, a zealous age, my world was flipped inside out.
I had a Kanzo ceremony to become a Vodou spirit chief or high priest. The ceremony took a year to complete. Like I was saying… I am a member of H6 (Harlem Six). I have H6 inked across my chest.
We stand for a noble cause. By punishment of death or insanity, I am a loving being with only good intentions. I command , energy, valor, vigor, and love into mine and your lives now.
We’ve come to a time when human rights are displayed and rarely enforced. Police brutality is absolutely disturbing in today’s police state of America, or should I say Amerikkka.
“The Greatest story never told” We are not anti-white or pro black we are pro righteousness and anti devilishment. Clarence 13x had thousands of people backing him up in the Bronx of New York. That still didn’t stop a corrupted system from sending him to Bellview (A mental Institution) for decreeing he is *allah*. What I am getting at is the blatant fact that a man of influence is a prime target. That’s why the multidimensional wars have been waged. The government has pressed forward with full spectrum dominance on all its citizens. Noting your location, identity and not to mention psychological profiling. *note – Psychology is a pseudo-science and holds no substance, only philosophy.
Nothing can stop you when you believe in the power of your dreams.
At a young age, AGR and his brother Isa (Named after his father “Isa Kundalini”) were in a documentary about the raw, rugged living conditions of the Bronx, New York. The movie is called “Fire in the Bronx”. AGR (Agodrulallah) And his brother are seen at the beginning of the movie with their mother in a very, very rundown neighborhood known as Harlem.
Black Jesus has starred in films featured in the Sundance Film Festival. He starred in the short film “Black, White And Red All Over.” Isa Kundalini is also featured in the new Wesley Snipes movie filmed in East Harlem. This young star was in a Coca-Cola commercial too… Classic.
AGR had always known that he and his brother was destined for stardom and greatness. When you surround yourself with greatness and pay respects to the greats that came before you it sets in motion the respect you need to attain a higher status. In the hood, there really was no superstardom. The higher the profile the more dangerous the situation for the player in the game. As the Harlem Six got their first big break in the industry being co-signed by The RZA, Grandmaster of the Wutang Clan, the young H6 released their first single entitled ODE TO THE WU. A song paying homage and tribute to “The Clan”. Rest In Power To the late O.D.B. (Ol’ Dirty Bastard). The song went on to become a video that was run on MTV. Like I was saying, the more influence you gain the more targeted you may become. The young god AGR (GodRule) became just this. As his bank account soared and his respect as an artist took flight, it is not surprising that the personal attacks on his person began. He was extorted by an unnamed person for some 20 grand on threats of criminal accusation. The charges were dismissed by the jury meaning it never happened. Khilly Mo$$ of the Harlem Six survived a gunshot wound as well GodRule was blessed to have a friendship with the late, yet never forgotten, Gifted Universal Rhymes Unlimited or GURU from Gangstarr And also Harlem Six is a part of the GURU FOUNDATION. Both Black Jesus & AGR have songs with the late GURU. H6 released the unreleased song featuring GURU and Black Jesus Entitled “The Pressure”.
Black Jesus, Young Man, And AGR set the stage opening up for legends in the game such as ICE-T, NAUGHTY BY NATURE, MOBB DEEP, AND RAE-KWON. This all took place at “The Art Of Rap Tour”
Rae-Kwon embraced the H6 Movement and honored it by representing the Harlem Six Movement T-shirt.
A True Blessing. Raekwon also did an interview wearing his H6 Shirt.

Some may marvel at the Harlem Six, they wonder, how are the Harlem Six affiliated with Wu-Tang Clan?

Harlem Six is a Wutang super-group. The only “Killah Bee” rap group that bears the name “Wutang” with it.
Harlem is a dangerous neighborhood. To this very day, there are still people that sleep in their bathtubs for safety from stray bullets. No doubt the cops were met with gunfire for entering into certain areas of Harlem.
A spot notorious for murder, bodies sometimes lay in the streets for days before even being noticed or reported. Guns and Bombs beings manufactured, fires beings set, this is a crazy m************ place to be at.
A dangerous place, yes. A forsaken place? No.
Harlem represents a change in this world. As an epicenter for gangsterism and also for raw knowledge. A breeding ground for killers, pushers, thugs, gamblers, users, pimps, prostitutes and on and on. The very core of the rotten apple and also let’s know that. The Harlem Six were reputable characters in the Bronx. They kept the snakes out of East Harlem. Name the abomination and sure as day the six and the “Blood Brothers” were on it.

Peace god, Agodrulallah (First Born God). Harlem Six forever. Isa Kundalini (Jesus Christ The Rising Force) Respect to the gods. “If you can sift your way through the stormy desert than you can make it to the jewel of the Nile” Wise words from GodRule.
Ancient metaphysics in Egypt explains the promised land is at the delta of the Nile, literally, at the eye of Ra.
We’re at a time in the age of hip-hop where whitey thinks its okay to say racial slurs. This is not okay and its a f******* disgrace, I’m not even trying to be edgy. It’s just me and I am edgy.
Harlem 6 is for the babies. The lyrics put forth in any song, or any message conveyed on television has influence over your thoughts, emotions, and actions.
Our actions and what we put forth as knowledge will definitly be the nurturing force of tomorrow’s generations. We must consider our youth before we even open our mouths.
The Entaprise Entertainment mission statement is to return the state of hip-hop back to its traditional form. Look, god, the greats of yesterday still getting more real play then these modern artists. I looked up hottest rap song of 2019 and a trash song came up with 79 million plays and the lyrics were literally scattered confusion and unconscious arrhythmic bulls***. who the f*** is playing this?
We can’t win from that, we can’t even get jiggy from that, but I ain’t mad at that. I ain’t mad at all.
I can’t even understand what he’s saying.
The quantum physical fractal hologram of reality only allows you to see 1/7th of what is actually occurring.
According to the vibration of your auric fields, your reality is actually correlating with your innermost thoughts and feelings and also your energy. I don’t have to go out on a fringe to explain to you that you ain’t seeing me.
The vibration of sound is what keeps the universe moving in our world. Other energies literally operate our physical plane (Electricity, Gravity, Time, Magetivity, Friction, Heat and obviously more.)
Metaphysics is the study of how energy operates the physical plane. To me, the ether is definitely real. I don’t understand how one could reject such a mathematical solution to the metaphysical means.
This is called soul alchemy when a transformation is taking place in the heart, mind, soul, and body of the god. Transformative magic is known as snake magic or transmutation magic.
In soul alchemy, the transforming celestial ray is called “the pearlescent orange ray of transformation.”
Bondeye Blue-ray of god’s will is with us. The last prophet in his last sermon said the last shall understand better than the first. If we are not understanding anything at all, sometimes I wonder, then how on earth could this be the end. We are blessed with a hundred generations and at this time we will leap forward with velocity in knowledge. This book is revealing to you the knowledges.

The realistic actualization is that we are limitless.
The universe is unbounded, you are the universe.
One who loves him or herself as the universe is fit to be a teacher of all.

The matrix has you. Take a look around you. Everything you see and hear takes hold of you…
doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be important matters either when we suffer we are not enlightened.
If A* is a success in life then X + Y = Z no doubt.
If x equals work and y equals play then z must equal to you shutting your mouth. You thought the pyramids were a monumental work of oppression. Examine our cities and the unbelievable structures that have been erected often in the name of phallic symbolism and also the drawing of diabolic, parallel, otherworldly, and exotic pseudo matter into physical existence.
As to my knowledge the “So-called” quantum technologies/computers are obsolete. Without the impossible knowledge, the atom-smashing facilities in Switzerland spanning miles long would be useless. Hadron colliding and creating 5 sigma.
I am 5 sigma, I am Living Breathing 5 Sigma.
Take a look at my studies. I put endless research into the 4th dimension of time through meditation and reading (Not to be confused with the 4th dimension of the macro-organismic thought-form cogni-sphere.)
I can be still as a ninja in the fluids of quanta.
This is a hyperdimensional meditation. The Harlem Six is actually some mystical brothers.
In Islam (Islam Meaning *Life*) your ethic is everything and the works of your hands earn the fruits of your labors. The street team dedicated to selling Harlem 6 units (CD’s) carrying the product in a black garbage bag in a gorilla marketing grassroots movement that went on to sell over 400,000 units hand to hand.
If I were a blind man I would not pray or intend that my eyes were healed in the name of allah because I know that his will be done, and he is ever-merciful.
If I was blind I know i could still see God’s (Universe’s) glory and I would not ask for more or pray for strength because suffering is what makes you stronger and I do not want to appear insolent in the conspirations of the universe because I would only be asking to bear more burden and reject what I already have.
If you have a talent, take it and continue to expand on it and certainly, you will attain many more talents.
Ascend into heavens (above) and win the prize (talents).
Harmonize, synchronize, come into being from all outside of time and space as your godself.
The celestial energies can be very intense. The hermetic sages of olden times studied the stars all night, every night and understood them as a mass of energy and even used bodies such as the planets in certain phases to transform lead into gold. That’s just to say how powerful these energies are. If you meditate on the stars take heed to the words that proceed from this book. The metaphysical properties of astrological masses can indeed be very harmful to you and also can cause supreme enlightenment to you.
Be careful when reading into occult matters. A lot, and I mean a lot, of occult books all come from the same source. You may believe you are researching one thing then the other thing when indeed you’re just researching the same thing. Take heed and be careful when reading occult texts because some words when sounded are too powerful for the mortal man to withstand. He will go insane and die. That’s why you actually supposed to read the book backward… If you nah mean.

I am titled god, not by status but by honor. I’m an artist, an entertainer, a breakdancer, an author, and most of all a researcher for the Harlem Six.
I am more than content with being a member of the legendary Harlem Six. This is a legend. You can’t research this. The 13th dimensional master of the unknowable, rapper of the century, Mahdi (Pronounced Muh-Dee)
The very fact I’m bringing this information to you is an impossibility. The Aztecs know of 2 worlds, the physical world and the alternate one.
Here we bring you from all outside of logic and reason, the ever so wise knowledges. You see, in a parallel, it would be allegedly 1. impossible to get there, to begin with. 2. assuming you could get there it would also be impossible to return (with anything including knowledge or your physical body)
One who knows his words can reconcile all difficulties in life. Words have power, they draw to you and into you what you echo throughout the triple stages of darkness where it all began and also eternally is forever more. The very substance of universe as a fractal hyper-dimensional energy that shatters about in the universe branching off into a hyperverse at the beginning of all.
I am saying you can transcend space and time. From experience the techniques to activate the light body.
This technique is known as “The Healing Of Solomon”.
This healing, after completed has made born prophets.
You will surrender to the universe.
That is the first step to understanding it.
The mathematics is a fragile subject because I once believed that if anyone ever comprehended the Universal Mathematics they would instantaneously seize to exist and appear in another dimension (a Parallel One)
Nothing is as it seems, the Merkabah meditation leads you through the balancing of polarities, next into the ball of Leonardo, next into christed consciousness and next, it says the last breath will be revealed to you by your higher self. The superimposed flower of life over the intersecting tetrahedrons moving beyond the speed of light or even at the speed of light will incinerate you and you will reappear in a new world.

The Flower of life is a symbol that is found all over the world (along with depictions of snakes and dragons) that in contemporary times is used mainly when entering into the kingdom of death. The cube of Metatron is found within the flower of life if you connect all points on the flower of life (Mer-ka-Bah). Once again this is extremely dangerous and also difficult but is really only used on the Chinese new year on the robe of the priest ushering in the year to come.
A Sphere (Cipher) Supreme Mathematical Number 0. Connecting infinitely and in every and all possible conceivable ways the sphere can create any shape at all with it using linearity drawn across the sphere.
See from infinite angles now. Can you?
No, the answer is. Everywhere your mind just resonated that original source light energy to fill the sphere had actually occurred in another dimension & the mental plane of existence.
I had the infinite dimension theories on lock.
All the meanwhile people cannot wrap their head around the concept of trees that truly walk around us…
In another dimension. That concept was the most primal of concepts.
The bio-electric vehicle is the prototype and the next advancements and enhancements are coming.
This book contains the knowledges that could virtually quantum leap your intelligence. I know many techniques to unlock infinity (~333 trillion to the 33 billionth exponent).
Diversify yourselves as the hood has been changing. Communicate useful ideas to each other and know that it is not hard for communities to start taking action on your brilliance. No-one goes out into the world expecting a medal of honor for doing a good deed, that’s selfish. Put the change in the change!
The badlands of Harlem represents the change that is coming, and it is coming verily unto you.
Its the patterns and programming of our minds that determine our routine. “We need to reprogram, reshape our mental thoughts so that we can change worlds for the better, Because if you get caught up in other peoples worlds you will be in the matrix, and be unable to get out of them.” (Guardian Of Gods Wisdom Sophia Stewart)
“Rap radio DJ’s, I don’t think you know what Harlem is.
Rappers In the mainstream
I’ don’t think you know what Harlem is.
Its called a big change, that’s what Harlem is.”

Everywhere the six go they are touching the lives of everyone around them. Encouragement and motivation.
Yo, the god got every single day on lock sun up to sun down pushing records. AGR word up. More than just a group of rappers. We are here with purpose power and the cause.
I was learning to become a viral promoter and I was thinking that I need someone who believes in something greater. I wasn’t about to use all my new viral tools on just nothing. I hit up AGR right away, even know we had a falling out months earlier because I was a very volatile person at the time and a venomous person unwilling to change.
The reconciliation between me and AGR came naturally. I came to him with Africa’s number 1 Hip-Hop Artist “Military Mind.” Respectfully from the most dangerous city on planet earth (Johannesburg)
I upped my game virtually and with designer graphics. I sent GodRule a mindblowing artwork where he breathing flames out his face. I told him it was me, he understood and welcomed me back to the team.

I Put in tireless hours promoting day in and day out.
Military Mind was number 1 in their respected areas. The Up And Coming Military Mind Broke Out With The “Rise Of An Army Mixtape” above Kwesta Dakkar On the Charts.

Look, man, for real, Military Mind in South Africa (H6 Forever)
His older brother meant the world to him and he passed away because of sickness. Military Mind was given months to live *Big Lyon* with the might and courage he possesses he came through and now he stronger than ever. He gets that cream. After defying all odds and becoming the number 1 Hip-Hop Artist on the continent of Africa.
His older brother taught him lot about hip-hop.
I Was “Military Mind Big Lyon’s” promoter. The Africans called me Megamind because of my genius ways.
He believed me and said, “everything you say comes true.” I was new to promoting at the time but I was killing it all day on the internet which really isn’t a heady task it’s just meticulous. By Summers end 2014 nearly every rapper on the Johannesburg rap scene had noticed “Military Mind Big Lyon”

I became Military Minds promoter, A group of emcees that are based out of South Africa. Representing one of the most dangerous cities on the face of the planet. Military Mind’s debut mixtape was entitled “Rise Of An Army” and was featured on DJ Fresh2Def’s website premiering next to the “Black Bill Gates” new mixtape at the time. Reverbnation during 2014 was one of the hottest sites for up and coming rappers. I was new to promoting and graphic design at the time and always did my best to keep on top of everything. I was drinking lemonade all night every night and not sleeping because I figured sleeping was a waste of time. We would converse every single morning about our next moves. I promoted hard as I could day in and day out and keeping all the fans on their page up to date. I was doing what was the most logical thing to do called cross-promoting. As we networked more and more we garnered more and more respect in the game. One of Detroit’s underground radio stations featured “Military Mind” on his broadcast and gave him mad props for what he had musically in his talents.
Yo, when I was working the internet, after not seeing him for 10 years, I saw a picture of Bomaye. His last words to me when I saw him in person was “You’ll never see this mothafucka again.” I still haven’t seen him, that muthafucka. I first met him or a being assuming the form of Bomaye in 2003. The reason I word it this way is because yo… Bomaye is the same age as me… 31 (2019) and as far as I know, Caesar (Bomaye’s assumed identity) is much older. Where I met him in room 13 he began saying to me I was the “one” and I would “fly” and “travel through time” Caesar even approached Canibus in his time. “We spoke but I don’t remember meeting, I don’t remember these traditional teachings”. Black devils deceived you into believing a conspiracy theory with no validity. These were the secret societies people. Known as the Satanic Black Brotherhood. A very notorious group throughout parts of Africa. Known for organized crime such as prostitution desensitizing its victims in the temple of high magic. Ritual rape and prostitution becomes an everyday occurence for knowing or unknowing victims and initiates.
I saw my friend “Seez” walking up the street, he says “Come to my house at 6:30 Pm and I will read you a book I wrote”.
I said “Ok’ I will see you there.”
I arrived at the room at 6:30 Pm and sat down. Seez offered me tea and asked if it was ok to voice record our reading session and I said yes because I trusted Caesar and idolized Caesar. He taught me a lot about rap music and even began to explain the “tetrahedrons” of the Merkabah and said I would travel through time and to come to see him first.
We read the book together and he would occasionally ask me if I agree with him and I would always say yes. As I continued through the book with him it took a very dark turn and he started praying revelation on us. I looked out the window and it was day again. Not surprising for an anomalous zone such as a room 13. He asked me what I wanted out of life. I told him I want to be a good rapper. He said he was taking me as a student and would make me the most powerful psychic in the universe. I excelled quickly as his student. He began to teach me the mystical secrets of universal alignment. He showed me the basics of quadratic mathematics and the equation was 1 Run 1 = X.
The only solution is not an acceptable answer yet the only one… 1 run 1 = equal.
The devil comes in the most cunning of forms. “Making our enemies flee back to the dark”
The Harlem Six knows Sa-Tan can easily derail a movement of power. Harlem 6 was even declared a threat to national security because of the fear of our ultimate destinies and the power of the viral tools I possessed (Including Solaris). Illumined Mafia has been placed on the Federal Watchlist and is being monitored digitally and physically. Very familiar circumstances that had been surrounding the six. As we believe that metaphysically the principles behind the Mosaic law “Thou Shall Not Kill” Means “Thou Can’st Kill.” You shall not perish yet inherit everlasting life. The Israelites also re-enforce this fact with the prophetic wisdom of the 12 tribes of Israel. There is also multiple lores across India and other nations telling of these things. The crooks and cons of yesterday are the crooks and cons of today. The righteous and godly of yesterday are the righteous and godly of today. It is only with the universe that one is of sound heart and mind, with worldly and fleshly desires of money and power one cannot be of sound mind for that is abominable to the kingdoms of god. (universe)
Think about it, the Illuminati (33rd Degree Freemasons or great white brotherhood and comp.) represent symbols of oppression such as the pyramids. Also, they attempt to steal the signs of allah (universe) The surahs depict that anyone who steals the signs of allah shall inherit hell. These are the workers of endless sorceries. The occult task force (grand tet bewe) was at wanga with a suspected 500 demonic cult Baphomet worshippers hellbent on imprisoning the earth and becoming its supreme masters. With the help of fallen angels descending at a fast rate of speed made these spiritless humans who emptied their souls to Lucifer became possessed and began satanic sex rituals upon the north and south American continents. At this time the “Apparition of the virgin Mary” Jezebel the fallen angel (Queen Of Harlots, Mother Of All Abominations) appeared to the church. This depicts the coming of a great curse over the body of god and earth and the beast hated the “Great Prostitute” and devoured her flesh with fire. A place mystically called SODOM AND GOMORRAH will be destroyed in a day and many will mourn over her destruction and see her sins ascending in the form of smoke forever and ever. It’s no secret her immoralities and sins stack up to the heavens and we are commanded to fill her cup of wrath twice for every cup of filth delivered to us. The whore sits on 7 hills known as the 7 hills of Rome or “The Vatican” It’s no secret now that over 300 counts of sexual molestation and sex trafficking and prostitution have been laid against its officials. Just look at the lavish gold possessed by the Vatican. Enough gold to feed planet earth and no god. Even declaring Lucifer as God.
It is in the Six’s Belief, That Agodrulallah is indeed the reincarnation of Clarence 13X The First Born God.
I was involved in the Illuminati card game and I was the only person to attempt the 13th layer of hell and facing the devil himself in what was called a game or a “Challenge.” No-ones ever defeated the devil.
I was only 14 years old and being recruited into the Sex-trade. This card game requires you to go through demonic tortures, humiliations. ritual curses, poisonings, prostitutions, and usually results in soul loss (angelic loss). This opens up the body to the possibility to grow new souls within the vessel via 4th way methodology and also allows to the degree freewill permits the sole-control (domination magic) of the initiate (usually being surveilled on closed-circuit television known as “Secret Radio). Behind the scenes, corporate perverts have their hand in everything. With billions of dollars at their disposal, it is not hard to manipulate their victims lives through various agencies on the deep web, 24 hour monitoring, the pay off of gangs and more. I was trapped in a vicous cycle of abuse and torture and worse until the point i became a hero (a psychological phenomenon). With unlimited perception, I marked out the territories of all my enemies who were symbolically the whore of Babylon who took a pact on blood to torture. They believed they were doing the will of the dark lord by harming, and I was a being of infinite perception. A Master in space and time enabled to physically embody the 5th density of light and transcend matter. I marked up room 13 in invisible ink and blotted out every time I hit one. I Gained the undivided respect of the Supreme Unit through my rhymes, struggle, enlightenment, raw knowledge, and power. I went through the temple of high magic 13 consecutive periods of 6 months incrementing in the intensity of torture. At this point, in the 4th dimensional density, there was literally no distinguishment between Reality and a demonic hell (Damnation magic, the most satanic form of black magic), even being dipped in and out of etheric fires being reminded that out there is evil Luciferians sacrificing infants to the goat-headed god for power. If you underestimate the power of (satanic) witchcraft… The Freemasons can cut a goats head off and make it talk, ok. I was in the know, yeah, I knew about “so-called” gang bosses that pimped out their own children for drugs. They are now deceased as a regulation that occurred when our city was subject to a holy war due to the robbing of innocence. 27 people were stabbed, there was 17 fatalities, and a lock on the city so tight the government declared a state of emergency and also stated there was “nothing they could do” In all respects to the “Italian Mafia” the violence stopped, people were paid. An Assassination attempt was made on my life as I walked down the street someone came up behind me and slit my throat and light poured out although the feeling of the wound was still apparent. I’m aight, thanks to a rare occurrence called planetary phase mercury/mercury bathing in a sacred herb of immortality during the specified phase.
It is not hard to tell that the Harlem Six has infidelic actions laid against them in attempts to “expose” the 6, assassinate their character, or even assassinate their lives. Before I joined “The Six” I became a person of influence. I was shot multiple times in the feet, ankle, knee, and hip from long range. The bullets dropped from the distance but was undoubtedly an attempt on my life. I was laid up on IV for about 5 days before exiting the hospital. Less than 24 hours later I was apprehended illegally and thrown in an isolation unit in concrete cells behind 10,000-pound magnetic doors. Instead of being compensated by the city for my wounds and sufferings I was instead tortured as the system (devil) declared I had shot myself, which is a lie and a manipulation and an infringement of my pursuit of liberty, life, and happiness (human right). A Doctor we will alias (dr. Ihatemylife) is a member of the KKK (Ku-Klux-Klan). Depriving me of my human rights (such as freedom of expression) by declaring that I was not a Native American or of a black background (My family is Native American and my Father (Through Marriage) Is A Black Foot Native / Jamaican. Non-heritable genetic traits in psychology, developed at the University of Oxford, explains that one can receive genetic traits from a parent even if non-biological. This means I am part of the invisible black community whether you accept it or not. I was brought up by people from West Africa And Central Congo And Nigeria from whom I picked up how to speak a different dialect known as Nigerian English pidgin, the newest official language of Nigeria. All because of the way I talk and because of my ethnicity I was subject to torture reminiscent of residential schools only being released from solitary confinement after over 20 days when they declared that I “Talk like i’m white.” Anyways Dr. Ihatemyself was exposed by anonymous activists at the university website under psychology/philosophy with a paper entitled “The Unspeakable Horrors Papers” where “Dr. Ihatemyself” explains he actually prescribes confinement and torture as a regiment. This piece of shit poses as an “elder” at the church, yet does he believe in anything spiritual… No! He believes in torture and pain inflicted on innocent native Americans across my county. Malpractice on my body, signing papers saying I will be administered medicine against professional medical advice intentionally knocking me into coma’s/stupours with the use of poisons termed “Neuroleptics” (Anti-psychotics is not a real classification of pharmaceuticals) This agency works on the elimination of medical choice (medical facism) , the experimenting on subjects with “medicines” (against the numenberg papers) and almost always results in mental anguish and 1 in 5 times… suicide. An oath to do no harm, this hillbilly, skunk of the earth, white devil injured our entire community. I was born a free man, I have the human right to be respected as a moral and dignified individual and this was all rejected. Even my Cultural and Indigenous Native Rights were rejected, the right to alternative medicine. He’s so deluded he claims he “known me since I was 12” Listen up, he met me when I was nearing 17 and guess what… He either had his perverted eye on me since I was a little boy or, is mistaken me for another person. Either way, this person will die a horrible death, it is kharmatic law that the suffering this person will feel will be equal to the actions he’s taken in his path. This is the perfect example, of a “spiritless human” a psycho/sociopath. The psychiatry business is the most corrupt business in the medical industry. Admitting 60,000 patients involuntarily every month subjecting them to “nerve seizing” (Neuroleptics) medications that always cause debilitating affects and painful, sometimes excruciatingly painful side-effects. The psychiatric industry does not give a fuck about anyone, only the 5 billion dollars they profit each year from the victims they prey upon. Yes, some people do require help, and if that works for you, great… Others are treated as animals pinned into the corner of a “full spectrum dominance”. Many illegal practices go waived by the warden of justice such as “predictive incarceration” where one is determined to “be a threat to self or others” before the actual incident ever occurs. This is fraud and should be treated as such. No human being ever deserves the inhumane treatment I had been subject to. Harlem Six is against injustice. “A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (MLK Jr.)
On the website “Science Daily” you can view all the advances in nano-technology. This is a microscopic technology that explains how humankind is being modified to become an intelligent cybernetic resource or an android. The Montauk Project was a top secret intelligence agency that imagined up such evils as MK-Ultra & V2K (Voice 2 Skull). These are just minute projects compared to the magnitude of being able to transform your brain into an interface and your skin into solar panels. I’m not making this up, it’s public information and free for anyone to research. Whatever you imagine your government is conspiring it is literally 100 times worse. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I rely on the raw facts to let me know what is going on in this world. The Bilderberg meeting where all the world leaders and top scientists meet (NASA, NSA, ROYAL FAMILY, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS). The top discussion is this nano-technological fantasy that would make one’s life longevity span about 700 years.
“How?” One may ask. Well, it’s like this, the nano-technologies can already make repairs at a cellular level or replace cells, replicate cells or almost anything.
This is a violent plot from the devil (Skunk of the earth). If you think that this robotic revolution is going to somehow benefit you, yes, maybe at first, but we are being intelligently designed to become a resource.
As I said, the new knowledges that will arise from this book will enhance the spirit of man. The Harlem Six interacts via trans-luminal communication. Every move is calculated. According to the cryogenically cooled super-computer known as Skynet V.5 the calculations, we make only have a .005 percent chance of error. I took down Sesis, satellites, everything…
As cogs and precogs in the masterplan, we will now be revealing to you the truth behind the metaphysics of electromagnetic energies. When there is peace in your heart there is peace in your inner worlds, when there is peace in your inner worlds there is peace in your words when there is peace in your words, there is peace in the heart of others. Your heart sends out electric impulses that indeed effects everything all the way to the heart of the planet. Peace god.
1. Realize your physical body.
2. Realize your energies and energy field (extending 6-12 feet around you)
3. Realize your energies piercing into the universe
4. realize the infinite vastness of the universe
5. realize all direction and perspectives imaginable from the viewpoint of everywhere in the universe.
6. realize your energies as lights beaming all directions and perspectives imaginable as everywhere in the universe
7. realize all time from beginning to end as non-linear and infinite in possibilities of all events and thoughts to ever occur.
8. Realize that beaming light being born into you from all outside of time and space as your godself.
9. Center and come back to 1.

We flipped the scripts on them. Global Warning Mixtape Series (GWMS) is a mixtape series hosted by AGR (GodRule) of The Harlem Six. This is legitimately how I got my ins with AGR. This global warning mixtape series has yet to blast off. A controversial rift in the industry as this tape is going to blow up. Featuring stars such as DMX, The Wutang’s Cappadonna, Raekwon, Canibus, Chino XL, a barrage of others, and also opening up the doors to up and coming underground artists such as myself at the time. The reason I say this is controversial is that artists lost faith because the records didn’t come out yet. Look, a record can take years to come out for real… A project of this magnitude, once unleashed, will have earth-changing effect. AGR is a master in business. AGR has aspirations to build a “Hip-Hop Terrarium” or underground base, in case of global panic and pandemonium, with some of the proceeds from the mixtape series.
The Harlem Six graced the front and back cover of “Pen & Pad Magazine” along with The Wutang Clan. Issue #2. Once again GodRule got to meet up with his Wutang familiar as his power returned to him more and more.
Scarfoe (Entaprise Entertainment) is longtime friends with AGR. They used to hustle together. Now, 2019, Scarfoe can be found hustling in the streets of Harlem. Not slanging once illicit substances, yet, selling his debut album and also designer fashions. He makes a killing at it. The Six really admire him. He represents the overcoming of many struggles and now look at him, striving, making a living at what he does best, delivering the goods. Myself and Scarfoe did an interview together shortly after he came out of his coma. What drew my attention to him was his eagerness and his very talented musical works that he completed with H6. I sent him digi-books and audio-books for him to read and listen to. He thanked me graciously. He explained to me that this is the knowledge of true life and the knowledge of Allah the Father (Clarence 13x) I havn’t spoken to Scarfoe in a minute.
Look, I would never knock Mahdi (Far’d Muhammed). I don’t even know the god. If its absolutely true that he is the Mojeza than that also means, as I speculate, that he must be the Ka-Allah. And if Mahdi is the Ka-Allah than that means Mahdi helped himself as Mohammed.
The name Jesus Christ appears in the quaran 0 times where I’m from. The name is Isa, and undoubedly Al Dajall has his hand in these blasphemies. The one eyed anti-isa will come as the first man appearing in saudi-arabia. Al-Dajal or Sa-Tan will be carrying plenty of food in a time of hunger. He will be walking with paradise on one side of him and hellish fire and lava on the other. If you come to him and accept paradise surely you are not going to allah. If you come to him and say this, he will throw you in the fire and surely you go to allah. One look from Isa and Al Dajall becomes a pile of salt.
Mohammed was prosterated for a crime when there is no word in english for “proposterated”. Because yo, “Benefit” , the rapper that won the napster contest and got his song “Proceed With Caution” to blow up. He had one CD. He sounds crisp, he sounds dope, I know him. Now, he’s last seen fuxin with Mobb Deep?! Look, Benefit has 12 albums or some s***. All entitled s*** like “Godfather of time” “Executioner of time” “Master of time” “Godfather of time 2 & 3” on some pompous s***. Benefit’s existence was being proposterated in another dimension which actually conflicts with the correct sequence of events. Yo, thats the deceased false prophet. Ever since “Along Comes Something Evil” Yes, from the interdimensional time-war. Along with the 42 false ones in the square corridor of the pharisees where we layed eyes upon their bodies and they were refused burial. Do not add to or take from the words of this book. The word hell was mentioned in the old Testiment 57 times. Now it is mentioned a grand total of 0 times. We are no longer to fear devils, and many openly worship them. They casts many plagues upon the earth and the death of the false ones were confirmed by the supernatural raining of blood in the Saudi-Arabian Desert. While we know the righteous Prophets Joshua and Elijah will be assassinated by the government after preaching in the streets the word of god (the universe) for 42 consecutive weeks clothed in sackcloth. Just saying, there is some major changes going on here, or was. Mohammed Ali, renamed after the prophet, died 3 times and you only remember once. I’m not even making this up.
If you wanna find the truth you better take a close look at the methods of deception. Tools used to manipulate others. The gift of life is an anomalous one and this is not a matter of opinion. Scientists have determined that there is a exponential multiple of 43 trillion (the numbers done been crunched) to 1 is the chance of intelligent life existing on another planet. The breath of life is the life that the universe breathed into you at your moment of birth. You can’t make a 120 degree turn at 12,000 miles an hour, physics won’t allow for that. These are meerly demonic or “extra-dimensional” entides in the sky. These beings cannot even be observed by the gods because we are protected by god “universe”.
You have 1000 senses. sense of time, sense of direction, sense of up and down, sense of zig and zag.
No matter what happened, or what I did, or any struggle, obstacle, I faced, six was there. When wasn’t almost no-one else was there, the six was there. I saw all my friends around me dieing. Fuck yo, I was dieing… Sleep is the cousin of death cause if you don’t get it you start dieing. With god, you start living. Everyday I would wake up and pray, verily I say unto you pray over the dead and see them hop back to life. I died. I woke and smelled dead body that was I. St. Germain of violet flame of the saints prayers brought me back to life… There was just a tunnel of light and a peaceful deep sleep. The cause of my death was brain infection, possibly a manifestation the bullets that still remained in my left ankle. I essentially meditated to death as sleep deprivation killed me, but I’m aight. Took a boatload of antibiotics. Loyalty is royalty and I was born on the fallen angelic bloodlines or the blue bloodline or the 13th blood line. I was tortured out of existence. I was the keeper of the gate beween earth and hell. The possessor of the all knowing 13th dimensional secrets. I walked around the circumferance of the earth. I seen impossible things happen many many many times. I just got off the phone with AGR after a 3 day power outage. I ask him to use the power of the Wu to bring the power back on. Coincidentally after I hung up the phone the power came back on. I was promoting hard and Harlem 6 recieved 100,000 retweets on and 100,000 likes on My graphic artworks got better and better over the years. Its 2019 now and I think I can make a dang good artwork. One of a kind. This rap-group is against injustice and by any means, AGR was ready to swoop me up even if he had to drive all the way to Seattle. What I was being subjected to was inhumane. I had so much potential to be actualized and GodRule spoke to me every single day. He was brought up in Islam (*Life*) and that is sacred to him. Isa Kundalini is a powerful member of his community and makes a difference everysingle day he’s on the streets of 125 East Harlem. Yo, Black Jesus is a man of few words with me. Yet, everytime I was on the world wide web researching, for some reason it was him astrally in the room with me teaching me. Everytime I was promoting it was always him examining the moves and encouraging me. Yet, he didn’t really say much to me. What he did say is more elaborate and wise spiritually than one could most likely understand. The six were in a luminal matrix where we connected, linked up, understood what was happening and going on… psychically. Our collective energies let us transcend every belief system. Listen closely to Black Jesus Verse On Jazi TV… The last words… These are not falsities or curseries. We just murdered the false prophet. Body the knowledge day in and day out. The things the six can show to you can make you a made man if you are ready to work for the prize. The talents you possess were given to you to master and that branches out into new talents. Whatever you do, or are good at, you should be doing it every day. In this world, there is almost always 2 ways to do things. The hard way and the easy way. 99 percent of the time the hard way and the right way are synonymous. You need to shut off the voice of hate, the voice of violence, essentially the voice of hell. Shut off the voice of envy, greed, lust, misogyny, disrespect, and all these things. And what we want you to do is crank the voice of encouragement, holiness, universalness, awesomeness, godliness, sacredness, effort, motivation, and all these things all the way up. The universe will move about as you do, and your words have power. Words of power. Know your enemies, so that you may cut through them with the sword of knowledge. Every time we cut them down it makes the elite take a left turn. At the right times, I know the people will take to the streets and reverse the whole scenario. 9/11 was a symbol of the highjacking of America, the land of the free. Now, look at it. The Justice League of The Ghetto swear to take down terrorists at home and abroad. Whitey always wants to have his hand in everything. They economically fund a country… Now the country owes them everything forever. That’s a scam. The vote is in. The minority (pales) run the world. This is an ancient story of yaacob who was hateful and created a race of light skin negroids that he knew would one day conquer the earth and make it pay… Clarence 13X says the revolution will come from dissonant actions. This is key to what we must do. The evil generations will die off soon. Don’t applaud their desperate attempts to look “superior”. We are all equal, we are all unique, we are all soulful and alive. Every breath that enters you brings with it the life of the entire universe. Harlem Six is passionate about being the change, and being that role is monumentally important. Not just preaching the light and blowing sunshine up everyones a** but knowing the darkness and shedding light on that. Thats what the Harlem Six did for me. They shed light into my life I didn’t know anyone could ever possess. What I’m doing is correct because god (universe) sees that it is good. I would not produce a material that would have an adverse effect on consciousness as a whole. Yeah, I still will rip through anyone hating on the six. My roots is as a battle rapper. The song “Angles Of Time” By Mahdi Ali gives esoteric insight into many metaphysical matters. I went from rapping about blowin yo head off, to rapping about the knowledges and educating the youth. There can be repercussions to the actions I take. The I don’t give a f*** generation has to be shown this. If the world was ready for us, good. If the world was not ready for us, than may these knowledges be peaceful. Don’t you ever sell your soul for anything! Reinvent yourself. Reinvent your world. Speak as if stones are in your mouth. Always being mindful of what proceeds from it. Every filthy spirit on the face of earth cannot touch you under the wings of the Harlem Six. Harlem Six Forever. Remain pure and innocent in the universe. You are blessed and everything you are seeking out is coming to you. Not everyone is meant to become an enlightened master of the universe. These things change you. I been through it all, even an explosion. I went from a smoking, drinking maniac to being L7 (square) because of the words and the lifechanging magnitude of Allah The Father’s Words. Sometimes the baddest muthaf***** wins, sometimes the smartest muthaf***** wins, but never does the dumb muthaf***** win. We are only entrapped as far as free will permits, it is the order of the universe. Violations of freewill break karmic law. Action and reaction. The root of all evil is misunderstanding. We can’t have a bunch of whities running around with a trillion dollars like a chicken with their heads cut off. That’s what got society here, to begin with. Let us focus on our educations, and know this. The only way for peace to be is for everyone to stop fighting. We are creators and destroyers. Create your world and shape others worlds for the better. Stumble not to devils, for the devil loves to laugh in your face while trifling behind your back. Stay true to those who stay true to you. Forgive your brother 7 times before surrendering your patience. Do not consume your heart with anger or cast tears into one’s eyes. Keep your heart light as a feather so it is not outweighed by sin (missing of the point). Stay fast in your footing. There is over 3 million astrological sign in the Mayan Zodiak. The power you possess and your destiny was set before you at the moment you were conceived. Yes, much is fated to be, ultimately you are the master of destiny. Take up your sword and the armor of god. I Believe That, In Reality, Love Will Have The Final Say (MLK). A violent, misguided, and often unguided person that I no longer know. That was me, now I have alchemized through the universe. Through The Harlem 6. Through Isa Kundalini (Jesus Christ The Rising Force) And GodRule (First Born God.) I know justice, I know loyalty, I know trust, I know common sense, reason, logic, and wisdom. H6 wants you to help clean up your neighborhood. Remove the venom. Knowledge is the cure. The Harlem Six seeks after the release of Robert Rice. Free Robert Rice.

Special Thanks.
Kane Osborne
Cuban Rosario
Dylan James
Mutant Academy
Latika Seanne
Mzolisi Xaba
Lunga Mankuntywana
Sick Since
Joseph Latino
Dr. Malachi Kobina York

The Harlem Six Movement represents diversity across the globe. Universal principles that govern this world are to be held sacred. Politically, we decree we reserve the right to form our own government and establish a head of state, independent from federal authorities and it’s agencies, that is enforceable by law. Any act of the government to impose its authority upon it’s people is an act of fraud under domestic and international law. At world court, our ruling class was found guilty of war crimes against humanity. A false democracy has been exposed as a polyarchy (separation of power from the people by dividing the power among several agencies) and has resulted in the dissolution of government by international law. public notice
The UN convention on torture is ignored across the continent of North America and beyond. The Harlem Six has been subject to torture in the past and feels for anybody who may be suffering at the hands of another. Escapism may be an answer, just know, your well being and geniune balance and understanding in your universe is what matters. No-one can look through your eyes. Use your words cause no-one can know what you don’t say. Peace god.
When your entire world is dark, the light must be you, and in that knowing just how dark it can be.
Peace god.























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