the short story project



She was not mine.

Still I am followed a long way unto the rail crossing gate. Although it’s not my route. I intended to lose her. Now a train is coming. A goods train gets closer. The gate was closed down the muddy road and I rushed and crossed. A hiatus befallen to blessed me.

A moment before, facing the monster traffic, I shove my life in danger. But it does too frighten, when I find her on the tracks below the train, trying to reach me calling in fainted voice, Mew, Mew. My heart is pounding shove as she is trying to come out crossing those steel wheel. Goods train are very slow in nature, now it seems much slower. But I am trying to keep eyes on the cat; those vampire circles are interrupting my sight and its sound encased her soft tone. I undergo shocking inside.

It’s her day, or mine.

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