the short story project


Nisaa Byrd

A Kiss

A kiss of the hand 

 A smile thats bright 

My mind turns to dreams when you come into thought 

The smell of your body as you sit next to mine  

Makes me remember what peace feels like 


A kiss to the cheek 

And my mind goes weak 

 A look in my direction 

I might forget how to speak


Under your spell 

But in your heart 

My mind cant help but wonder 

If your the person I should be with 

If your the person that would make my heart beat again 

If your the person I should lay a kiss on and remember what positive taste like 


A kiss to the lips 

And I quiver by the thought 

The reminder that bestill’s my heart 

I’m not like Shakespeare, I cant write you a sonnet 

Im not like Mozart, I cant give you a song 

But I can try my best at giving you my heart 


It might be in distort but it still works 

It might be a little messy but it still beats

If given enough time I can show what’s inside

But give me a moment to remember how to comply… 


It’s been awhile since this has happened so I’m a bit confused on how to do this 

But the feeling thats inside reminds of some kind of music 

It might be country , it might be Pop, eesh it could even be Beethoven 5th symphony 


Lastly is the kiss to my heart …

A time of Passion & Love 

A moment of happiness and bliss 


The moment that time will finally stand still… 

For that is the moment that I’m truly yours.

Because that last kiss will stamp your name on my heart.

Cause then I’ll be forever yours….

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