the short story project


Elizabeth Marie

Smallfoot saves the day!

In the forest of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan stood a very old oak tree, 50 feet tall with a 7 foot door on the trunk.  Inside the tree lived a very wise and very old yeti, called Smallfoot.  That tree and that forest had been there 100 years at least.   Smallfoot guarded the forest and everyone in the land, protecting it from all evil humans and creatures.

Then one day he woke to snap, a crack and a pop!  He raced out of bed, as fast as a giant could go, and he looked out a tiny window just above the sink in the kitchen to find a tree crusher and other rather large machines threatening to take his home away.  

He opened the door and let out a loud battle cry as the machines rattled and slammed into neighboring treehouses.  His face reddened as he watched the machines destroy his friend’s homes, he only got angrier.  He then was greeted by a small human, yelling at the top of his lungs, “let’s move this big one over here.”

Smallfoot stomped out of his house, picking up the small human and shaking him he screamed “get out of my neighborhood!” Scaring the human half to death, he shuddered “I’m sor-r-r-ry sir.”  “We have orders to destroy this forest to make room for new development.  

Smallfoot, tossed him aside and went for the bulldozer headed straight for his room.  He flipped  the bulldozer over on it’s side and suddenly all the other machines started falling over and breaking down.  All of his neighbor friends came out started turning over and destroying machines till there was nothing left but, pieces of metal.  

Smallfoot and his friends saved the day and held their place in the tiny litttle forest they call home.  

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