Carolyn Croop

Broken Dreams and Magic Schemes


(Part 1)

The setting is Minnesota
The main character is a woman named Dakota
This story starts in the middle of it
It begins depressing – I admit

The woman, Dakota, is not too lean
People call her names that are mean
She is quite depressed
And called a mess by how she’s dressed

Her crying ended a year ago
Two years after she lost her beau
You see – he broke up with her
Now she sits and stares and stirs

Dakota’s home is small
It has but only one small hall
But she does not care
And does not care about what she wears or her hair

Her daily routine starts like this
She wakes up – then will reminisce
She feeds herself eight times a day
Once in awhile she’ll stop and pray

And that is her life
Never her true love’s wife
Her dream was broken one time
By the man who stole her heart – a crime

Dakota had one daughter – Paige
Who was 22 years of age
Paige was on her own
Therefore, Dakota was all alone

Paige was born when Dakota was married
Dakota divorced and never remarried
Years later, Dakota fell in love with Maxwell
Maxwell broke her heart – this is factual

Two years of crying everyday
To others, though, she seemed okay
But they did not know her well
Not a well as did Maxwell

So, I think you get the scene
A woman depressed and not too lean
Heartbroken and sad
Never ever very glad

One day some mean kids called Dakota a cow
But this story’s beginning is over now
In the middle, this did begin
The before and after should make you grin

For Dakota had lived in New York City
Everyone always said she was so pretty
Dakota worked in the fashion industry
She even did surf, golf, dance and ski

Thank you for reading Part One
But it is now over and done
Please take time to read Part Two
It will not be as sad and blue


(Part 2)

Cut to the beginning
Where Dakota’s life was winning
Bright lights lit up the night
Dakota’s career had just reached new heights

Like I said before
Dakota’s life was not a bore
She was just 24 years of age
And had not yet had her daughter Paige

Dakota was the best at fashion design
She was hired over dinner and wine
Hired by a man named Maxwell
He knew her designs would sell well

Maxwell was rich and high class
His sports car even had tinted glass
He had the best of everything
And on his finger – no wedding ring

Dakota thought he was fascinating
Much more than the man she was dating
The man she was dating was named Rob
He had a mediocre job

Her high-rise apartment was in Manhattan
She was certain of life she’d win
Dakota was very materialistic
But she was also realistic

She went dancing at clubs a lot
And got VIP seats at private concert spots
Her best friend happened to be a man
His name was Stan

Stan was a bit of a nerd
But he was also good for his word
Dakota knew she could rely on him
By the way – he lost one limb

Stan was the nicest man there was
He would talk to Dakota just because
Anytime she needed a friend
He would be there for her ‘til no end

Surprisingly, her boyfriend Rob
Was too caught up in his job
To ever be jealous of Stan
Rob was a bodybuilder and nice looking man

Here ends Part Two
This is true
But no need to worry
Part Three will be here in a hurry


(Part 3)

To review this story’s characters
I will list them again being the narrator
Dakota works in fashion design
Maxwell hired her over dinner and wine

Dakota is dating Rob
Who works as a bodybuilder for his job
However, her best friend is Stan
He is a bit geeky but a wonderful man

Paige is Rob and Dakota’s kid unborn
When she arrived she was adorned
For one day to Rob and Dakota’s amazement
“Rob, I’m pregnant” was Dakota’s statement

Quickly they got married
Due to the child that Dakota carried
Having Paige made Dakota glad
But never to date Maxwell made her sad

One thing I forgot to mention
Stan was a magic comedian
He performed at clubs and bars
But was not very good and didn’t go far

He did magic tricks and told jokes
But he got little applause from folks
It was there he would talk to Dakota a lot
Although, unlike Maxwell, he was not a hot shot

After Dakota gave birth to Paige
Stan and Dakota grew apart as they aged
When Rob and Dakota married each other
Rob became controlling – Dakota felt smothered

For Rob said there would be no more of Stan
“You will not be friends with a man”
Dakota asserted herself as such
And said, “I’d like a divorce, thank you much”

Thus, Rob and Dakota’s marriage ended
Stan and Dakota still were befriended
So now Dakota was on her own with one child
But being without Rob made her smile

Dakota still worked for Maxwell
Her fashion designs still sold well
So nothing changed in the story since its beginning
For Dakota was still in New York City winning

Just one child now had she
And a friend named Stan McGee
For Paige – she hired a nanny
That’s right – it rhymes – a nanny named Annie

One day Stan came over to talk
Then suddenly Annie – in she walked
Every time Stan was there
Annie would pull up a chair

It was noticeable – Annie’s gestures
And obvious Annie liked Stan to no measure
Dakota, for a split second
Was a bit jealous I do reckon

But she turned away like she was blind
And blocked it out of her mind
He is only a friend she said
This came from inside her head

Here ends Part Three
Now – here is the key
There is no magic as you can see
Or is the magic still a mystery?


(Part 4)

Dakota’s life was going great
Until Maxwell stormed in saying meet me at eight
She was in her office when this happened
She must abide for he was captain

They met for dinner at a restaurant
Maxwell was being himself – arrogant
Though Dakota found this attractive
He started by saying – we must be more proactive!

Maxwell said the company financial reports were in
And not as good as they had been
Dakota – you’re the only one no doubt
That this mess you can pull us out

Dakota had the perfect clout
To fix the mess brought about
Her fashion design were top notch
Maxwell then ordered another scotch

The company is in your hands, Dakota
It must be fixed or you’re back to Minnesota
Dakota drank a little more too
Then she had an idea like new

Maxwell liked Dakota’s plan
They asked – may I be your man?
Dakota’s dreams felt complete
A career and a man she thought elite

Dakota’s life could not be better
She was definitely a go-getter
She worked overtime into the night
To fix the financial crisis and make it right

Within her office the phone then rang
Stan said he performed and was fired because he sang
The two decided to meet that night
So they talked until the morning light

That’s what friends do
They spend time with you when you are blue
That night Dakota did her part
But Maxwell was the one who had her heart

Dakota was late to work the next day
And this may sound a bit cliche
But she told Maxwell she lost track of time
Although he did not buy that line

Even though they were a couple for a year
Maxwell one day made it clear
I am done with you
And your job is done too

So in the pouring rain
Dakota caught a train
Back to Minnesota
Both Paige and Dakota

Here now ends Part Four
The part when Dakota was kicked out the door
Next is Part Five
The part when Dakota strives to survive


(Part 5)

Cut to the middle where this story starts
Maxwell had just broken Dakota’s heart
As it was described in Part One
Now her life depressing – not fun

So back in Minnesota
Sits at home – Dakota
Boring and sad everyday
She began growing bitter in a way

Dakota thought men were all the same
And that to them – women were just a game
She had no one to talk to
This sad lifestyle was something new

No one to talk to except for Stan
(He never fell for Annie – his fan)
For it was Dakota whom he loved forever
To win her heart he had to be clever

Here is where the magic comes in
Stan is about to take Dakota for a spin
He talked on the phone to her everyday
Even though they were both far away

At 10:05 one day the phone rang
When Dakota answered – it was Stan who sang
He sang a love song over the phone
And said – look outside – you’re not alone

A big smile appeared on Dakota’s face
There was no frown – not a trace
For serenading her outside was Stan
Singing like the perfect gentleman

She went outside and gave Stan a hug
He then rolled out a red carpet rug
Dakota asked – what is this for?
Stan said this and a little more . . .

You said, Dakota – that you did not believe in love
You said it did not exist anywhere low or above
I am here to prove you wrong
And show love to you and sing a song

The carpet that is on the ground
Take my hand – this is profound
My friend – I will guide you right
And show you a world of magic tonight

So down the red carpet they walked
They were best friends – together they talked
Suddenly appeared a glittering door
Dakota – not depressed anymore

Stan – still holding her hand
Guided her into a place with a band
Where – asked Dakota – are we?
Stand replied – in Chapter Three

I am confused said Dakota
You mean we are no longer in Minnesota?
Stan replied
As to love he tried

We are wherever you want to be
We are in Carolyn’s Library
Carolyn’s Library has stories and poetry
This is where I will show you love exists – notably

And so ends Part Five now
It may have raised some eyebrows
For I am sure you were not expecting
A magic red carpet ride Stan was directing

Next is Part Six where adventure lurks
Within the poems and stories of Carolyn’s works
For Dakota and Stan venture into some
Life for them is back to fun!


(Part 6)

Stan and Dakota walked down a hall
And entered a conference room with red walls
There appeared to be a meeting
But to Stan and Dakota there was no greeting

The two sat down at the conference room table
Dakota asked Stan if they were in a fable
Stan replied, “Well kind of
This is where Ann and Chase find love”

We are in the story, “Alien Science Project”
No one can see us – no one suspects
This is Part Three of the tale
They do not know we are on their trail

Just then the meeting began
Chase from the story introduced all to Ann
Chase and Ann then turned their heads
For it was love at first sight in their heads they both said

Stan and Dakota just saw
Two falling in love and in awe
From another story in this library
Two (Chase and Ann) who will someday marry

To Dakota, Stan then turned toward
Let’s walk down the red carpet a bit more
Here’s some magic – click your heels three times
That is the way to enter more rhymes

Dakota then asked Stan
Who now was quite a great magician
Isn’t that something from another tale?
Stan said – it’s our world to much avail

So Dakota clicked her heels three times
To enter into another rhyme
Stan said – pick a letter from A-Z
Dakota picked the letter Z – not C

Stan and Dakota were then magically in
Zero Hour – a poem within
Within Carolyn’s Library
Suddenly they saw two lives sung on key

They saw two people who had
Gone down wrong paths that were bad
But were led together
No matter how good or bad the weather

Dakota then understood
She didn’t know if she should
Give Stan a kiss then
Or just keep him as a friend

Dakota said – this is so fun
Down the carpet I want to run
To the next poem we are in
Stan – you’re taking me for quite the spin

This is where Part Six ends
Do you think they’ll be more than friends?
Later, Dakota will be succeeding
So to Part Seven – continue reading


(Part 7)

Down the red carpet Dakota ran
As she held the hand of Stan
From A-Z they passed by rhymes
Through Carolyn’s Library several times

Dakota did not know where to start
For Stan had already won her heart
Although he did not know that yet
He was so glad they had long ago met

Dakota decided to tell Stan
That he was a charming man
And that in love she fell
In love with Stan and not Maxwell

Just then Stan gave Dakota a ring
And a love song he did sing
Dakota said yes but had a question
Stan – you made quite an impression

But we are not in reality here
From Minnesota we disappeared
Your magic tricks have improved
Marrying you – I approve

However this is a fantasy land
Everything here is wonderful and grand
So her question to him was this
Silence developed and she gave him a kiss

Then she asked will things be the same
After the moment I change my name
And re-enter Minnesota
Back to reality asked Dakota

Stan said – let me make this clear
Reality is also here
No matter where you are
Look and you will see the stars

Some poems here are sad
Not everything here is wonderful and glad
But we must return to Minnesota
So down the carpet walked Stan and Dakota

Now choose one more rhyme to enter into
Because we must return home at two
For Stan had not yet learned the trick
To return whenever you choose or pick

The Ride of Our Lives was picked
Dakota’s heels three times she clicked
They met Abigail, Nicole, Grace and Jane
Spooky – they saw them too – the same

And so ends this part
Where Stan and Dakota have each other’s hearts
Return for more in Part Eight
This is definitely quite the date!


(Part 8)

The Ride of Our Lives story they were in
Dakota told Stan – what a spin this has been
They entered into Chapter One
At a Fair they were – oh how fun!

They were behind a fortune telling booth
Stan pointed to four girls in their youth
Abigail, Jane, Nicole and Grace
Could see Stan pointing at their face

The four girls were only eight
And waiting for a ride at a gate
Abigail then whispered to Grace
Why is that magician pointing at our face?

Because he and that lady know our fate
Abigail spoke – what? I’m only eight
Grace said – they know what happens to us forever
Fortune tellers are mighty clever

Abigail said – after the rollercoaster ride is done
Let’s speak to them for fun
But they forgot and never did
They were typical eight-year old kids

Just then Stan looked at the time
Dakota – we must leave this rhyme
The magic spell is almost over
Though I hope we are still lovers

Dakota and Stan then held hands
And walked down the carpet while enjoying bands
The glittering door they had entered earlier
On the other side – was a plain door barrier

They walked through the plain-looking door
The red carpet was rolled up and on the floor
They were back in Minnesota
Sadly back said Dakota

At the library it was fun
A magical world for everyone
Stan said – it is magical here too
Everyday – not just a few

Stan – I love you – Dakota said
He was glad the love wasn’t all in his head
He said that he loved her too
But back to New York City he flew

Part Eight is finished and over
Stan had given Dakota a four-leaf clover
To remember him by after he left Minnesota
Part Nine is next about Dakota


(Part 9)

Dakota began planning her wedding
For she was engaged and not forgetting
Stan had flown back to his job in New York City
But did not leave without telling Dakota she’s pretty

Dakota was still not too lean
She was ready to change her scene
First she called to talk to Stan
Their honeymoon she wanted to plan

Where – asked Stan – would you like to go?
Dakota replied – the library again – don’t you know
Stan could not stop his laughter
From a wedding to a library thereafter?

Dakota smiled and said yes Stan
The library is the best place in the land
Stan replied while from the trip he unpacked
I may use that as a joke in my act

A honeymoon at a library!
After you become Dakota McGee
And take my last name as yours
Dakota my love – are you sure?

She answered – yes my love
But I must now rise above
I want to look great
For our wedding date

So Stan and Dakota hung up
Dakota poured water into her cup
She was over Maxwell for sure
And ready to clean and mop her floors

Months and months passed by
Dakota again was stared at by guys
She had lost a lot of weight
She wanted her story’s fate to be great

Dakota became more close with Paige
They shopped together despite their difference in age
Most everyday they shopped for clothing
They found it more fun than going bowling

Though Dakota knew she could not make a living here
Unless she became an entrepreneur
And started her own clothing store
With her own designs and more

The only problem was Stan
He was a magic comedian
If he moved here with Dakota
His career would end in Minnesota

Dakota did not know what to do
She could not return to New York City – it’s true
For her career was ruined there
Maxwell made sure – it was not fair

Loving Maxwell she wondered why
She spent years and sat and cried
He was not worth her time of day
She looked at love a different way

Stan – she realized – was quite good looking
With great talent – he got bookings
She realized she made a mistake in life
By not sooner being Stan’s wife

A lesson learned she said
She said this within her head
It’s too late to change the past for me
But maybe I can teach somebody

I’ll teach them what to look for in a man
Never mind – she said – they may steal Stan
They may realize how great he is
And say he is hers and she is his

Now and forever she could not lose Stan
For they were making wedding plans
What Dakota did not know
Was how much Stan loved her but did not show

This is the end of Part Nine
I hope you had a wonderful time
I realize it was a bit boring
But a necessary part of this story


(Part 10)

Stan and Dakota had agreed
Their honeymoon would be the library
Dakota hoped Carolyn – the author
Would write a poem and another

A poem that she and Stan could land
A vacation location of a tropical island
Somewhere nice they could honeymoon
Within her poems in the month of June

For they decided to marry at noon
Noon the following June
July is Somber was a poem they had read
So June they picked instead

Stan had Carolyn’s Library list
Dakota he so missed
He checked the list everyday
To see if a vacation poem had been written that day

Everyday he looked
But all Carolyn was doing was writing this book
So he cast a spell on her
To write about a tropical island they could endure

Suddenly Carolyn stopped writing this tale
To write of a beach with a shovel and pail
She needed to write a poem for Stan
For Dakota too – it was in Carolyn’s plan

So the story stops here for awhile
I hope this story is making you smile
Carolyn must write a poem for Stan and Dakota
One for their honeymoon away from Minnesota


(Part 11)

Part Eleven goes like this
Dakota so very much was missed
Stan – away from her in New York City
Dakota in Minnesota looking pretty

Stan had used sleight of hand
For Carolyn, the author, created a place with sand
A vacation land for Dakota and Stan
A poem within Carolyn’s Library land

Thus, it was to be a surprise
The honeymoon paradise
A surprise for Dakota after the wedding
The deal Stan made with Carolyn he is not forgetting

Winning the lottery for Carolyn was the deal
He knew how but would not reveal
Carolyn’s part was to write a poem
Of a paradise location for Dakota and him

Thus, Carolyn, the author, did her part
And wrote a poem just like art
It is called Honeymoon Getaway
It showed up on the library list one day

The story now goes back to Minnesota
Where finding work is the role for Dakota
For during her times of crying
She worked for an entrepreneur who was trying

Most of her work was done at home
At home she worked alone on the phone
But her boss’ business failed
She received notice in the mail

Dakota asked Paige – what will I do?
My job is finished – I am through
Paige said to her mom – marry Stan
Marry him as fast as you can

That was Paige’s reply
Marry Stan the guy
Live off him and his money
For he must have a lot as a comedian being funny

Paige – said Dakota – I am astounded
I thought I raised you to be well grounded
Money is not what you marry for
It’s love and happiness and who you adore

Thus, the months moved along quite fast
Dakota had money in savings to last
Last for awhile until she married Stan
More months passed and the wedding began

And so now ends this story’s section
Guess the ending – what’s your projection?
Next is their wedding and honeymoon
It’s in Part Twelve in the month of June


(Part 12)

It was finally the month of June
Stan and Dakota’s wedding at noon
Was elegant, romantic and tearful
For the people who attended were tearful but cheerful

The vows were so very meaningful
Which had made the crowd joyfully tearful
Paige was Dakota’s maid of honor
Dakota was proud to have chosen her daughter

After the wedding was over
Stan and Dakota were now more than lovers
They re-entered Carolyn’s Library
And honeymooned for free

Dakota clicked her heels three times
And entered into the Honeymoon Getaway rhyme
They had the time of their lives
So in love as husband and wife

A week passed by – honeymoon done
Goodbye to their vacation in the sun
Stan had one more surprise for Dakota
It was a lovely new home in Minnesota

As Dakota walked through the door
Into her new home on the floor
Was a lottery ticket!
Nothing else in the home but a cricket

Stan owned up to the bargain
And told her the ticket would win
For he used sleight of hand and . . .
Gave the author of this story a winning hand!


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