the short story project


Angelina TanG

Back Then

Sharon wasn’t normal and she knew it. To be honest she never expected to live till 14 and still, she was half doubting what she was seeing. Today however her scent seemed to be in the air for every monster in a 50-mile distance, She slew her ap calculus teacher because it was a cercopes in disguise,(to be honest she always thought math was an evil subject). As she rested at a nearby cafe she saw something that caught her eye. It was a plain white sweater the letters CB etched across the back, on the fabric where the arm would be there was a faded eagle with 2 cross thunderbolts. Her face paled, it couldn’t be him, no it couldn’t be. She had only known one son of Jupiter,  Logan. No, she thought Logan died 5 years ago it couldn’t be him but even as she said it aloud she didn’t believe herself.5 years ago, that fateful day Sharon watched as Logan ran to her “ what’s up Logan” she said. Logan looked at her the humorous fire in his eyes had gone out instead replaced by a mad and crazy glint. She noticed his posture was bent down, his hair was matted all over the place as if he hadn’t brushed it. She could tell these things it is evidence of their friendship.”Come with me “ Logan said, she again showed a symbol of there friendship by following Logan. “Where exactly are we going,” she asked, Logan laughed but it wasn’t a nice laugh, it was maniacal, “you’ll see” Logan responded.

“Logan!” Sharon screamed as she woke up to reality. Everything was as it was before. Except the sun now streaming through the high window. She quickly paid and left the cafe. As she stepped into the bright street she noticed a shadowy figure standing near the end of the block. When he saw her he bolted, his cloak falling off revealing a tall teenager with strawberry blond hair, his irises were blue — electric blue In his hand, he held a golden sword made out of what appeared to be celestial bronze. She followed him into the street into a corner. She stopped to look around but didn’t see anyone. Until she felt a blade hit her back and all she could remember is saying “Logan” weakly before she blacked out. 


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