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Alone- Random Excerpt

“S-sir,” I stand and look him in the eye. My mother glares at me. I’ll pay for ruining the perfect moment, but I can’t seem to care at this moment. She tugs on my are and I shift it away softly. She doesn’t move, her face a frozen wasteland of anger, in fear of making everything worse.

“I can’t accept this,” My hands shake but I hold my ground. He moves hand to let me continue, “Love does not come from contracts-“ My hands tightened into fists, “Percy, I may love him, but let him have a chance,”

My screams come from me faster than what I can realize and it echoes around me. 

“Sir, please let him have a chance to find true love. Not one that can shatter at any moment!” The first tear is a trail of the lost. My head falls and I’m watching my own tears.

The rest is comfort.

For losing what I treasure most.

Percy looks at me with shock but then looks at the carved wood. “Your own love was from a contract, sir,” I can’t stop. My throat’s contracting on me and the tears slap the table, “Don’t you hate every single day? Hate how you can do nothing for the person you’re willing to sacrifice for?”

“Don’t you love him?” I freeze and look back at him. He looks so much like Percy. I can find so many similarities between them.

“Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity for you?” His chin rests on his hands and he looks at me with interest. He thinks he’s won.

“It’s because I love him,”

He stares at me and I go on. On and on.

“It’s because I love the way he smiles

Because of the way he can steal every part of you

Because I can’t help but think of him everyday every minute

So I am willing to give up my love for his freedom,”

My hands slide off and I take a bow with my head hitting the table.

“Please reconsider your choice sir!”

You never defy someone like Percy’s father.

You just don’t to someone with so much power. I don’t dare raise my head, not even an inch off the table.

“Your Grace she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Please forgive her,” My mom stands, “We’ll sign it without argu-“

“Enough,” He raises his hand,”Lift your head, Violet,” I stare at him in the eyes. I wonder if he’s used to the defied request of his. “Percy,” He turns to him and my breaths gets tangled with the taste of sadness. I move my hand to cover the scars at crisscrossed my wrist.

“It’s your choice,”

I bite my tongue. Blood bleeds and it’s the only thing soothing me. “Could I talk to him?” Everyone stares at me with different eyes but it’s too late to take back the question.

“Whatever, ten minutes,” He waves his hand and I hurried out with Percy. We stand in the garden where we first met. I sit down and so does he.

“Thank you,” he stares into the distance, “Though you did say a lot,” I smile and hold my hands together in my lap.

“I know,”

“About Sarah?”

“It was pretty obvious,” I laugh and he relaxes a little. But its still so tense between the two of us.

“We should head back,”

“You can go,” I look downwards, “Tell your dad no for the contract,”

“Yes ma’am,” he says without a hint of doubt. I leave and don’t turn back once. Faintly, I can hear his whistling.

I wonder who can see the single tear that falls ever so slowly.

It’s a single tear,

And it’s so



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