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The Perfect Confession 

It was rainy day in ranchi,  like daily Gaurav was preparing his breakfast. He was fashion photographer and their shoot was delayed due to heavy rain. So he call his best friend Tanya and ask  ” He want to come her home if she tell her accident story 

                  Tanya replied ” okay I will tell you come my home. 

Gaurav take his scooter and rides towards her home. 

She welcomes him and give him snacks and cold drink 

And she starts telling story but she feels that gaurav isn’t taking any interest because he was using his mobile phone and drinking cold drink. Tanya feels rude and then move from there. However gaurav realize his mistake and off his phone. 

After saying sorry,  Tanya tells her story 

She starts with that every girl of my age has a desire, desire of mingle. I was also in relationship with boy named Amit for about a month. But atlast he told me that he was just using me and give me money and feels me like that I am prostitute.  I’ll set to take revenge on him.  With full planning,  I enter his home and then said him ” I am only your prostitute,  I will not take any money will we enjoy everyday?? 

He(Amit) agreed and went to change her clothes,  I increases the volume of speaker and went to kiss her through my lips,  I transmitted a diseases in his body and so his body color turns blue 

I cut his body into pieces and clean it with dangerous drug.  Decorating his room and closing speaker.  I went out of room.  But there one boy was starring on me and I realized that he knows everything. So I kill him with poison. 

Gaurav asks ” no one knows about this murder. 

Tanya replied  ” no..  Everyone thinks that he ( Amit)  disappear 

Gaurav ” OK fantastic story,  you are expert. Now I’m going back home bye 

Tanya ” bye bye ? 

Gaurav recieves call and says everything is completed and now just we have to take it. Tanya smiles on him because of his addiction for mobile ?. 

Gaurav take his scooter and rides back to home. Tanya goes to her bed but again his bell rings,  she thinks that gaurav came again because he always came twice a day. 

She opened doors and saw police officer rastogi and then he was arrested.

Twist is that Amit(victim) was the brother of Shreya,  whom gaurav love too much. 

Because gaurav never want to see her face crying he sets to take revenge on Tanya,  who killed Amit. 

Mean while,  when gaurav was using his phone and ignoring Tanya.  He was making call to police officer rastogi and after story complete when he receives call and say everything is completed and now just we have to take it. It was about Tanya. 

And it’s how perfect confession happened…. 


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