Carolyn Croop

Alien Science Project


(Part 1)

I am in my glory
Because this is a new story
It’s about a girl
From another world

Her name was Ann
She had no tan
Her planet was without a sun
Always dark and never fun

She went to school to study science
But she was scolded for defiance
You see – her teacher, Mr. Lent
Gave the class an assignment

They were to choose a planet
And work with a partner – hers – Janet
No one, but no one, was to choose Earth
No one ever knew why for what it’s worth

About Earth Ann decided to write
By the way, Janet was not too bright
But Ann was highly intelligent
That’s why she chose this experiment

So like I said
If you have read
Earth was not to be picked
Or out of school you would be kicked

But Ann paid no attention
So with much tension
To the office she was sent
By her teacher, Mr. Lent

Mr. Lent told Ann she must leave school
Choosing Earth was in no way cool
Ann said nothing, then exited quietly
She thought she left unjustifiably

But she did not remain too quiet
In fact, she almost caused a riot
Ann protested outside the college
Signs said, “Earth – we want the knowledge”

A mysterious man saw it on the news
He ordered his people – his crews
To get a note to Ann
For that was part of his plan

The note he wrote to her
Caused her quite a stir
Because he was from elsewhere – you see
A scientific secret society

The mysterious man signed his name Ted
Ann was interested in what she read
For the society – Ted wanted her included
To this he alluded

This ends Part One
The story has only begun . . .


(Part 2)

Welcome to Part Two of Alien Science Project
Part One I will recollect
It is about a girl named Ann
And Ted – a mystery man

The story as I reflect
I will somewhat dissect
Ann comes from a different galaxy
One with no sun or seas

Ann is kicked out of college
For wanting to research Earth for knowledge
A note is sent to her from Ted
To join a scientific secret society he led

That is where Part One ended
Part Two is now recommended
Because after Ann read Ted’s note
She wrote to him saying this – I quote

“Hello Ted. I read what you wrote
Thank you for sending your note
I would like to meet in person
Sincerely, Ann McPherson”

Ted received her note too
And arranged a meeting at the zoo
For they needed to be inconspicuous
So they would not be seen as suspicious

Ted brought with him a few bodyguards
He and Ann talked and walked for yards
The scientific society he explained
He said if she joined she would be well trained

For what she learned from Ted that night
Was that to Earth there would be a flight
After the experiments here were done
So that on Earth they could have fun

But why, Ann asked, is Earth off limits?
He whispered, I will tell you in a minute
Shhhh . . . I think there is a spy
Let’s go elsewhere to lose this guy

They walked away from there
And found a couple of chairs
He explained the answer to her question
It only took this one meeting session

Ann, we are still in the experimental state
But we believe Earth to be really great
Much better than the darkness here
The best place in the atmosphere

Just then the zoo lights went dead
Shots were heard that were meant for Ted
He quickly grabbed the hand of Ann
Together they were and quickly ran

Thus, this ends Part Two
Of Ted and Ann at the zoo
Next will be Part Three
Where happiness is the key


(Part 3)

Here is Alien Science Project – a piece
It is Part Three – drama increased
At the end of Part Two – Ted and Ann
Are escaping the zoo – not part of the plan

Ted’s bodyguards followed them out
Out of the zoo where they walked about
People were panicking except for Ted
They went to an undisclosed location – Ted led

Ann had no idea where she was at
It had technical things – that is fact
Rooms and rooms of scientific equipment
People involved in various experiments

Ann was led down a hall by Ted
He pointed into a room with his head
You’re one of us Ann – go in there he said
It was a conference room colored mostly red

At the head of the room was a model-type looking man
He looked to be about the same age as Ann
Their eyes connected immediately
But both looked away instantaneously

The model-type man was in charge
He and the entire secret society were at large
Ironically – his name was Chase
He never left this place in space

Chase began the meeting like this
I have an agenda – but first on my list
Let me introduce Ann to you
She knows little about what we do

So Chase assigned a person named Lyn
To assist Ann on how to begin
Lyn said – I’ll teach you the fun part first
You get to pick a human on Earth

You will study the human you choose
But they will not know that to them you pursue
For this we have all the scientific equipment
And thus, that was how Lyn’s statement went

After one month of training
Of which Ann found entertaining
She picked her human to study
Her human would later turn out to be her best buddy

Angel was the name of the girl
The one Ann studied from another world
She was told to study her for one year
This was made very clear

A microscopic telescope Ann used for research
She zeroed in on Angel leaving church
And used a microphonic device
To hear her – she was very nice

Ann, one day, asked Chase when
A flight crew we would send
To Earth – when and why
Soon, Ann, very soon Chase replied

First we will gather everyone’s data
Our experiments are rather beta
No one ever did this before
And no one else is allowed through these doors

This is where Part Three ends
Later, Ann and Angel are friends
Keep reading because there is more
It will be in Part Four


(Part 4)

This is Part Four
Not to be ignored
Even though it is filled with action
Only a bit – just a fraction

As the story thus far went
To a scientific secret society Ann was sent
She was trained to study another world
And told to study a human girl

She studied a girl named Angel Arcke
And discovered that Earth was only sometimes dark
Unlike the constant darkness in her sight
At least her dark, no sun world had lights

The sun was a new discovery
As so was the seas and flowers and bees
But others were studying all that stuff
For Ann – studying Angel was quite enough

The place where Ann lived and worked
Outside – sometimes people from her world lurked
However, Ann still did not know where
Where exactly she was there

She was fascinated with Earth though
So she remained in the society below the snow
For her world had snow and ice
All the society lived beneath – but all were nice

They were nice because they had hope
To leave their world because they couldn’t cope
The outside world was like a living hell
That part I forgot to tell

Everyone in the scientific secret society
Was given a job title to display
Ted was the Recruiter
Lyn was the Society’s Tutor
Ann was called a Scientist of Space
And Chase was the head of the entire place

There were about 200 others there
They were not told what to wear
Unlike the uniforms worn outside
But those who lived outside complied

And thus, Ann researched Angel everyday
She discovered Angel would everyday pray
Angel had just graduated college
But had no job despite her knowledge

Each day Ann learned something new
About Angel and the scientific society crew
Suddenly, without warning
Chase announced a flight to Earth in the morning

Not everyone can take the flight
In the morning which looks like night
Only seven of you can go
Get ready, don’t be slow

Ann was on the list of seven
The next day, they traveled at eleven
The spacecraft traveled fast
Through galaxies and planets it passed

Only one day to get to Earth it did take
Luckily, for Ann’s sake
Ann was about to meet her closest friend
And this is where Part Four ends


(Part 5)

Part Five of Alien Science Project is here
Where to Earth you will be a sight seer
Because, to recap Part Four
Seven aliens went out the door

They left the place they were in
On a ride to Earth they did begin
And that is where Part Four completed
Now down to Earth to where they’re greeted

Chase had also taken the flight
He said planet Earth will be bright
So all seven – sunglasses they had worn
The sunlight – bright – they were forewarned

The spacecraft landed in a desert
All seven were advised to be on the alert
For no Earthlings were to see them land
It was but a part of the grand plan

They landed safely – no one around
Only a door to the underground
Landing was like a fifth dimension
Inside it was like a convention

There were people all around
Like a city underground
Ann asked Chase about this place
Chase said – these are people, too, from space

They come from other plants too
We all look human – this is true
This is where we all hide out
It is like our stake-out

Why, Chase, do we look the same?
Ann wanted answers – it was her aim
Later I will tell you why
That is how Chase replied

To each other – Ann and Chase did stare
There was definitely something there
Then Chase looked away
And began preparing for the next day

For now, Chase said
Go to bed
Here is your room
Tomorrow we will resume

Ann was treated like a queen
For she had room service – quite the scene
But everything a mystery still
Off to sleep she went by her free will

The next day she was told by Chase
To venture out and leave this place
To your human you will go
Follow her and watch her grow

Ann had enough of taking orders
She said, I will not leave headquarters
Until I get answers from you, Chase
As to why we traveled here from space

Surprisingly, Chase replied like this
I’m impressed, Ann, here it is
All of us are descendants from Earth
Earth is our ancestor’s place of birth

We now all live on different planets
Life we do not take for granted
Long ago on Earth – we were at war
With one another – so we walked out the door

We all chose a different place
Different planets and galaxies – we flew through space
We sought world peace by leaving
Now we believe in what we are achieving

One human at a time we help here
To acquire peace – and see it clear
We learned leaving was not the way
For the same problems developed – I will say

So now our scientific secret society
We believe we have the key
Peace and happiness are the way
We will get there someday


(Part 6)

This is Part Six of the tale I tell
The part when Ann meets Angel
For in Part Five it went like this
The aliens are striving for peace and bliss

They think they discovered how
To gain peace and happiness not now
But soon in the coming years
And take away everyone’s tears

Instead of all at once changing everyone
Each alien was to choose anyone
One person to research and guide
One human they had to pick and decide

Ann chose to study a girl named Angel Arcke
They would soon meet face to face in a park
Angel was not aware of Ann
But Ann knew Angel and was a fan

Ann had studied Angel for a year from space
But now on Earth they would meet face to face
Ann arranged to be at a park
At the same time as Angel before it grew dark

This is how the two met
Angel’s car was a nice new Corvette
So Ann approached Angel about her vehicle
And asked her questions which were meaningful

The two began talking
In the park they were walking
The day then ended
But the two were befriended

Angel, for the night, went home
To where she lived alone
Ann went back to the underground place
And was greeted by the smiling face of Chase
For he had dinner made for two
He said, this is for me and you
On the table was one red rose
And a gift wrapped with two red bows

They ate dinner and talked all night
This was to both of their delight
Chase asked Ann – will you be mine?
Ann replied – I will in time

For Ann did not want to date
Although she thought Chase was great
Her first priority was her career
And Angel – whom she studied for one year

Just then – the doors opened up
The two threw down their coffee cups
The underground was being attacked
The scientific secret society had been tracked


(Part 7)

This is Part Seven
Where you will learn of a man – Kevin
To recap – Ann and Chase were under attack
Of them – the secret society could not keep track

Ann and Chase were taken captive
To the captivity they were adaptive
A man – Kevin – was head of the prison
He would not tell Ann and Chase the reason

They were together with six other persons
Chase told Ann – we must escape before it worsens
Days and nights passed by
Together they looked at stars in the sky

It was during this time they fell in love
As each night they viewed the stars above
Chase told Ann he loved her at first sight
Ann said the same thing back that night

They were in love now
And even exchanged pre-marriage vows
Chase could not have this prison for Ann
He said to her – we must have a plan

Ann was about to tell her idea
When in walked Kevin singing Ave Maria
Kevin drilled Ann and Chase for information
About their secret organization

Ann and Chase refused to speak much
They told Kevin they were human as such
Kevin did not believe them at all
He even punched Chase and caused him to fall

They were not treated too well
Kevin would always try to cause a brawl
Chase refused to play his game
Remembering peace – not war – was the aim
Later, Chase was able to hear from Ann
About her genius escape plan
She knew how to be non-violently released
And escape the prison and Kevin the beast

Part Seven ends here
In Part Eight – Ann and Chase disappear
From Kevin – their captor
Thus, this ends this chapter


(Part 8)

Here it is – Part Eight
Where Ann and Chase plan their escape
They are held captive by a human – Kevin
This was explained in Part Seven

As it was told before
Ann told Chase how to walk out the prison door
She said, “I will convince Kevin we are from Earth too
And not aliens like the rest of our crew

Thus, Ann asked to speak to Kevin
He said he would meet her at eleven
At the meeting Ann used this angle
She said she was friends with a human named Angel

Kevin did not know Angel at all
Ann had “thrown Kevin a curve ball”
Kevin wanted more information from Ann
So Ann talked about her friendship and how it began

Kevin ordered his prison workers
To find Angel – to seek her
Angel was brought to the prison
And was told of the reason

Angel confirmed that Ann was her friend
Kevin decided the rules he would bend
And release Ann and Chase
From their captivity place

So in Angel’s Corvette they drove fast
Many cars they did pass –
Angel, Ann and Chase
Chase said, “I’m impressed, Ann – you got us out of that place”

Angel dropped them off at a train station
So they could get back to their association
It took a few days to return
The secret society members were concerned
But they did indeed return to their home underground
Where Chase had hoped no other had been found
To his delight – everyone was safe and sound
And happy to have Ann and Chase back around

Here ends Part Eight
Where Ann and Chase met their fate
As I did tell
In love they fell

Part Nine is next to be told
Their underground world had much gold
This was how they survived there
Read Part Nine if you dare


(Part 9)

This is Part Nine
Being told in rhyme
Where the aliens on Earth will discover
It did not prove worthwhile to go undercover

Ann and Chase had returned to the underground world
With the help of an Angel girl
Chase said to Ann, “There’s a meeting at ten
Led by an alien man named Ken”

Ken said, “Everyone please be seated”
This is how they all were greeted
“I have an important announcement to make
Our work on Earth was a mistake

It is being canceled today
Pack your things and get away
Go back to where you came from
And march to the beat of your own drum”

Everyone’s faces looked confused
Chase should, “I am not amused
Why did we work so hard
Back on our planets we’ll be laughed at for yards”

Ken smiled and said, “Thank you Chase
You have just proved my case
You see – we have made a conclusion
Peace and happiness are all an illusion

When a human being is born here
And when aliens are born elsewhere
All possess many emotions within
Some are good and some take you for a spin

To gain peace on Earth – it is our potion
We must learn to control these emotions
We have even witnessed greed
From the gold we have indeed
Here – underground – is just a bad game
Every place I’ve traveled – it’s all the same
We can’t seem to develop world peace
So our society will now cease”

Ann raised her hand with a question
“Yes, Ann?”, Ken said with a sad expression
“May I say ‘goodbye’ to my Earthling human?
Or is the answer ‘No’ as I am assuming?”

To Ann’s surprise, she was told yes, it is okay
“Find your Earthling – but do it today”
Later, after the meeting was over
Ann used the radar to find Angel moreover

Suddenly, silence filled the radar room walls
Nothing was heard – not even squalls
Ken turned to Ann and said
“I have news for you not to spread”

Ann was so curious as to what it could be
Ken said Angel was on the radar key
“She appears in a forbidden location
The only location we are never to vacation

It is off limits to all
Angel from heaven to Earth did fall
Do not try to find this location, Ann
Never, never have this as your plan”

And so ends Part Nine
Back to the planet with no sunshine
Chase, Ann and the crew must fly
Back home within the sky


(Part 10)

Welcome to Part Ten
Where the aliens’ home life begins again
Except for two who never boarded the spaceship
Chase and Ann skipped the trip

On Earth – they were the only aliens left there
They still wanted world peace because they cared
They were not willing to stop trying
That coming to Earth was a mistake – they were not buying

Chase and Ann lived together underground
They hoped not to be found
The first things they wanted to do
Were to find Angel on the radar and heaven too

They entered the radar room
If they visited heaven – they were doomed
Or so they were told
But they were not sold

They entered the data into the radar
To locate heaven and Angel among the stars
The radar started flashing lights
They found heaven and Angel within their sights

Chase and Ann looked at each other with excitement
“Do you realize what we found on this equipment?”
That was what Chase asked Ann
Ann said, “Yes, we found heaven”

Chase said, “Do you think if we just visit there for a day
That would be okay?”
“Yes”, said Ann
“But it’s not part of the world peace plan”

So and thus, they developed a plan
Their plan for world peace began
They sat together at a table
And brainstormed how the world could be stable
They thought and thought for hours
But peace seemed out of their power
They could not figure out a way
For peace and happiness everyday

Chase and Ann, too, almost gave up hope
They nearly were able to anymore cope
So off to visit heaven they went
They followed the radar to where they were sent

When they finally reached heaven’s gates there
They discovered it was locked – another nightmare
Chase, however, had a plan
He said, “Have no fear Ann”

He jimmied open the gates of heaven
He did this in the morning at eleven
Slowly both walked inside
It was endlessly big and wide

“Amazing”, both said as they stared
And they glared
They were in awe
About what they saw

And so ends Part Ten
If you wish – you may read it again
For it was amazing they were in heaven
The story now continues in Part Eleven


(Part 11)

Here it is – Part Eleven
Chase and Ann broke into heaven
The visions and sounds
Were very profound

After seeing Angel – in the distance was a man
“That is God”, said Ann
As Chase and Ann approached Him
He appeared to have a grin

Chase was nervous and could barely walk
Ann decided to God she would talk
“Pardon me, Sir”, she said with care
“Do you have a few moments to spare?”

God took his headphones off just then
He had been listening to prayers all day since ten
Suddenly, to their amazement, He spoke
He surprisingly began with a joke

“Knock knock”, He said to Ann here
Ann nervously replied, “Who’s there?”
God responded, “Ann and Chase
The two who jimmied into this place”

God said, “This is why I am God
If I were a comedian, I’d be without a job
I try to be funny
But I am better at making things sunny”

Ann realized God was a very nice guy
So she confessed – to escape prison she lied
God then – like this – lovingly replied
“And don’t forget into heaven you pried”

God had the biggest smile ever
He said, “Ann – you are delivered
And what did you want to speak to me about?”
Ann said, “World peace I shout”
“Granted”, God said
And so to world peace He led
God said, “Children – you must go now
But you were brave – so take a bow”

Chase and Ann left heaven with smiles
“God definitely has a unique style”
That was what Ann said to Chase
Chase said, “Now we must fly home through space”

So back to their own planet they flew
World peace was there too
Everywhere world peace there was
Chase and Ann were given an applause

All of a sudden, a star shined bright
It lit their planet in day and night
It was as bright as the sun
Their planet was now so much fun

Everyone was now so happy and content
Then down on his knees Chase bent
“Marry me, Ann”, said Chase
Ann said, “Yes”, with a smile on her face

They could not wait
So they picked a wedding date
For the next day
And honeymooned by a bay

Every planet and galaxy was at peace
All wars ceased
Chase and Ann were the heroes to everyone
The world was forever brighter than the sun


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