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Edna Mae Rose Barlow (Melnick)

It’s Raining God’s Love

It’s raining God’s love from all the feathery puffy clouds that are above in our majestic Royal blue sky. Where all the stunning Hawks fly and were the Star we call our sun shines so bright during our day time hours and were our bright glowing moon glows so bright at night.

Up on those clouds in the Heavens above those mystical and graceful angels walk around and sing and dance with their beautiful white and gold gowns with their harps and trumpets and violins that they play so softly, and they sing so graceful and proudly for our King Jesus Christ, that sits on his gold multicolored jeweled throne. 

The Lord smiles and claps for his angels because he loves the way they sing and dance for him, and he sends those Guardian Angels so love and respect too. The Archangels come down to us on our Earthly plane and send all of us around the world so much abundance of peace and love for share with all the one we care for with joy in our hearts and peace in our mind and soul.

By Good Vibes By Cosmic Queen “Edna Mae Rose Barlow”


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