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Tommy Friend

Killing me softly

   I’m driving with my little sister in La Crosse WI. We are at Best Buy in the automotive department I’m upgrading my system in my Camaro. So I made a CD with my favorite songs on it so I could test out my new system. So I got Linkin Park, Staind, Nickelback, and some classic Motley Crue. So we’re driving, we are listening to a couple of songs and HOME SWEET HOME comes on. I hear Tommy Lee playing piano and I crank it up all the way. I start rocking out. My sister turns it off, my Brand New Sony system I just spent almost $2,000 on with all new speakers and a 15-inch sub in the trunk and she starts bitching.
She says I don’t want to listen to this music, it’s so old, it’s like as old as moms music. So she turns on the radio to Z93 (the local Top 40 station) and this Fugees song is on. My sisters get excited and she says I love this song, it’s my favorite song. I only heard a second of it. I’m thinking OMG I know this song. I told her this song is older than the song we were listening to. She says screw you, it’s a brand-new song. Now Lauren Hill starts singing and I start singing the song to my sister.
Killing me softly with his song
killing me softly with his words
And I said a brand-new song
I know all the words
To this brand-new song and never heard it before.
I said mom used to play this song all the time when she was drinking.
I’ve heard this song over 1 million times.

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