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Daniel Nepveux

A Collection of Shit

When life hands you lemons……

Throw that shit back and demand ready made lemonade. This isn’t a story, it’s a rapid snapshot look of searing moments in time. Those unwanted and unbearable experiences in life, that make clear to us all, just how cheap and hurtful those lies, that were hammered into our hearts as children, truly are. 

We are NOT special.

And we are NOT important.








Hello my dearest lost and loved

I’d thought you gone for certain


Fallen, Broken, Shattered stone

from unkept graves upon your bones

Now and Always


Simply forever

You alone.

Never forgotten yet Left Behind

All we once were, intertwined

A path of Tombs together sewn

Leads countless victims to unknown’s

Scorched in hell

Lives dethroned

Sulfur, Brimstone

Yet still…alone.

How did you do it?

Make me understand!

Why you laid waste to every last strand

Making you precious, a light to be shone

Instead of Buried, Bygone, Blotted…


Forever Destined

To shuffle and Roam

Not quite Dead

But always…






It was to be
A Beautiful composition
the forever spring
from which we drew

Our tender beginnings
that softly rendered
such intimate poetry
of the love we knew

And each moment you touched
of our mortal eternity
burned ever the brighter
my simmering moon

So time Tangled
Together and Precious
Feverishly flared
and weathered too soon

Now I find myself here
in a vast chamber of empty
the endless after,
of our forever,
where broken
I weep

For the winter within
that has swallowed my Fire
and for the absence of light
lost in the deep…

My fault…….

My fault…

My fault.






▪Heavens Meadow▪


It may not have been mine

But under my care

This Meadow grew Beautifully 

Songs soft and fair

Trapped, my heart still is here

Find its smear

That I fear rots near

Left in Heavens Meadow’s tears.





▪A Child’s Dream ▪


I saw a man

in my room last night

then he was gone

at first light.

I saw him twice more

throughout the day

always watching

but not a word to say.

When I got home

he was there inside

he stabbed me once

and then I died.





▪We in the Garden▪


In gardens we wait
  Our tears water the soil
  As our hope
  As our dreams     
  Wither with age

Timeless our hearts watch
  While the stone walls crumble
  Distancing memory
  As we quietly rage

Is it definite then?
  That we be strangers again?
  No I will not
  I will set our table for two

Though I cannot see
  For this looking glass blurs
  Your smile
  Your ghost
  The simple love we once knew

So we in the garden
  Will collect our grief’s water
  And fill to the brim
  Our wishing well

Knowing we must tend,
  With the slow
  Burn of regret,
  These empty flower beds
  Where we now dwell

And for each of us here

  Who listen
  the barren lullabies
  Play in our ears

“You found me first
   You made me
   And so came
   Our greatest fears

Sung in verse
Sung with truth
We are
Lovers with naught to Love

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