the short story project


Him and Her

This wasn’t where he wanted to be. He wanted to be somewhere else. He didn’t know where.

Or did he? Her…

What about her? She was everything to him. Best friend, company and everything he could ask for.
She was the one he wanted. He wanted to be inside her hug and get lost there forever.


There was a but.
Why was there always a but?

Her boyfriend. That’s the but.

He was staring at the ceiling for a long time. They kissed. Okay, there was a kiss between them. That’s all. And if this wasn’t all? What if there is more? But…no. She has a boyfriend and she loves him.

She wouldn’t love him. BUT.

He will never know if there would be more if he doesn’t try it.

He stood up and runned to open the door. He had to find her. He loved her.

He went outside. He was shocked. She waited for him there. Their eyes were drown to each other’s while she confessed with a few words her love for him. He stared at her. He runned to catch her and swing her in the air. Then, he kissed her as he did in his dreams. He dreamed her every day for 15 years. It was like they were meant for each other.

But then she faded. She was starting to fade.

He tried so hard to catch her. He couldn’t.

He woke up. He stared at the ceiling again as he did in his dream. He wished she was here. He stood up from the bed and got dressed.

He bought some flowers and headed to the cemetery. He stopped in front of a grave.

His wife. Her.

The grave with her photograph and her name craved on it. She loved flowers.


It was always her. Everywhere and forever. He couldn’t bare to be here anymore.

He had to find her. Her. His love of his life. His life. Her.

He jumped from the cliff.

The last thing he dreamed. The last thing he remembered. The last kiss. The last hug. Her name.


Their life that they would build together.

She was… she was pregnant… their child…their little girl…

And HER.


That morning the news reported that a man died. He jumped off a cliff near a cemetary.

There was the grave of his beloved wife.

The police found his house and claimed the only pictures left in his house.

He didn’t have children or any close relatives as the police reported.

He was all alone.



Little did they know that, now he was embracing his wife and rubbed softly her belly where their child was.

They didn’t realise that he didn’t lose his life.






His wife….



And their little girl…


She loved flowers….


Little her…


He loved her….

Little her….

Always them….

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