the short story project


Roni Foster

“Whew, it must be 90 degrees, here” Mia said to her friends
as they stood at baggage claim, in

the Miami Airport.  Mia
was so glad that her friend of 10 years invited her to Miami-to get some peace
of mind and to relax.  Jenny was always
taking trips, as a well-known make-up artist, she traveled a lot. Terri and
Jessica were jenny’s friends from grade school, but Mia as happy to get to know
some new people.

As they stood crib-side waiting for the shuttle, Mia couldn’t
believe she was in Miami about to soak-up some sun, sip fruity drinks and smell
the ocean air. Upon their arrival to the hotel, all 4 ladies crawled out the
van shuttle and went to the front desk to check in and Mia was eager to put her
swimsuit on.  The room was beautiful,
grand and had a great view of the beach/ocean with a balcony. While the ladies,
searched thru suitcases, fired-up lap-tops and I looked for plugs to hook-up
blackberries, Mia jumped into the shower, pulled her hair up in a high-ponytail
and lathered the flight off. 20 minutes later, she was lying on the beach,
enjoying the sunrays, the eye candy, and the jamming to Michael Bubble’ on her I-pod.
Mia was glad it was evening, as she laid on the chaise lounge, she watched
children splash, couples hug in the water and people jog along the shoreline.
Mia dipped herself in the ocean and swam out to the marker, swam back to shore and
decided she should go back to the room, and see what the





night plans entailed. The plan was to go to “The big Pink”
eatery to grab a few, juicy burgers and drinks and chat and then try to plan
the rest of the trip (day activates). “So, are all men dogs”? Asked Jenny. “Yes”
said Terri and Jessica at the same time. “NO”! Said Mia. “Not all men are
dogs”. “Yes, they are”, Jessica interjected “You just have to figure out what
type of dog”. ‘Oh”. Said Jenny “like a poodle, it or a mutt.”? “Yeah”.said Mia.
“All men have some dog in them, but it’s up to us to figure out and train them
according to their breed”. Everyone at the table laughed and nodded their
heads. Mia hit that one right on the head. The ladies enjoyed a few more
drinks, paid their bill and walked back to the hotel. Time to sleep thought

Beep! Beep! Sang Mia’s cell phone she set the alarm on her
phone so she could see the sunrise, it was 5;30 a.m., Mia got up, did her
morning bathroom routine in 15 minutes grabbed her room key, sunglasses and cell
phone and was out the door.                                                                  

Mia sat on the sand and watched as the sun peek-a-boo thru
the clouds, the seagulls swooped down to eat small fish.  Mia sat thought of her fiancé Richard Ervin,
they were engaged to get married earlier this year, but an unforeseen heart
attack took his life. Mia remembers crying for days, she remembered how empty
she felt at the funeral, as she sat on the beach she closed her eyes she could
see his face in her mind. He was wonderful, tears began to drop because the
beach was peaceful and one of the places they enjoyed. Mia decided to walk and
pick up sea shells, as she walked the tears subsided. As the joggers ran past
her and dogs splashed in the water, people walked in pairs, Mia paid little
attention to the, man lying on the beach with his shirt off.  Mia couldn’t help staring at his body, his
abs were chiseled like a statue, his skin was perfectly tanned a golden-brown,
and his feet were so clean.  He was
looking up to the sky, staring at the clear blue sky. Daydreaming, about his
new life.                                                      

Elijah sat up only to notice, a 5’3 beauty strolling(walking)
his way, she was humming Justin Timberlake’s “sexy back”, he couldn’t help but
smile as she strolled by, watching her bend down and pick up sea shells, dust
them off, put them in her pocket.  Elijah
couldn’t help but stare at her. As Mia walked by the sexy specimen of a man,
she said a shy ‘hi’ as she continued to hum ‘sexy back’.  As her mind drifted, she stumbled over a
small broken shell in the sand. ‘I gotcha’Lady”. The deep baritone voice said,
as he held her elbow and hand in his palm. “Thanks, I’m not sure what
happened”. Elijah looked down and noticed blood on the side of her perfectly
manicured toes. “You’re bleeding’. Mia looked down; she noticed the small
amount of blood. “Not much”. “You may need a Band-Aid”. Elijah guided Mia up
the beach to the ‘Surf’s Up’ Café (bar). “Hey man got a Band-Aid”/ Elijah asked
the bartender. ‘Yep”. They waited for the Band-Aid. Elijah gave Mia his right
hand and said “hello, I’m Elijah”. Mia laughed. ” hi, I’m Mia, thanks for helping
me.” “So you like Justin Timberlake?” “Yeah, kind of.” “So, you like   seashells/” “Yes, but I was grabbing these
for co-workers and family-you know the cheap souvenirs.” “Yep” “Here you go, man”
said the bartender. “Here put your foot here, Mia placed

Her  foot in between
Elijah’s legs on the barstool. As he wiped the cut with an alcohol pad, Mia
couldn’t help but realize how gentle he was, how square his shoulders were, how
sculptured he was, he looked like a Greek-God. “All Good!” Elijah said. “Thank-
you how much do I owe you?” “How about a Bahamas and we’ll call it even” Elijah
smiles as she said it. “That’s it.” Mia said. “Yeah” Elijah said coolly. “It’s
kind of early for a drink you think” Mia smiled.                                                                                                                                                

“Well, its
happy hour somewhere”. A toothy-grinned Elijah said. “Nah, what about drinks
tonight after dinner.” Elijah shyly said. As, they chatted some more they
decided to meet at the “Mango Bay” Restaurant on the strip.  Mia and Elijah exchanged hotel room numbers
and said quick see ya later. As, Mia walked back down the beach she was excited
to have drinks tonight and she thought of how cute Elijah was.

Elijah watched Mia until he couldn’t see her anymore. “WHEW!”
“Man, can I get a rum and coke” Elijah never thought he would meet someone he
was just there to relax. Drinks would be cool, innocent, that’s what normal
people do.

After dinner at Dos Taco’s/Dos Pinto’s, Mia mentioned to the
ladies an after dinner drink. “Let’s go to Mango’s I heard that was the spot.”
Jenny said. “Yeah, I heard that, too.” “Let’s GO!” Terri chimed in. The ladies
showed ID’s at the door; Mango’s was jumping, people were everywhere, dancing,
hands waving, hips swaying. Mia went straight to the bar; she needed a glass of
wine to get started. After the ladies, each had a drink, they walked around the
club, as they walked they saw people dancing sinful dances, the Halle Berry, the
2-step,and just all-out nasty! But, it was Miami. The ladies decided to watch
the male dancers dance on the stage to Paula Abdul; it was 80’s night, one of
the bartenders had said, after they paid for their drinks. Mia was enjoying the
atmosphere, swaying to the music, when she heard a sexy, deep voice whisper in
her ear “I thought you might not show.” Mia slowly turned around and was
greeted by Elijah’s beautiful smile. “Nope, I make good on my promises.” “Want
to Dance?” Elijah said loudly. “Yes!” Elijah grabbed Mia’s hand and they were
off to the dance floor. Elijah held Mia around her waist, as they danced to usher’s
“My Boo” featuring Alicia Keys. Mia could smell Elijah’s nice cologne, and his
hands felt nice around her waist. Elijah didn’t realize how short Mia was but
she fit so nicely in his arms, they moved together like synchronize swimmers.
“You smell nice.” Elijah thought she smelled like fresh cut lilies. As the song
came to an end Elijah and Mia continued to dance to the next song. Laughing and
dancing the night away, Mia felt a tap on her shoulder; it was Jenny telling
her they were tired and going back to the hotel. Mia told Jenny it was fine, she
would see them later. After two more songs, Elijah asked Mia did she want to
take a break, as they zigzagged thru the crowd of dancers, they found a table
in a corner. “You want a drink” Elijah shouted. Mia nodded yes. Elijah went to
the bar got the drinks

came back, sat across from Mia. Smiling, Elijah said to Mia
“You’re a good dancer.” “Yeah, I do pretty well.”Mia sipped on her drink and
thought to herself, he seems nice, but he is a stranger. “Hey let’s take a
stroll on the beach.” As, they left the Mango’s hand in hand to stroll on the
beach, Mia couldn’t help to smile inside. “Shall we walk and talk?” As Elijah
extended his hand Mia put her hand into his, as they walked hand and hand, smelling
the ocean air, feeling the warm sand under her feet, Elijah was quiet. Mia
started with a question,” What brought you to Miami?” Elijah smirked and said
“I treated myself to a post-divorce vacation, was married for 15years, things
change, people change, you want different things, you grow apart so here I am.”
“Alrighty.” “What brought you here, Ms. Mia?” “I needed a break from the
mundane activates of life.” Mia thought was that a lie or should she just have
spilled her guts. Why would she tell him the truth, he was a stranger to
her.  Elijah said “so how boring is your
life?” Mia smiled and said” Just the routine that sucks, day in and out, that’s
why I came to Miami…for a change.” Elijah softly said” there’s a lot of change
around here.” As, they walked and talked, before either of them realized they
were miles down the beach. “Let’s sit and watch the waves.” “O.K.” Elijah and
Mia sat down shoulder to shoulder, for a few minutes there was silence. When
Elijah began speaking he turned to face Mia, he could feel his breath on her
face. “You have some beautiful lips.” Mia blushed She thought Elijah was being
sincere but corny. Sitting on the beach reminded Mia of her fiancé JD, who
passed last year from a heart attack. Mia said to Elijah “Life is Short!” “Yes,
Life is short, live well, YES, live well.” Mia couldn’t believe how comfortable
she felt with Elijah. Elijah placed his hand on top of Mia’s hand and thought
how good this felt, so good he did something he never did in the pass, he
kissed Mia. Mia couldn’t believe how soft, tender, and passionate his kiss was,
even though it caught her by surprise. “I’m sorry I’m not usually this
forward.” Elijah blushed. “It’s fine.” Mia said without a second thought.  “I usually like a warning.” “I don’t know I
been looking at your lips all night, trying to figure out if they were soft.”
He said.  “So?” Mia smiled. “Oh their
soft.” Elijah smiled. Mia smiled a big smile. Even, though I don’t want this
night to end I have to get back to my room and friends. “Yeah it is late or
early, depending on how you look at it.” Mia looked down at her watch it was
4am the sun would be up in an hour. As they walked back down the beach, Mia and
Elijah held hands and stopped every once in a while to look at the ocean or to
give each other a quick kiss on the lips.

The sky was turning a lite-shade of blue/gray by the time
Elijah and Mia made it to the front door of the hotel. “Well, try to get some
sleep.” “Sleep, I think I’m going to take a shower, then eats breakfast.” Mia
said. Elijah held onto Mia’s hand, as he pondered another question “So when can
I see you again?” Not sure, leave tomorrow morning, got to get back to the
routine.” Mia said with her head down. “Oh, that’s soon.” Elijah said sadly.
“Yeah.” And tonight is ladies night.” Mia said. “Why don’t you give me your
number and call me when you’re free.” Elijah said. “816.227.6261.” ‘Elijah
rattled off his number without a second thought. “And, yours?” “770.912.2050,
thanks got it.”  “Well, Mr. Elijah I’ve
enjoyed every moment with you.” she said smiling. “Me too.” Elijah smiled.
Elijah leaned in and gave Mia, a warm hug and kissed her one more time this
time on her forehead. As, Mia watched Elijah walked out the door all she could
think of was how comfortable Elijah made her feel.

“HOOCHIE!!!” screamed her friends when she opened the door.
“HOOCHIE, who me” Mia smirked. “yeah You” Jenny shouted. “ details!”
“I don’t kiss and tell. Mia laughed. “So you kissed him” Jessica said leaning
into Mia’s face, as she stared Mia down, she looked once again into Mia eye’s
and said “You did kiss him, you naughty girl!!!” “What, who said that?” Mia tried
to sound like an innocent school girl. As ladies night got under way, Mia

Couldn’t help to drift back to her night with Elijah and how
soft his lips were. The night went on and on, dancing, and drinking, and

Mia packed her bags and rode in the shuttle, and listened to
the other ladies talk about their great time in Miami and all the pictures they
had to get developed or up load to face book. As, they passed thru security,
Mia waited in line with the other passengers, when Mia got to her seat she
pulled out  the piece of paper with
Elijah’s number, she thought of all the possibilities.

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