the short story project


Mohammed Seyam


She took my breath away. She stood there like a statue waiting to be appreciated by everyone who set their eyes upon her. I was hypnotized by her beauty. That black dress she was wearing gave her a rebellious look. Her black long hair expressed elegance. Her scent was poison to all the men who walked past. She was an angel, but a demon at the same time. When her eyes met mine, my heart skipped a beat. She stared at me intensely. I felt my body shaking. I began to sweat. The look she gave me suggested curiosity. I felt out of place. She took a glass of wine and signaled me to follow her. How could I resist?

She led me up the stairs of the estate, into a hallway with red walls and dim lights that revealed almost nothing. I followed her blindly into a room lit with red candles alone. She turned around and asked me to shut the door behind me. I gently shut the door with my right arm while still facing her. As the door’s latch bolt clicked, the music and murmurs of the party that was happening in the main hall suddenly got shut out. I felt a shift in the atmosphere. As I stared at the back of her dress, her aura began to transform. She turned around and faced me. “Come to me.”, I heard in my head. I was enchanted by her soft voice which beckoned me. She sat me down on the edge of the bed and put the wine glass on the floor. She then lifted her legs up on both sides of me and sat in my lap. Her face was so close to mine. I could feel her breath on my face. Her hands went through my hair. She tugged on the back of my head. My neck angled upward, I looked into her black cold eyes. I began to shiver. I felt her gaze pierce my soul. It fell into a trance.

She gave me a sinister smile and kissed me. I was frozen. I couldn’t move a muscle. Honestly, I didn’t want to move. It felt too good to resist. Her soft lips on mine made me feel like the world didn’t exist. In that moment, she was the center of my universe. She tugged on my hair harder and began to unbutton my dress shirt. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me violently. She picked up the wine glass and poured it on my chest. She began to lick my navel and worked her way up in one straight line. The warmth she expelled made me hysterical. When she got to my neck, she bit me. It was an innocent bite at first, but when I put my hands her waist, she bit harder. I felt the sharp pain, but it didn’t bother me. I slowly moved my hands up, contouring her perfect body. She bit down harder. I felt my blood leak down my neck and stop as it stained the white bedsheets beneath me.

My hands stopped for a moment, but I continued until her breasts. She lifted her head up, laid her left hand on my face and the other was placed on my rib cage for balance. She laughed. She was enjoying this too much. It looked like she didn’t want it to end. She moved her head back to my neck and licked the blood that was seeping through my ruptured skin. When she stopped, her lips were all red. It looked like she had just put on some crimson red lipstick. She held my head with both hands, rubbing her cheek on mine. “Will you do me a favor, my love?”, she whispered to me. “Yes.”, I said obediently.

The next thing I remember is standing in my bathroom washing my hands vigorously. I stopped and gazed at the red tinted water. “What have I done?”, I asked myself as I stared into the mirror and saw the reflection of someone I didn’t know anymore.





This was written with the concept of one of the seven deadly sins known as the sin of Lust. She is known for her seductive capabilities and manipulation. Nowadays, many people have learnt from her ways. This short story shows how beauty and desire can be so intoxicating that it corrupts whoever comes into contact with them.

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