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Tommy Friend


Prejudice wrote a story about it.

Like to hear it? Here it goes.

  So it’s April 1989 my hair was long, my thoughts were short, caught somewhere between a boy and a man. I know it was Tuesday because that’s the day new albums are released. I went to the Brickyard Mall in Chicago Illinois. To get the new W.A.S.P. CD “The Headless Children” which was released on April 15, 1989. The local rock station was playing the new hit single “THE REAL ME” a cover by the Who. So I got my new CD and headed out the exit of the mall closest to my house. And before I can get to the exit of the mall this beautiful black girl comes up to me, she is wearing a white T-shirt black mini skirt with stockings and high heels. As she was walking up to me all I could hear his click click click click click the sound of high heels in the mostly empty mall, she has a clipboard in her hand. She comes up to me what a big smile she says Sir can I have a few minutes of your time. I look at her with a smile and said yeah. She says I’m doing this survey and I need people to participate in it. With a big smile, she says all you have to do is watch some videos and I’ll give you a coupon for a free whopper meal at Burger King. And I am thinking I would do anything for this girl. I love whoppers there better than Big Macs. I said sure I can help you. She said only to be a few minutes of your time and then you can go to back to your day. This girl was probably around my age.

  So me and this girl we go into this room in the mall. There are a table and a TV on the stand with a VCR on one of the shelves. And a few plastic chairs, she puts a chair in front of the TV tells me to have a seat. As I sit down I noticed she’s going over there to get a VHS tape. She stands right in front of me and bends over, to put the tape in the VCR. As I’m sitting there all I could see was her bent over. And I’m thinking oh my God look at that fucking ass. It’s about 2 foot from my face as I’m sitting there. How could I not notice that? I messed around with some black girls in the other neighborhoods, and a couple of girls are pretty hot too, but this one looked like a fucking model. She turns around and she says these are TV commercials all you have to do is watch the videos it’s that simple. I look at her with a big smile and I say I can do that. So she goes to sit down at the table to the left to me. And she’s filling out paperwork. I Started watching commercial ads.

  The first one is about McDonald’s french fries. And in the next TV commercial is about crest toothpaste. I look over to the left to me to look at the girl writing. And I’m thinking to myself, Oh my God I can totally see down her shirt. Already thinking about her bent over. And thinking to myself, maybe helping her out with the survey wasn’t such a good idea. The smell of perfume and I can see her legs underneath the table, her long legs, her stockings, and high heels. And I could take it anymore. I started fantasizing about having sex with this beautiful girl. Daydreaming about going over there making out with her, kissing those beautiful lips, ripping off that shirt put her on the table, pulling those panties off, kissing and licking her all over her body and then fucking her brains out. I don’t know what was wrong with me, I couldn’t stop thinking about this girl and I was trying to not think like that. But I was unsuccessful cause she was so fucking hot and that body. So now the seven TV commercial videos are over with. She gets up out of her chair and she walks to the TV & VCR. And I’m thinking to myself, please don’t bend over and stick it out your amazing ass at me again. I think I should have said that out loud because that’s exactly what she did again. She stands up turns around in front of the TV and I look up at her and look at those lips and those eyes. She says to me okay great, now you just need you to answer a couple of questions.

  I thinking to myself, WHAT! She never said anything about a pop quiz. She said all I have to do is watch some videos and I’ll get a free Whopper. So she starts asking me some questions, I get the questions right about the McDonald’s french fries from paying attention to that video. And I got one of the questions right about the Crest toothpaste video. She started asking me questions but one of the other videos, and I couldn’t remember watching the video because I wasn’t. I was fantasizing about making love to her and I was just thinking about her the whole time I was in that room. She looks at me after she asks me one of these questions. She says it to me like I’m a fucking idiot or moron. She said didn’t you watch the videos???. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t remember some of the videos. I felt so stupid, I was thinking now she thinks I’m some fucking idiot. She saw me watching the videos and I don’t have any answers to her questions. I don’t want to sound stupid cause she was really HOT. She said I’ll fill it out for you. I said great ok. She thanked me so much for my time and she gave me a coupon for a free whopper meal. So we leave this room in the mall and she’s walking me to my exit. She’s thanking me again and telling me she has to get so many people to participate in the survey for her job. I said no problem it was nothing anytime.

  And as we are walking through the mall together. I noticed this girl walking in our direction. I remember this girl because maybe I was at a party, we had a couple of drinks, I made out with her, I slept with her and never talk to her again. This girl comes up to us, she says hi Tom and at the same time, Beyonce the girl from the mall that I just met. Says Robin. Robin says at the same time to me you know Beyonce. At the sac same time. I look at the girl I just met I say you know Robin. Seeing how one girl was white and the other girl was black I didn’t think that they knew each other so now these two girls give each other a big hug Beyonce says to me yeah this is my friend from high school. Talk about feeling really awkward and I felt very uncomfortable and I felt like it was time for me to leave right away. I said, Robin, it was nice seeing you again and I look at Beyonce. I said it was nice meeting you and I was glad I could help you out with your survey. I said well I just got this new CD and I go home and take care of some stuff before I go to work tonight. You have a great day. Beyonce said well thank you so much it was so nice meeting you and thanks again, Robin said it was good to see you, Tom, I’ll see you later. And as I was walking away from these two girls talking at the mall. I was thinking in my head. Yeah, bet those girls are talking about me right now. The one girl probably saying what a jerk I am for having sex with her and not talking to her again. The gorgeous black girls probably saying that he’s a real idiot couldn’t remember any of the videos he just watched. And I thought to myself. Yeah, I’ll probably never see those girls again so it doesn’t matter.

   I’m back in my house and I’m listening to my new heavy metal CD. The house that we had on Rutherford. And the intercom system on three levels one of the main floor when the second floor and one in the basement. I had a large room in the basement. My mother gets on the intercom she tells me that somebody’s at the front door and asked me to get the door. This is about two hours after I was at the mall. I open the door and I see Robin standing there. And I’m thinking I ran into her at the mall that’s why she came over to my house. I said hey Robin what you doing here, I just saw you at the mall. She said we were wonder what you’re doing?. I only saw one girl when I had the door open I had one hand on the door jam and my right hand was around the knob of the oak wood door that I couldn’t see behind. Only if I was looking through the peephole. So I lean further out so I could see behind the door. Instantly I was thinking, oh my God it’s the hot black girl from the mall. Standing right there at my front door. Well so much for never seen these two girls again. As they wanted to come inside, they said sure and we went into my room in the basement. And we started talking and I want to say 10 or 15 minutes later. Robin says how’s your mom doing? I want to say hi to your mom. I was thinking this is crazy, my moms crazy and I can’t believe anybody wants to say hi to her. I look at Beyonce she was sitting on my waterbed, looking at one of the circus or hit parader magazines.

  These were two of the biggest magazines in rock history at the time. Beyonce said that she listened to heavy metal. She said she liked bands like Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard and Guns and Roses. I looked at her ask her if she wanted to go upstairs to meet my mother. She said I’m okay you too can go. So I and Robin went upstairs and as we were walking up the stairs, Robin turns around she tells me that girl really likes you, She wanted me to bring her here. Now we’re on the second floor and the door to the upstairs opens up. My mother comes out as who’s at the door. I said it was Robin and her friend. These two started talking. And I’m standing there all I could think about was the gorgeous black girl from the mall is now sitting on my waterbed reading a heavy metal magazine. This is so unbelievable I don’t even believe it. And this is going to be so easy, I already know that she really likes me, it doesn’t get any easier than this. We go back downstairs and were talking some more. Robin says well I have to take off but you two sound like your hitting it off. Beyonce asked me is that all right if she can stay. I said yeah you don’t have to leave. It was like 10 minutes later. We were standing there talking to each other and I grabbed her around the waist pull the really close to me and started kissing those beautiful lips. And if your thinking now, wow that’s an amazing story. We would start date and she would become a girlfriend. And that daydream I had, would turn into a reality. With all the great and amazing stories in my life, people that see how happy I am, they find a way to intervene to take that happiness away from me. I’m about to find out real quick, that my mother and my stepfather and most of my closest friends are all extremely prejudice. And instead of them being happy for me in life because I’m happy. Well, guess it turns out they can’t go on with their life’s If I’m dating a black girl.

  Beyonce comes up to me one day, she has a pro-folio with her. She lets me look through it. She had like 500 pictures of her and maybe wearing over 100 different outfits. I told her wow you have a lot of clothes, your closet must be as big as my room. She said most of those clothes belonged to the modeling agency.

  Back in the 80s, there were thousands of companies that use catalogs to sell their merchandise. That was before the Internet and the World Wide Web. I remember one day she shows me some catalog. She said here to look through this catalog. I remember looking through it thinking I would never wear any of these clothes, going to hand it back to her, she has me if I look through the whole catalog. With a surprised look on her face. So I looked through it again and then I saw I wasn’t supposed to be looking at the clothes as I was supposed to look at the people wearing the clothes. And there she was a model in the catalog. She might not have been a super successful model but all I remember the day I first saw her. I was thinking wow she looks like a model.

  I remember with my friend’s house one day in the 80s. He says Tom saw you with a black girl going into your house. Tell me that your not with a fucking Nigger. And I thought I heard what he said but I wasn’t sure. And I said what? He says you can’t be going out fucking niggers. Well, I guess I did hear what he said. Before I can answer. He says you know what I mean. I look at him and I tell him. No, I don’t know what you mean. Explain to me. He goes on bitching and he says. You know she was so light that you couldn’t tell that she was black. It would be okay. I said wait a minute. Let me see if I get this straight. She was Italian and she laid out in the sun for too long for too many days. And was that dark it would be okay. He said yeah because she is Italian. See now more confused. I guess in my story you find out how blonde I really am. Because it’s not that she’s black or should I say African-American. It’s because she’s too dark but as she was Italian and that dark it would be okay, but since she’s African-American she needs to be a lot lighter for my one friend to think it’s okay to date her. And as he says light enough so nobody thinks that she’s black. Well, I am still really confused and I still don’t understand it.

  Months go by, I go to my friend’s house starts on me bitching at me again. He says Tom I just saw a black girl a couple of days ago walking through the alley. That’s not one of your girlfriends, is it? I said dude I don’t know what you talking about. I and that one girl broke up. He says Tom you’re the only one dating black girls, you’re the only one bringing black girls into this neighborhood. But I live in Chicago Illinois. It’s a big city and there’s a lot of girls in the city. I said dude make it sound like I’m the only one bringing black girls in this neighborhood. He tells me because you’re the only mother fucker bringing black girls in this neighborhood. I tell him I don’t know the girl in the alley walking you are talking about. We are standing in the gangway near the alley. And we hear this click click click click. It’s a girl with high heels and a sexy dress on. She cannot see me and my friend talking in the gangway. But as she walks by she can see us looking straight at her she turns her head to look at us. And she says Tommy I left something at your house. I guess you figured out by now I have never been good at lying. I look at my friend and I said oh that girl. Yeah, I know that girl I met her last night she spent the night at my place. I said I’ll talk to you later dude. And I walk with the girl back to my place to get what she forgot my house. She got up and had to leave right away so she walked to the bus stop I guess we got to the bus stop she realized she forgot something. My friend called me up and said they do come on over and I said okay I’m am on my way.

  And now you’re thinking that’s not the greatest story ever heard. We’ll just keep listening. It is the late 90s. I and a handful of my friends show up to work one day. We are about to work in a million-dollar home. But our boss is going to show up really early. He will have all the materials that we need to start our day. And without him, we will be just sitting around smoking cigarettes and talking about stupid shit. I am the first one there on the job site. Some of my other friends show up and people that we also work with. I said he’s probably running late getting the material. Another hour to goes by I have been here since 6 AM and now it’s after 10 o’clock. Some of the other coworkers have left and some of the other ones are leaving now. Saying I drove all the way here to make money. And it doesn’t look like I’m to make any money today. I go to lunch and I come back. I have a 1995 Dodge Dakota and my payments are 337 a month. Plus I have to pay for full coverage, gas and tolls to go to work every day. Rent food you know all that good stuff. And live week to week I can’t afford to just go home. If he shows up late I will just have to work late. I’ve done it many times when I’ve worked until 10 or 11 o’clock at night. an I was right back at the house at 6 AM.
I learn one lesson in life. If you don’t work today you definitely will be homeless tomorrow. And I haven’t lived in great places, but it’s always better than living outside. Now if I was in a country where he never snowed. It would probably be great if I was homeless. But I don’t want to get off track from this story. The next day I’m there at 6 AM. Around 7 AM more the workers start showing up and some workers are calling me to see if the material is there. There wanted to go to work today, and most of all they will get paid for working today. There’s a handful of us there a few people are missing. I look out the window my friend pulling up in his truck. You can see the truck is loaded with material. We are going to work today. He comes and we’re all upset. We are asking him where he was yesterday. He says I’m sorry man something had come up.
  One guy says where the fuck was you. Don’t be fucking bullshit me, man. Even I said dude do you want us to find other jobs, man. Some of us have to be responsible we have to pay our bills we don’t pay our bills they come to take the stuff away. He says I’m sorry guys I’m really sorry. Tell us why you didn’t show up and you didn’t call any of us. Now he tells us, I fucked up man I got arrested yesterday. Now five of us. We want to know why he got arrested. Yeah, why did you get arrested? We are all like kids in a candy store. Come on man. Tells us the story of how you got arrested. Come on please tells us the story of how you got arrested. He says, okay man. and the five of us are just looking at him. We are so excited we know the story is going to be really good right?

   He starts out the story with I was driving on this street. He says the name of the street and this other street. I was with this girl and I got pulled over. She was a prostitute. Now the five of us listening to the story. Take a wild guess which one of us grew up in a poor and very bad neighborhood, grew up on welfare always buying food with food stamps, and living with rats and roaches in poor and very low-income housing. Has soon as he mentioned the names of the two streets. I was the only one that spoke up. I said where did you get arrested?. He named the two streets again. I said wait a fucking minute. That girl wouldn’t happen to be black, would she? He replied yeah she was black, but she was really, really fucking hot. I was so shocked and surprised to hear this. I remember many many years ago. Everybody has given me a lot of shit. For dating one of my girlfriends that happened to live on one of those streets and maybe five or six streets down from the other street that he got arrested on. I knew those streets and that neighborhood very well. I remember being younger everybody telling me well you’re really lucky your mom married somebody with money. Soon you’re going to get to live in an all-white neighborhood. My friends from one of my old neighborhood are jealous because I’m going to get to live an all-white neighborhood and things are going to be so much better for me. Really? All my friends on Rutherford will call that neighborhood the Nigger neighborhood. I was so shocked and surprise. Because I thought we weren’t supposed to date these girls. That I guess if you look at the bigger picture he wasn’t dating this girl. What about my girlfriend? she was really hot. Now I know beauty is only in the eye of the beholder but a modeling agency paid her to take pictures. she couldn’t have been ugly. Now, I know what you thinking right now. OMG Tom’s friend owns a professional football team. And believes that’s okay to have sex with these girls but not to breed with them or marry them. LOL! No your thinking to somebody else I think. Plus that rich white billionaire was on CNN and broke down crying in front of everybody on TV. And said he was sorry for the mean things he said. it’s kosher now everybody forgiven give him. If somebody that rich was crying he’s got to be sorry. You know when his black girlfriend secretly recorded him saying racist things, She was OK with having sex with him and spending his money but she didn’t like when he said racist things. LOL! Now I’m not saying she a Gold Digger, But she not sleeping with a broke white guy.

  You know, well I guess you don’t know but I’m going to tell you. I was living in DeSoto, Wisconsin. Something went terribly wrong and the next thing I know was I was supporting my mother, myself and my three little sisters for months. I was the only person a house with a job and I was making over six dollars an hour and it’s impossible to support five people when I’m just making over six dollars an hour. My mother was working on getting welfare and food stamps, and one of my younger sisters was born with Down syndrome. My mother was working on getting her $800 check a month to take care of her from the government.

  I think it’s on the weekend I remember was early in the morning. My mother came up to me. She asked me, Tommy, how come you don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t know why I got so upset and pissed off. I told her because I never have any money. I never have money for cigarettes, never have money for good food, never have money for gas even if I had a girlfriend what would we do. Sit here broke. My mother tells me. You know Tommy if you are gay it would be okay I would still love you. I got so fucking mad I start raising my voice in an angry tone. So when I was in Chicago dating this beautiful black girl. Nobody would fucking give me a break. And every day it’s all I heard about. Tommy is going out a nigger, don’t be bringing that Nigger around here. So it’s not okay to date a black girl but it’s okay to be gay. Is that what it says in your black book by her bed. In the news and in the future. And they’ll say marriage is between a man and a woman, everybody says that marriage is not between a man and a man in that book. That’s funny is if you believe that book. I believe marriage should only be between a man & a woman. There should be nothing wrong with me going out with a black girl or maybe even marrying her. Now when I dated a Puerto Rican girl nobody was upset. Oh Now I get it she just upset cause Jesus was white and this girl not white. But I can’t even date her because of my mother and my stepfather and dozens of my friends.

  Ok, I change the girl’s real names. I thought about naming the other Lady GAGA. LOL! I thought that would be way too funny. One of my black friends on Facebook called me a Racist for being a TRUMP SUPPORTER. I guess he doesn’t know anything about “THE REAL ME” So I posted this story on his Facebook page. He never replied. 


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