the short story project


Nisaa Byrd

Dance Partner

     As she laid her head on the fluffy pink pillow, her eyes started to tear. Once again she felt the pain of her past stepping on her. Once again she’s felt the painful reminder that people come and go… No matter how much of yourself you give to them. Once again she was forced to remember. To think. To question , will this one be the right one ? Once again she must remember that not everything done out of love is the right thing. Simple tears started falling from her left eye as she lays her on her fuzzy pink pillow. 

      The wind danced into the room & picked the curtains as a partner. Slowly Turing over to give them an audience , they began to dance the Bachata. There was no music in the room & the lights were off but you could see the passion between the two. Their legs moved in sync, the wind gave the curtains life & the curtains gave the wind a body. 

     Peaking through the window was the colors of the sky, blues and purples, mixed blacks. Nothing  but beauty was outside. The silence of the room was captivating as the Bachata was still continuing by the window, as air hit her face … as memories were being taken away with every single sweep of wind. The dance grew intense & the thoughts were pulled away. 

    The bedroom door creaked open, and the bed sank in. Arm’s thrown over her & a chest pushed against her back. A person laid behind her, she rolled over and placed her face in the chest of the person… If there was one thing she couldn’t help but feel was safe at that very moment – the finale was happening behind her but in that moment all she wanted was to breath in the same scent that had comforted her everyday she felt like the sky was falling or that she was drowning. 

    For the first time that night instead of feeling anger & sadness, the pressure and the scent swallowed her whole.… she felt nothing but happiness. Actual Happiness… From the person laying next to her, the person rubbed her back & held her tighter,  thats all she wanted was the pressure & the scent. A final gust of wind passed over their bodies & she curled up from the breeze. The dance had finished; as the wind said its final farewell’s to its dance partner. 

She looked up at the person & whispered “I Love You”…

The person said “I know”… That’s when she knew … This was the one.

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