the short story project


The Couples I see

 It started when I first reached my second year of high school. Most acne was gone and everyone I had known from a little age had grown up. They started acting serious and responsible. They started seeming different in a way I couldn’t describe. I looked at them in hallways as they smile and say my name. Then one day I got it. I was sitting with my usual group of guy friends. Of course me being a competitive athletic I sat with them. The “popular” group. So I sat with them until a cute little blonde came up to my table. She had freckles on her face and the bluest eyes anyone could have ever seen. She held her phone out to one of my friends.

”You’re really cute and I was wondering if I could, um, have your snap?” She blushed as she said those words. I snorted. He smiled at the pretty girl and of course gave her his snap. My friends cute? That’s funny, is what I thought. Till I noticed more and more the amount of females staring or hanging around our group. I never really thought much of looking pretty so I dressed like one of the guys. But as these girls came over more and more I became so much more self conscious of what I looked like and how I acted around my friends. 

I remember it was a Tuesday when the prett blonde sat at our table with us. She was holding hands with my friend. Of course I was happy for them, but the way they looked at each other I felt a knot in my heart. I wanted someone to look at me like that. The next few weeks I noticed more and more girls sitting at our table holding hands with my friends. Either they held hands or they sucked faces. But I of course was left out of that mix.

When I got home that day I look in the mirror and see my reflection. I could be beautiful if I really tried. But I just looked plain. The next morning when I go down the stairs everyone stops and stares.

”Honey you look beautiful!” My moms eyes sparkled with tears. Their reaction gave me confidence. As soon as I got to school people stared at me. I had never received this much attention before. During lunch when I sat with my friends they all stopped what they were doing and stared at me with a burning intensity. Blushing, heart pounding I look away from them. It was when I looked away when I saw him. A popular boy who girls tried getting with but could never succeed. We were friends once but in elementary school he moved away and came back in high school as a player and heartbreaker. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him for some reason and he could from me.

Maybe it was fate but we stood up and walked over to each other. Breathlessly I said hi and he didn’t even say anything. He just looked at me. Then he leaned in and whispered “you were already beautiful before.” He kissed my forehead and walked away as I stand there dazed and crazy in love with a friend I never thought I could love.

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