the short story project


Charlotte O'shea

A bad stranger…

It was 2am on a Saturday night, my location was Kings cross,London.The street I was walking down,was very quiet it wasn’t a busy place,so I did panic every step of the way,I could feel that danger would and happen if I didn’t hurry to get somewhere and find some help because for an hour I was lost. My closest friend left me because we had a bad argument,so I had to find my own way home the reason why I was alone,Terry my so called best mate had slept with my boyfriend Jamal Harrison three days ago,I knew Terry planned to argue with me and tell me the truth, she wanted to put me in danger by taking me to central London and abandon me to make problems for me,it shows how selfish the bitch and not trustworthy. What can I do,believe me it gets worse.That day I was drinking and smoking,aww I love cocaine too,so I wasn’t sober.

My boyfriend Jamal didn’t care,there wasn’t one call to see if I was ok,three years we have been together,best friends at school.It was shocking how evil they are, cheating behind my back I didn’t even know a thing.
Shit I didn’t know where I was going,all I could see was a pub on the corner of the street called “exit”. Suddenly I saw a middle aged man walking my way, he looked like he was in a range of anger he started to shout “oi come here”,I got so scared,this time it could be serious,as I was thinking he’s going to come and attack me the police arrived,the police men got out the car really quick,one of them ran to the stranger and said ” you are under arrest,for mugging a women in the area of seven sisters.” The place was a little far but still in central London.I was very lucky that night, I really think the lord him self was watching.


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