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Body Parts inc.

Body Parts Inc.
Mark Marchand

James Monroe is sitting in his lavish breakfast nook enjoying a cup of coffee. He is meticulously
dressed in a blue suit. The TV is on in the background. He is reviewing something on his laptop. He
takes a last sip of coffee and says “Turn off the TV Alex”. Just then a commercial comes over the TV.
“Hold that Alex” he blurts out. He turns his attention to the TV. The commercial narrator begins. “Are
you tired of going to the doctor. Now you may never have to go again. Introducing medi-slips. Just
down load our app and place the strip on your forehead. Our exclusive technology will scan your entire
body and deliver the results to our in-house physicians for review. After reviewing your vital signs the
doctor will prescribe the needed treatment or in the event of a medical emergency will dispatch an
ambulance to transport you to the hospital. Our patented system even does bloodwork so no more
needles. Order yours today.” James scratches his chin. “Alex send the following email to the team. Full
team meeting at ten. We have an opportunity.”. The voice of Alex says “Confirmed”. James gathers his
things and departs.

James enters the office of BPI. “Good morning Mr. Monroe” A thirty something woman says as
James walks past. “Morning. Are they ready?” He questions. “Yes. They are waiting in the meeting
room.” She replies. James enters his office dropping off his things than makes his way to the meeting
room. “Morning” multiple voices say as James enters the room. He takes a seat at the head of the
table. “Morning all”. Seated around the table are six people. Four older men dressed in suits and
a young man and woman dressed in casual attire.

James begins. “Medi-slips hae begun distribution. We now have an opportunity to greatly increase our
data base of viable organ donors. These strips can now give us the compatibility profile of millions of
individuals. I see the potential to increase harvesting by a thousand percent. Instead of weeks or
months we should be able to match our clients the same day.” “That App’s security will be tough
to beat” A bearded man chimes in. “Yes Bill but that’s what I over pay Mark and Sally for.” James replies
looking at the two casually dressed twenty somethings.
The young man speaks. “No real problem. I can crack anything.” The young girl looks up apparently
angered. “We can crack anything.” James replies in a harsh tone. “Play nice and get it done by the end
of the week”. James stands. “Get back to work. Bill stick around.” All but Bill leave the room.

James moves toward Bill and leans on the table. “If we play this right we stand to make a fortune.”
“Yep. I’ll get the word out through secure channels that we will now be offering more speedy delivery
of any requested organs.” Bill says smiling. “Inform them the increased speed will cost 20 percent
more.” James adds. “I really don’t think it will be an issue if we can get the organs within a few days.”
James nods. Bill leaves the room.

The two twenty somethings are in their office surrounded by computers and monitors. They are both
typing away on their respective keyboards. “The first one to break in buys lunch” The young woman
says. “Of course, Sally but do you really expect to win?” He replies. “Bla bla bla” Sally says.

Friday arrives, and the team reconvenes in the meeting room at nine AM. The team settles in to
their seats. “Are we in?” James asks Sally. “As of this morning I established a real-time link to monitor
the statistics of everyone who uses the strips.” The young man grunts. “She beat you, huh” James
says looking at him. Sally continues. “As of 8am there have been 23,000 users. It seems to be
expanding at 4000 per day.”. “The possibilities.” A man in a suit interjects. “Yes Paul. Money” James
replies. “The scrambler is running. No way for anyone to know we are watching.” The young man says.
“Perfect. We go live on Monday. I expect a huge influx of body part requests. As a thank you, take
the rest of the day off. Be back 5am Monday morning.” James says with a grin. “Don’t have to tell me
twice”. The young man says as he hurries away. The others leave slowly as well. “Bill, before you head
out send an email to all prior clients that we are offering 15 percent refund for any successful referral.
That should spark some more interest.” James says. “Great idea. Have a good weekend.” Bill replies.
“You too my friend.” James says with a smile.

It is 4am Monday and James is in his office sipping a cup of coffee and watching the news. The
newscaster reports the following. “It has been a little over a week since the medi-strips were released

and they have been a smash hit. As of yesterday, nearly 100,000 have been sold. The parent companies
stock is set to open at record levels. They anticipate passing a million units by months end. Another
success story.” Bill strolls in. “Morning James. Lots of good news”. Bill announces. “Morning. How
many orders?” James responds. “Nineteen. Eleven were referrals. A couple of hearts, a few kidneys,
two livers, a couple of lungs. A good mix”. Bill says with glee. “How many matched?” James asks.
“Eight so far. I will dispatch the collection teams shortly.” Bill leaves the office.

Late in the afternoon that day James calls everyone together in the main room. “I want to express
my thanks to all of you. The results have been better than I could have hoped. Three units are arriving
as we speak and will be processed for delivery this evening. The rest of our first round of orders should
be processed and delivered in two days. Nice job everyone.” James says proudly. A round of applause
breaks out. “Back to work. Bill follow me.” James and Bill depart.

The elevator doors open into the lower level. James and Bill exit passing a security guard. The door
ahead reads processing. They both enter. A young man breaks free of the restraints on his chair and
lunges at them. A wild look in his face. Two men dressed in white spring into action grabbing the man
and forcing him back into the chair. “Easy guys. We don’t want the merchandise damaged” James
says. “What the hell is going on?” The young man screams. “No need to fret, it will be over soon.” Bill
replies. “What will be……” The second man in white injects the young man and he is unable to finish. A
woman sticks her head out of the door at the other end and says. “Harvesting bay two is ready, bring
him in.” The two men in white place the young man on a stretcher and wheel him off. Bill turns to
James. “John is running behind in the crematorium but hopes to catch up with the remains disposal
by morning.” “I expected that, the price of more business.” James replies. Just then four men in
black enter caring two unconscious women. They put then into the chairs and attach the restraints.

James pulls out from his pocket a medi-strip. He kisses it saying “Modern technology is just
wonderful.”. “It’s a beautiful time to be alive “. Bill chimes. James snickers just a bit. “Dinner?”
Bill says. “Why not.” They leave as the two women are carted off to harvesting.


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