the short story project


Chole Simmons

A Lifetime

As I laid in the rain, It was the most beautiful day. It was filled with laughter and it was filled with joy. It was a rainy day so why was everyone so happy. As my eyes were begining to close, I saw what my mom looked like when I was One years old. All my life I didn’t know what she looked like but now it was the most absured thing I’ve ever seen. I saw all the good times we spend together. I noticed how beautiful she was her dimples, her smile, her features and her eyes were beyond beautiful. Then that was when I felt the pain peircing pain in my hip, I cried out in pain as I saw people rushing over to help me. I looked down on my wound to see blood rushing out like crazy. Someone came over to me to try and keep me awake but I was sleepy and the more sleepy I get the more my memories became vivid. I remebered saw my bestfriend killing herself, saying that she don’t want to live anymore, I saw myself trying to help her overcame her decision. I saw how close we were but she still died, she left the world at sixteen years old. She killed herself and I couldn’t stop her. I blamed myself for not helping her when she needed my help. As the warm tears rolled down my cold cheeks I stopped breathing. I woke up out of bed as I have the most weirdest dream but I couldn’t remember it well. It was raining outside but the sky was beautiful as usual. As I crossed the street a car came rushing and hip me so hard I flew into the air and back to the ground. As I lay in the rain, I only could’ve smile as my dream became a reality, I never knew this could happen in a lifetime.

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