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Long Love Story

Both of them used to stay in the heart of the town. He used to stay with his grandparents, and she used to stay with her parents. He had an ambition and he could anything to achieve his dreams; he had an aim for becoming an engineer. Her life was a bit different, she had no aim or any ambition; she used to be in her own world; for her the life was like a movie. She used to spend much of her time on social media and watching movies with her mother. Both of had a different ways to view the life. His parents expired when he was small, so he settled with his grandparents at their house. He was preparing for the job interviews, whereas she became a news anchor.

One day he went to the church with his grandma as he had an interview on that day. While he was praying someone from the back called him in a sweet voice-“Excuse me, Can you help me out to  make a call from your phone, actually I have lost my phone somewhere here, and now I want to trace it, so I want to ring it from your phone.” He simply as a gentleman provided his phone and she traced her phone then. She thanked him and both of them moved. Somewhere he found something in her, which made him to think of her while he reached his interview office. That’s all luckily he got the job in one of the best international companies. He called his grandma first and informed them about this. His grandparents were waiting for his return and congratulated him of his success.  He hugged them and thanked them as what he was then was all for them and broke into tears. Late that night, they went to the restaurant and had a great party. He then started thinking of her and that smile of hers, he saw that morning.

That night he decided to ring her and get and introduction. He gathered all his courage and called her. No sooner had he called, she received the call. He got too nervous but however he coped up with it and said that they met in the morning at the church. After an hour of conversation, he asked her for a meet up at the café. So finally that was their second meet. And once again he fell for her smile, her soul, her eyes, her innocence and her words. But he couldn’t express it. They had a conversation of 3 hours there and at last while leaving she said-“You know I found something in you which I had never seen in any other boy.” He also said- “You know that you were the luckiest person for me in my life. I didn’t meet you that morning then I would definitely didn’t get the job.” She smiled and left.

Like this their interaction became closer and they knew much of them. He decided to propose her. And coincidentally she too decided the same. They met again at the café where they met last time and he proposed her and she accepted it. They hugged each other and were on tears the. Now they used to move at many places together. Their guardians knew of this and they had no objections. Now both them loved each other madly and couldn’t stay without each other. They never thought of marriage as because they found this relationship as the sweetest of all and so did their parents. Due to some her work, she had to move to the US. It was so sudden news that she didn’t notify him of that as he might get shocked of that. So she moved in his ignorance with her mother.

One morning while going to office, he parked his car in front of her house and called her and nobody was there for him to either answer from inside or receive his call as she changed her number. He was then disappointed and was in search for her everywhere, while she used to cry every night to her mother saying- “When we would move to our home? When?”

And he realized that all her love died for him. Though she knew that she was helpless, she had to stay there for her. Then through taking information from her office, he came to know that she had been residing in the US. So he decided to visit the US. His grandparents didn’t want him to leave them for a period. So avoided his visit to the US. But it is said that no one can bound the limits of true love. He luckily got the flight ticket, and was granted a holiday of a month from his office. Late that night in his grandparents’ ignorance he went to the airport saying that he had been going on an office tour to the UK. He boarded the plane and reached the US the next evening. He had arranged his living with one of his school friends who’d been in the US for the past 15 years.

The next morning he set out for her and after a tiring day, he didn’t get any of her clues. Like this several days passed and he realized that he had lost her forever. His last day came in the US. Next day he had to leave for his home. So he decided to go to any bar and celebrate his sad mood with alcohol. While going, his car stopped at the signal and he saw her crossing the road. He got down and ran towards her. She heard his voice, but she thought it was all her thoughts. She move into tears and ran away. He too ran behind her to get her. Finally she heard his voice and stopped and all of sudden felt that he was somewhere near her as she knew his presence in the air as she love him more than herself. He too stopped and she turned back and saw him. His tears rolled won his cheeks and she ran towards him and hugged each other tightly.

And this was how their story lit that onwards and luckily she completed her work in the US and both of them got married and got a residence in their hometown and stayed happily.





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