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Edna Mae Rose Barlow (Melnick)

Scarlett The Ferret and Her Friend Rugby

Scarlett and her friend Rugby packed their bags and went on a Hawaiian Vacation. They were  both happy two little Ferrets that decide too go on Vaction one day and the place they decide to go was Hawaii.

They left on the first day of Summer, which was a Friday Afternoon. On June twenty first, the day was, warm but a bit breezy. They went to the Ocean liner that was docked and leaving Alantic City around Four O’ Clock this Afternoon.

They had to get in a yellow taxi cab from Allentown Pennsyliavian. They called for this cab at twelve noon, and it arrived at their front door of their little Ferret house that was just big enough for the both of them it was quite cozy and peaceful home. 

When went outside with all their bags around twelve fifteen in the After noon and put them in the yellow taxi cab that was waiting for them right outside the door of their quite cozy and peaceful home. The cab arrived at   around three fifteen in the Afternoon.

They could eat a quick lunch, and Scarlett could buy a new sun dress too before they went aboard the Ocean liner that was sailing to the Hawaiian Islands. They arrived in Hawaii around eight hours later after they got on the Ocean liner. When they arrived, they checked into the Waikola Beach Marriott Resort & Spa and not only was Rugy Scarlett’s friend, but it was also her Ferret Husband too. 

They went up to their rooms and went to sleep for the Night and in the Morning, they went to Waikola Beach and played some Volleyball and around a golf too and had some Hawaiian Sundaes and some cold drinks also and they did some Hawaiian dancing as well.  They spent two weeks together on this Ocean Sea Cruise. They left when the two weeks were up and went to back their cozy quiet and peaceful little home, they, had a very terrific time too.


By Edna M.R. Barlow (Cosmic Queen)



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