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Tommy Friend

Sweet Dreams

I am living on Clifton Ave. in Chicago IL. probably around 10 or 11 years of age. I remember the things that I had before like a Star Wars poster on my bedroom door. I’m sleeping in my bed dreaming, of becoming a Jedi, saving the Princess and restoring HOPE to the Gaxaly.
I get woken from my dream to arms and fist swinging at me. Lucky for me when I woke up I had both of my forearms and fist together. my fists were closed and locked together. To shelter me from the arms and fists swinging at me. You know how most of us wake up most of the time.

I remember it like it was yesterday, I remember yelling loud as I woke up to this beating. I said, “Mom what the fuck”. And then I move my forearms away from each other that was still blocking my face and my fist was above my forehead. I was looking in between both of my forearms and I noticed it wasn’t my mother. It was my older sister I said to her confused. “What are you doing? I’m on your side”. She replies “you little mother Fucker. You were supposed to take the garbage out and I came in through the back door. I stepped on a board with a huge Rusty nail sticking out of it and it went right through my foot. Now I have to go to the emergency room. Now I have to get a tetanus shot”. As my Mother Mary stands right behind her supervising the whole thing. Why is she calling me a mother fucker I’m just a kid, In my twenties, I will become one. How is it my fault she stepped on a board with a nail on it? Because mom said it was my fault. I told Tommy to take out the garbage. I don’t remember anybody tell me to take out the garbage. If only there was a responsible adult in this house. Well, I guess you don’t have to be responsible adult have a bunch of kids. I do believe you when you say “everything will be wonderful someday”. For this is back in the 80s I am sure in 2018 a lot has changed.

I saw her foot with the hole in it, her bloody shoe and sock. Wow just like that guy that mom talks to and he talks to her why didn’t he tell her that you’re going to come to the back door and have a big Rusty nail stuck in your foot? You know the guy. The guy that was born on our sister’s birthday who was born with Down syndrome and two holes in her heart. The Miracle Baby. Well, You know the story. He also had nailed in both of his hands and feet. Well, your night will still turn out a lot better than his. If we blame it on anything, Let’s blame it on the rain, We were walkin’ through some youth, Smilin’ through some pain.

Nowadays there are lots of people with holes in their heart they don’t get surgeries, that’s because Obama care is too expensive I don’t know what it be for me right now today when that Obama care website launched I went to sign up even though I had insurance through my employer and they said it would be $358 a month for Obama Care. Well, who can’t afford that living in the richest country on the face of the Earth. I had health insurance before I got married I was paying like $27 a week than I had added my wife to the insurance at this big trucking company that I work for a Des Moines and that it went up to $129 a week. That’s over $500 a month. Good thing I was making over $50,000 a year and the two years before I got married & Wall St. got away with fucking everybody. I had two years in a row I made over $60,000 a year. With the D.O.T. new hour rule 14 hour days & 34-hour restart. I start only making a little over $40,000 a year. You start making less and they take more out of your check and health Insurance goes up it’s just WIN-WIN. Oh, Now I know why Obama Care was thinking I could afford $358 for just myself. I wonder how much it would be for me now if I was to get married again. Good thing I’m not stupid little kid anymore dreaming of getting married anymore. I’ll have to start dreaming of winning the Powerball first. You remember it’s going to be more affordable and get to keep your same doctor. I didn’t get to keep my old man doctor he got replace with two younger and way better looking female doctors, and believe me I’m not complaining about that part. How much you want to bet that both of them female doctors are making a lot less money than that male Doctor. That president lied to all of us so now, Now they’re saying our new president lying to us. So what’s the problem? President Obama lied to us when told of about Obama care. Oh, some lies are okay they are acceptable lies and other lies are just not acceptable.

I remember our aunt coming to babysit us when mom went to the hospital to have a baby. It really sucks on this day we usually open our presents around 4 PM right after our ham dinner. We get to open them on the eve before the Holiday but not this year. I remember the next day, my aunt on the phone. She told us your mother’s not coming home today when she comes home. She won’t be coming home with a baby. For there are problems the baby was born with a hole in her heart and with down syndrome. Your mom said that your kids can open your presents. Were like yeah, all of them, she says yeah all of them. Well, we didn’t really know her at the time. We didn’t get to meet her for a couple of days later.

Gone Away But Not Forgotten R.I.P. MICHELE
Dec 25th, 1975 to Dec 19th, 2007

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