the short story project


Patrice Désulmé

Fable: Balance of selfness and selfishness

On a cool summer day, two little bear cubs are playing outside at the park on the swing sets, one of them is named Jacob and the second, Malcolm. They know each other since the day they were born, their parents’ introduced them to one another, you can even say they are family. Malcolm is slightly selfish, he does not enjoy sharing his possessions. But, Jacob, was the total opposite he loved sharing, although, sometimes it backfires, as a consequence people take advantage of him. One day at school during lunch, Malcolm and Jacob were sitting alone eating those peanut butter jelly sandwiches that their mother prepared for them. While they were eating some kid kept coming up to them asking Jacob for food, but pretends, he did not bring a lunch and Jacob like the person he is shared his food no problem but as the other cub was walking away Malcolm noticed him laughing and saying some comment to a Jacob didn’t see it like that. Those kids kept coming and asking for food until Jacob was out of lunch. You could see it in his facial expression that he was sad. Malcolm knew that this was going to happen. He confronted the kids about abusing Jacob. They felt bad and apologized. Malcolm went back to the table and sat with Jacob and didn’t say anything he just decided to share his lunch even if it really disturbed him in the core. The day came to an end and Jacob and Malcolm are walking back home. Malcolm started talking, he said to Jacob that he should be more careful next time with people and how they can take his selfishness for granted he explains how he should be a little more like him be a little selfish. There’s has to be a balance in life and Malcolm understands that and Jacob will too.

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