the short story project


Tommy Friend

I can’t drive 55

  It was 1986, my older sister stopped at the house. She said she had a big surprise for me. I’m like what is it? She said it’s outside. We had a 6-foot wooden fence so I couldn’t see what was behind it. I opened the gate it was a 308 GTO fuckin FERRARI, red with tan seats. It’s had the sunroof off. Just like the car on Magnum P.I. she looked at me and said, “wanna go for a ride Bro?” I’M LIKE FUCK YEAH. So we go cruisin’ up & down Harlem Ave. in Chicago Ill. Harlem was the main strip was always packed with traffic and always had people walking on the sidewalks and tonight was no different. It was a summer night and we stop at baker square to have dinner. We went up & down Harlem again then she took me back home. I went to school Monday morning these two hot girls come up to me and ask me “Was that you in a Ferrari cruisin’ on Harlem?” the other one said, “Who was that girl you were with?” I said Yeah that was me, that was some girl I know. I thinkin’ those girls never talked to me before. My older sister is a girl and someone I know. So I wasn’t lying. I just didn’t mention it’s was my sister in her friend’s Ferrari. Thanks a million to my older sister. I still remember riding in that Ferrari, It was awesome.

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