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  ‘The love couple’

   Once there was an army soldier living in his home after the working days…as he was in his holidays…! ,with his lovable wife.He was 45 year old aged and his wife was 40 year old …!He and his wife were smoothly enjoying there free days…! Along one day the soldier had got a call from his counell and he informed his wife that he need to go back for an important task..! He also said that he might come or might not come as his task was unpredictable at the borders..!so his wife had caringly send off her husband…! He started from his home and reached his destination……..! After some days of his task his wife filled his thoughts whether he was alive or not…..! He felt very upset and kept on losing his confidence and one day her wife called him and said dont worry about her,and boosted his confidence…! Then by attaining some enthusiasm he started his task with lot of boost…..! And he regularly went to the ‘atm’ ,near his task operated region and draw rs.200/- every day at night…! By regularly watching the soldier drawing money a little,the guard questioned him, “sir why dont you draw enough money at once in every week….!” Then the soldier replied that this account was linked with her lovable wife’s phone number, and every withdrawal will be noticed by her in the form of a message and she will hope that her husband was alive…(◌⑅⃝●♡⋆♡LOVE♡⋆♡●⑅◌)

          And thats the kind of love and understanding between ‘the lovable couple’……………


                     ((    !!!!  Thank you  !!!!    ))

                                                        By:- UDAY_ DEVILLIERS

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