the short story project


Aska Osoro


Finding out the truth about where babies really came from would have been the greatest achievement at the time. I wanted to know the truth, the truth only. Even though I didn’t know what I had done, I had a feeling it was wrong. I suddenly felt guilty for stepping foot into that dirty bathroom with him. Although it was a better pit latrine than most of them in the neighborhood, the brick structure was still smelly with approximately three hundred flies. Slowly I had seen his baggy khaki shorts drop onto the ‘wet with urine’ floor, exposing his mini penis, and inside me, my blood froze in my spine. I heard him mumble something silently and then proceeded to cover my mouth with his muddy hand.”Do not scream,” he said. I nodded slightly and then he let go of me. “Everyone has done this before, and its good,” he whispered. I remained calm looking at him innocently, perplexed. I couldn’t think clearly at the time. My whole body felt like a stranger because of how I was feeling. I came closer, leading to our privates making contact. I have no words to explain what I felt.”Wickie, what are you doing?”I asked. He took a step back, almost stepping into the hole. I couldn’t resist laughing, but he quickly told me to shush. He then proceeded to tell me that babies were made when the two organs touch. I stood glued to the spot. He repeatedly warned me severally not to utter anything to anyone, not even my mother and that if I didn’t would be punished and then left. I decided to stay back to pee. I felt overjoyed because I thought I was going to have a live baby. I didn’t have any younger siblings then, and every time I told my mother to get me a sister or brother she brought me a doll instead. I was always frustrated with the dolls but took care of them anyway because my mother told me to make sure her “grandchildren” stayed healthy. I never liked the fact that they never cried like real babies, and that I could never feed them even if I wanted to. Every time I tried my mother yelled at me for wasting her food.


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