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Paranormal Thesis.

Natasha was a medical student, her specialization was in mental therapy, she was a hardworking and focused student, in these days she was on her thesis, the topic for her thesis was a little weird one. she was on to prove that paranormal activities are just a state of mind and nothing else, and there is absolutely nothing like paranormality exists in the world. she use to visit churches to debate with padres and also she use to visit some places which were so-called haunted suggested by people nearby, she also visited and talked to victims who claimed that they suffered from some paranormal things, but she always proved herself and others that these victims were under great depression and suffered from heavy losses in the past.

she found absolutely nothing like ghosts and all, few months passed following some sort of routine and still she found nothing like creepy stuff so far, which took her confidence to the next level, she was almost done with her project with some sort of formalities to be done yet. besides this she was a disciplined girl, her routine was well organized, she uses to get up early morning around 5 am, clean up her room and set out for jogging in a park. one fine day, she got up in morning as usual cleaned up all the mess in room and went jogging, it was a pleasant dawn, everything was just ok, but after a few minutes of her jogging she noticed that someone was following her, she ignored first, but after hearing some clacking sound she suddenly turned back and there was a boy who was with a joyful smile jogging too, listening to music with earphones plugged in, little sweaty and somewhat charming too. this was not at all scary or weird, in fact, this was as normal as anything. Natasha smiled and continued jogging, a few moments later she was tired and was sweaty hence she sat over a bench wiping her face, as a true sign of a gentleman the boy following Natasha came and sat next to her, he offered water to her saying hi, she smiled and had some water, thinking of how kind the boy is, Natasha replied,

Natasha:- I had never seen you before here, what’s your name?.
boy:- Mathew, I stay near to this park and got shifted here a week ago.
they had a good conversation. seems like Natasha enjoyed his company, and it was the same with Mathew. this scenario continued for the next few days, Mathew and Natasha were good friends now, they use to talk a lot for hours with waves of laughter and lots of smiles. but one day Natasha, as usual, visited the park and had a look around to see where Mathew is. but she found him nowhere, she was surprised and continued her walk thinking that Mathew would have got stuck in some work. but this happened for the next 2-3 days, which made her think more about Mathew.

One night suddenly her sleep was interrupted due to some sort of noise, she got up rubbing her eyes, she had a look towards a watch on her side table, it was around 2:30 am. she opened a window near the bed to see what’s happening outside. she was shocked to see Mathew standing on the road watching towards her house continually. Natasha walked downstairs passed through her living room, opened the door and crossed her front yard to see what Mathew was looking for, but as she went on a road there was no Mathew there. she looked all around but found no nothing. it was a weird thing, she thought that maybe this is due to overthinking about Mathew for the past few days. she came inside her house locked the door and walked upstairs to her bedroom, as she opened the door of her bedroom she saw a horrible thing, that Mathew with a terrifying face, with lots of scratches over it, red swollen eyes and a knife stabbed into his chest, Natasha shouting started rushing downstairs, all of a sudden she missed a step and felt down in staircase with a minor injury on her head that made her fall unconscious. The next day she opened her eyes and she found herself laying on the hospital bed. beside her, there was Samantha aunty her neighbor, reading a newspaper. she asked aunty about last night and who brought her to the hospital.

Aunty replied:- my child I got you here, last night I heard your shouting noise and rushed towards your house. you were laying on the floor. so without thinking twice I took you here in the hospital.
saying this Samantha aunty kept her newspaper on a side table and walked outside the room saying bye-bye and take care of Natasha.
Natasha made herself comfortable. thinking about last night suddenly she got her eyes stuck on newspaper heading. it was.
she was shocked and read the news further, she got to know that the same guy Mathew was killed year ago in his own house with a knife stabbed into his chest.
she fainted again…..

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