the short story project


Mohammed Seyam

A Nostalgic Dream

            It was a winter night. There was a raging snow storm outside. A little girl’s parents were working within the same company and had forgotten to do something important at the office. The little girl thought that it must have been something pretty important for them both to have to leave together. However, she knows that her parents love her so much and that they wouldn’t be gone for too long. As understanding as she is, she takes their word for being back just in time to tuck her in for bed. They give hugs and kisses at the front door. Her father, carrying his work suitcase and her mother, carrying her purse open and close the door. The little girl quickly locks it and rushes to the living room window to wave good-bye. They don’t notice her as there is too much snow pouring down on them. They enter their car and drive away. The little girl stares as the vehicle vanishes into white.

She turns around and looks at their tall antique clock. She tells herself to remember that her bed time at 9:30. The clocks hands indicate that the current time is 8:50. So she gets up and walks to her bedroom. She changes into her white pyjamas and goes to the kitchen. Her black cat greets her, and then sits next to its bowl. The girl gets up onto her tippy-toes to reach the cat food box. She fills the bowl half way as instructed by her mother and returns the box to the countertop. She opens the fridge and proceeds to inspect her findings. She grabs her favourite strawberry yoghurt following a spoon from the highest drawer. She sits on the floor next to her cat and attempts to eat at the same pace. They both finish at the same time. She smiles at the kitten and goes back to check the clock. It’s now 9:10.

She decides that it’s time to get ready for bed and makes her way to the bathroom. She’s got to keep her teeth nice and clean if she wants to keep eating sweets. Two minutes of brushing, one minute of flossing and another for rinsing. Off to bed now, she turns off the bathroom lights and turns on her 3 purple tulips night light that hangs from above her pillow, slightly adjusted to the left if you are looking at it from the base of the bed. She gets into bed and starts reading her story time book. She laughs at how the main character of the story is seven years old, just like her. She finishes reading a chapter and wonders what time it is. She hops out of bed for a quick look at the clock: 9:32. They are late. Disappointed for the first time by her parents, she walks back to her bedroom and tucks herself in. She rotates to the right, making sure that the big white pillow behind the one which she lays her head on doesn’t slouch down and that her red heart-shaped pillow is sitting up behind her. She sets her hands in front of her and close to her face. She closes her eyes and tries not to feel alone since she is surrounded by her little friends. In the direction that she’s facing, on her night stand is a red carousel with 3 white stallions. One of them has a red saddle, the other, a blue and the last wears a green one. A red-eyed white rabbit wearing a crimson cape sat on top of the carousel. A big brown teddy bear is tucked in next to her. A blond haired doll is behind the pillow, but can be seen above the bear. A miniature brown haired doll wearing a blue dress sat above the big white pillow with a grey mouse that is carrying a drum. Next to him, three nutcrackers are hanging from the ceiling using thin strings as support. A black bird cage on a stand can be found on the other side of the bed. A blue pigeon and a fairy are sitting in there. With the story book near her feet and the girl getting warm, the kitten climbs up and lies with her while looking at the glow in the dark stars that are stuck to the ceiling.

The little girl is dreaming of a past summer day where her and her parents were taking a walk on the beach during sunset. She wishes that they could all do it again someday. Little did she know, her parents would not be returning home that cold winter night.

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