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Krishna Shankar

The unfamiliar accounts of my life.    


I was ready to begin a new journey of my life and I was excited as hell. That day was the first day of my college and I was going to enter the new phase of my life. To be independent and responsible for my actions and freedom to do whatever I wanted to do and in my own way. In school I had quite boring life and no excitement and not to mention the family drama which was going on. I really hated my life back then and quite frankly I don’t seem to feel any different even today. When I was 15, I was fat, short and had pimples on my face and as a result I lost my confidence became introvert, antisocial and ignorant. My parents were busy in fighting with each other and my siblings were mostly in other states for their studies. Frankly, I was quite lonely and depressed and had suicidal thoughts (signs of immature). I used to eat a lot in those days and that is the real reason behind my obesity and super laziness. I had no purpose and aim at that time and I was clueless as shit as I had no idea what was going to happen from then on.

So, I completed my 10th grade and got transferred to my hometown which happens to be near my father’s birth place and this place was quite boring too. I was the new kid in town who was self-absorbed and ignorant. I got admitted in my new school, made no real friends, had no fun, led a miserable life, just got passed in exams( average academic performace), no talent show participation, no dating (no interaction with girls whatsoever), no teacher’s favourite, no more mama’s boy or father’s son, no campings, no holiday vacation, no birthday parties and gifts but a lot of stress, anxiety, depression and much more bad things. Yeah, my life was hell and I was childish that I thought I had nothing to do to improve my lfie and that I was entitled to have a great life and all. Then, one day I stopped going to school, stopped going out and spent my time alone in my room with my video games, books and comics. I had no smartphone at that time so you can imagine how it was at that time. After that my parents tried to convince me to go on about my life but that didn’t work and then the usual happened. They used to fight with each other and blame each other for whatever hell they were going through and my situation changed their relationship to worse. They blamed each other for my conditions. I for one thought maybe divorce is not an bad idea, I mean why people live together with someone they are not happy with. As a result of my condition my grades started to fall and I merely passed and somehow I got out of my school. My brothers used to visit us in vacations and now they had job. They were  the pillars of the family and i was the unwanted one. The neighbours thought I was a bad influence on their kids and other kids tagged me as the “weird one”. At this point in my life I started to feel that maybe I am not the hero and villain of some sort. The world didn’t matter to me much now and all the other things were irrelevant. The only goal was to earn enough money, fame and power to survive on my own and live my life peacefully. I needed no one and that’s what i used to think. Ofcourse, that was foolish thinking but I was still a kid in a very wrong place in a worst kind of situation. Finally, my parents decided that I should get admitted to a good college for my graduation and I didn’t argue because I was literally in no condition to think about my life and I thought maybe this is an oppurtunity to get hold on my life my own way. New place, new people, new life, new oppurtunities maybe that’s what I needed most to start my life once again. 

So, I moved to the city to live with my brother as I needed a guardian(which I would also agree) and got enrolled in computer course in the college. When I left home my parents fighting never stopped, neighbourhood never changed, school didn’t improved and the drama in my life didn’t end there.

Because the real drama was just about to begin!

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