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A Thought In The Mind

behind the comfortable walls of the internet, sits a new-born writer. For far too long he had decided not to speak, not to express himself. what he though would be the worst feeling of his life, quickly turned into a soothing ride as soon as he first thought about publishing his piece of writing. The sheer presence of understanding peers—people that knew what it was like to be lost and confused in a world of words and phrases—brings strength to his heart, lifting the tremendous wall that kept him from reaching his true self, a man that can turn words into emotions, thoughts into stories, bring ideas to life. he was now on a trail of being a writer; but suddenly, out of the deepest parts of his soul, spoke a voice in his head. “presence is not enough”, The whisper so soft, like kind flowers blooming in a beautiful spring morning, spoke so powerfully; fuel to the writers fire. “what you need is more than people…”
A lump formed inside the writer’s throat, a sensation similar to that of . what could this voice possibly mean?
“what you need…is help” =)

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