Carolyn Croop

Class Act

[BOOK 1]
(Part 1)

Home Room

Buzz – my alarm clock sounded
School again today
My bedroom was surrounded
With papers from my essay

I could not miss the bus
For today was the day
That I was told I must
Read to the class my essay

To school an hour later
I had arrived just then
I prayed to my Creator
That I had not forgotten my pen

I ran down the hall
I couldn’t be late to class
Or else the school staff – all
Would write me up and hand me a pass

I made it to my chair
First period was Home Room
My classmates were brushing their hair
So they would be well groomed

My Home Room teacher, Miss Woods
Read the class a quote
For everyday she would
Read something she wrote

“Make each day count”

That was all she said
I believe she didn’t say much
So that quote sunk in our heads
Just that quote as such

As I was browsing my essay
The bell then rang
To my next class – on my way
The doors I passed – I sang and sang


[BOOK 1]
(Part 2)


I made it there on time
For my class – Psychology
The next class of mine
Would be Biology

The Psychology teacher, Mr. Byron
Taught about the brain
He said teaching was fun
I said learning was a pain

He said, “There’s five things to know about your mind”

The brain does not know the difference between reality and imagination
The brain reacts to whatever you think about
I joked that I should go to mental therapeutic rehabilitation
And from this class get out

You experience what you think about most
So think positive thoughts a lot
Your brain pattern will boast
He said, “Believe it or not”

Your brain runs mostly on autopilot
Negative thoughts create anxiety and stress
Again – think positive thoughts a lot
Just do your best

Shutting off your mind is a must
Your mind needs a break
Meditate – all of us
It’s a ‘piece of cake’

It will improve your health
And your immune system
I joked, ‘Will it bring me wealth?’
My teacher answered, ‘Wisdom’

You can literally change your brain
Think positive
Most don’t want their brain the same
So stop the negative

Mr. Byron’s lesson was now done
It seemed like it lasted all day
But the day had just begun
So to my next class – I was on my way


[BOOK 1]
(Part 3)


Biology was next on the list
The teacher was Mr. Best
Some students had written notes on their wrists
For some that day had tests

By the way
We only called him Mr. Best
Because I need not say
He was the best as you may have guessed

Onto the Biology lesson next
We were lectured to
I then received a text
But ignored it from Sue

Amoebas we then learned
They are like little bugs as such
They are everywhere in and out
Not a few but much

Too tiny to see
But they even live in our tables
I told my classmates let it be
When they insisted it was all a fable

Mr. Best then taught us this
That an experiment had been made
And this is what it is
On the table his book he laid

Amoebas live within their families – true
Because that is where their food source is concerned
If one wanders away or few
They will eventually return

Mr. Best then picked on me
He asked me this question
Because he wanted to see
If I had understood or had a suggestion

What did you learn from this? he said
I said that food is most important
That is what came from my head
I joked that the rest in my head was unimportant

Mr. Best gave me a thumbs up
He then handed out a pop quiz
As he drank from his coffee cup
But I was the class wiz

So I was not concerned
That I would fail the test
It quickly was finished and returned
To my teacher, Mr. Best

The bell then rang again
Time for my next class
It will soon begin
I know the quiz I passed


[BOOK 1]
(Part 4)


My next class was Health
An easy class I was taking
I said to myself
Today we learn about cigarette smoking

The teacher, Mrs. Cooper
Said smoking is in two parts
It is nothing super
It can destroy your heart

The two parts of smoking are
It is (1) a habit and (2) an addiction
That is why quitting is hard
And smokers cause nonsmokers friction

To cure the habit part
Takes 21 days
You cannot smoke or start
It leaves your system by then by the way

The addiction part is harder to cure
It can take months or years
This is for sure
And why smoking you should fear

Mrs. Cooper let the class leave early
Outside she went to smoke
It seemed she quit yearly
She always told us she was broke

I knew she wanted to quit
A hundred times she would try
It taught us all a bit
For cigarettes never to buy

I then looked at the time
It was time for lunch
I reread my essay that rhymed
An “A” I would get – just a hunch


[BOOK 1]
(Part 5)


After lunch was Math
I beforehand got my books
From my locker along my path
My math book I then took

My teacher allowed us to call him by his first name
Which was Dave
He taught us a little money game
And how to save

He said to begin with an income
Then subtract your expense
He said it was his wisdom
I thought it all made sense

Any extra money you have
Put into a savings account
It’s a good way to behave
Your savings will grow in amount

After you have a good amount
Invest your money
In other accounts
He was serious – never funny

Money is the most important thing
I then said food is
For disagreeing he made me sing
So I sang this

Money is important – yes
So is food
But love is most important I guess
I don’t mean to be rude

Dave was rather mean
He did not find my song funny
He only thought about green
For that is the color of money

Class then ended
I joked to Dave for a hundred grand
Could we be befriended
Dave and I then shook hands


[BOOK 1]
(Part 6)


The day’s lesson was JFK
In my History class
He was Catholic so on Sunday
He would go to mass

John F. Kennedy’s nickname was Jack
He became President in 1961
Sadly, he was attacked
By a shot in the head from a gun

The History teacher, Miss Smart
Taught us this and more
Kennedy won the Purple Heart
In the Navy he saved sailors to shore

He won the Pulitzer Prize for“Profiles in Courage”
He is the only American president to win this
He was strong and would encourage
Americans to “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country” as is

Kennedy gave a speech
Saying, “We choose to go to the moon”
Miss Smart did teach
That his life ended too soon

He died in Dallas in 1963
The country was in sorrow
Miss Smart then said, “You’ll see
We will learn more tomorrow”

Class was then done
My next class my essay was to be read
Not yet time for fun in the sun
My essay is ready I said in my head


[BOOK 1]
(Part 7)


I had gotten seated
In English class that day
My teacher then greeted
Me in a friendly way

She then called upon me
To read my essay
It needed to be long – you see
But I made mine short so to say

I said this
As I began to speak
The title of my essay is
“My soul I Seek”

“War is everywhere
It seems so surreal
We need to share
Love that is so real

If my essay is any longer
You will not get my point I share
Love grows stronger and stronger
Each time you give and care”

And so ended my essay
We were to write of war
I got an “A”
Because I wrote of love from my heart’s core

My teacher said this is credible
And that this is fact
You are incredible . . .

You are a class act!


[BOOK 2]
(Part 1)

Home Room

The day was finally here
A half day of school today
As I looked into the mirror
Preparing for high school’s last day

Our final tests were done
I couldn’t wait for summer
And fun in the sun
Before college in September

Valedictorian I had won
For highest grades of my classmates
The school year almost done
Then off to college out of state

As I walked into Home Room
An applause from students and the teacher
Led me to assume
My award my teacher featured

My teacher, Miss Woods
Then said to me as she preached
“Do you realize you should
Give the graduation speech?”

I had not thought about it
But it was my role
To give the speech using my wit
And bare my soul

Miss Woods then gave
Her daily quote
As she waved
A goodbye note

“Never quit”

I was going to miss her
And her daily quotes
I wasn’t quite sure
If I would always remember quotes she wrote

But I wasn’t much concerned
About that just then
For soon it was my turn
To write a speech with my pen

I only had one week
To write my speech
My head I searched and sought For within my speech I wanted to teach

Home Room then was finished
Off to class in Finance
My happiness was undiminished
For summer soon I would dance


[BOOK 2]
(Part 2)


I then went to my class in Finance
It was the same teacher that taught Math
I found Finance to be a cinch
It would chart my path

For in college
I planned Finance as my major
To gain financial knowledge
And not be a doctor with a pager

Dave began speaking
The class was few
Most of the class was taking
The last day off – it’s true

I, as Valedictorian, though
Felt I must be a role model to them
And attend all my classes through
The end of the day at ten

Dave then said
We will review compounded interest now
It is the butter and bread
And I will show how

When you start a savings account
You will earn money on your savings account dollars
That is called ‘interest’ of an amount
I’m teaching you as scholars

Now, when you earn interest on the interest money
That is interest compounded
Called ‘compounded interest’ – funny
When you earn you’ll be astounded

For you will be earning something
More money for you
By doing absolutely nothing
That’s how money can work for you – it’s true

Here is an example
You have 100 dollars
You put the 100 in savings as a sample
Say it earns 10 dollars, scholars

You would then have 110
Now the 10 is earning interest too
If you don’t spend
Your 10 earns 1 dollar interest – true

Now you have 111 in your account
You did nothing for the 11
That’s a good amount
Even better than 7

Ring – saved by the bell
He was good at explaining
But his class was hell
And quite draining

Next – walking to Spanish
An easy class
I ate my breakfast danish
As classes I passed


[BOOK 2]
(Part 3)


Today is the day
Mrs. Garcia said
Our class will teach young students the way
To learn Spanish that they read

Sophia was my Spanish name
Mrs. Garcia called on me that day
After we finished a Spanish game
To teach and lead the way

I began like this
Mi llamo Sophia
The two “ll’s” make a “y” sound as is
That’s what we learned from Mrs. Garcia

Mi llamo Sophia means
My name is Sophia
A student who was fourteen
Said she understood to Mrs. Garcia

E tu? Que llamo usted?
Meaning, and you? What is your name?
My brain felt a little rusted
But I continued on just the same

Como este usted? means
How are you?
Teaching Spanish to young teens
So that Spanish they knew

Was rather fun to do
On the last day of school
But now the class was through
The students said Spanish is cool

So we said our last goodbyes
To Mrs. Garcia
She said don’t let life make you cry
Goodbye Sophia

I then was on my way
Home as I walked with friends
We all wanted to say
This is not our end

My friends wanted to spend time with me
But I had a speech to write
They knew it was important so agreed
To hang out some summer nights

High school was then over and done
I was writing my speech at home
As I sat in the noontime sun
At my home alone


[BOOK 2]
(Part 4)

Graduation Speech

It was Saturday
The day I was to graduate
I was soon on my way
And did not hesitate

Before I left my home
I practiced my speech
Graduation was under a dome
Where I would read this speech to teach

“Some would say
School is not real life
They think this way
It’s being a father, mother, husband or wife

If this were true
We would not be real and exist
School is real life too
This I insist

It’s where we all made friends
And had good times and bad
Although this is not our end
I know a part of us is sad

We are simply transitioning
To a new chapter
High school taught us conditioning
To all be high school captors

Some would say now we’re free
No more being captors
This is not true to me
As we start new chapters

We simply have more decisions
A bigger world or scope
We must set our visions
Small to cope but high to hope

Our world is now large
Choose wisely like an owl
We are now in charge
Let’s all live in style

Goodbye classmates
I love you all
You are all so great
Don’t forget your mom to call”

That was what I spent time writing
I thought it turned out great
The tears I am now fighting
The real life now awaits


[BOOK 2]
(Part 5)

Graduation Day

I stepped into my car
Wearing my graduation gown
I didn’t have to travel far
The music in my car made a loud sound

As I approached a red light
It gave me time to think
Next I would turn right
I then lifted up my drink

I then turned
But cars were stopped on the road
I became concerned
And I know it showed

I looked ahead
And saw a pond
There was a person whose head
Was strawberry blonde

She and her car were in the pond
I called for an ambulance
The woman who was blonde
Only sounded of silence

People were only looking
No one was helping her
Some were even booking
Although it’s somewhat of a blur

To the pond I quickly jumped right in
As I looked I realized it was Miss Woods
I thought, where do I begin
Helping as I should

She was dying
But I brought her to land
I was trying
To give a hand

She then muttered something too
“I am dying”
I said this – it’s true
“Miss Woods, never quit, you need to be trying”

Just then the ambulance arrived
Miss Woods
Was still alive
I had done all I could

They rushed Miss Woods away
I knew for being late I must account
I only had time for my speech to say
“Make each day count”

I was then stepped aside that day
Still in shock – not well in tact
Then the principal had to say

“You are a class act!”


[BOOK 3]
(Part 1)

Beginning of College

It was the third
Week of college
I had deferred
Summer fun for knowledge

I decided in summer
To take an extra credit class
Before college in September
I took the class and passed

The class was Music 101
It was there I met a boy
My life had never been more fun
With the boy in class named Troy

Troy had trouble with grades in school – it’s true
But he knew music quite well
So he took a summer class he knew
So an “A” his parents he could tell

Troy was in a rock band
Called the Treble with Men
I thought they were the best in the land
Troy and I became best of friends

I must tell you this
In college I lost interest
In Finance as is
I had much disinterest

I met with a person
From the guidance department at school
They said my grades had worsened
And that was uncool

I said I’d like to transfer
From majoring in Finance
I would prefer
To study music and dance

They ousted me from college
And said it’s a shame
For you’re a girl with a wealth of knowledge
In music you will never gain fame

So I left that day
To gain more knowledge
I was on my way
To a local music college


[BOOK 3]
(Part 2)

Coming Back Home

I took two locomotives
To my hometown
I had two motives
To not let myself down

One was to be with Troy again
The other was to eventually join a band
His band, the Treble with Men
Would become famous and grand

Troy was a year behind me in school
He was a senior that year
He thought I was a really cool
Of losing him I feared

For we had begun dating each other
As I attended music college
To further
My music knowledge

I knew I was on the right path
My parents supported me
But maybe I should have studied more math
As my parents said living with them was not free

School for me was to begin on Monday
I decided to visit Miss Woods
For it was only Sunday
And I thought that I should

She thanked me always
For saving her life
She had quit teaching one day
To become a good wife

Her name was no longer Miss Woods
It had changed when she got married
I said, “Yes”, when she asked if I would
Be the Godmother to the child she carried

I told her I had come home for good
To follow my heart and make each day count
She asked me if I would
Accept a gift of a money account

For saving her life she and her husband gave me money
I accepted it
You may find this funny
But I needed it a bit

It was a huge amount
I was set for life then
I placed it in a different account
After I thanked them

To home and off to bed I went
The next day was Monday
I’m glad I had spent
A day with Miss Woods on Sunday


[BOOK 3]
(Part 3)


Monday was here
As I entered the room the first day
My classmates cheered
For I was a new student so to say

The first class was Piano
I was excited to learn
I sat in the first row
My stomach full of butterflies did churn

The teacher began by saying to the class and me
There are seven notes for piano
That is how piano goes

There are 88 keys
White keys are called naturals
Black keys – you see
Are called accidentals

The four most basic chords
Are major, minor, diminished and augmented
It will give you much reward
To write song you invented

There are 12 major and 12 minor triads
A triad refers to a 3-note chord
The keys on the piano are called a pad
The teacher then asked if we were all bored

I guess because some in class were asleep
I raised my hand
And spoke from down deep
That learning piano was quite grand

My statement caused my teacher
To go off in a tangent
“My grand piano”, he preached
“Is the best on the planet”

I liked my teacher but
He sometimes drifted away
We called him a nut
He laughed anyway

Piano class was done
Onto the next class for me
I had to then run
To the class Music Terminology


[BOOK 3]
(Part 4)

Music Terminology

Onto Music Terminology
Which I was told
Was learning music’s key
So I was sold

The teacher said
We will learn one word A-Z
I said within my head
Seems simple to me

He began with the letter “A”
And said the word “allegro”
It means lively or fast I say
Slightly slower is “allegretto”

Next the word is “ballad”
It is a song narrating a story
I found his words to be valid
Although rather boring

Next letter is “C”
We will learn the word “cadenza” now
It is a song’s solo section – you see
The performer then takes a bow

And onto the letter “D’s” position
The word is “drone”
It is a note or chord played throughout a composition
I was bored but not alone

The “E” word is “en pressant”
It means hurrying forward, he gasped
I joked, “Will the now and present
Also move as fast?”

“Not funny”, he yelled in my face
As I was laughing inside
Though I acted with grace
For I had much self pride

The class was about to end
My joke created for me
A bunch of new friends
Okay, well, maybe two or three

My class day was over
I only had two classes that day
I then wanted to see my lover
And be on my way

Troy was waiting for me
He said he had something to say
He said, “If I pay you a fee
Will you join my band today?”

I had a big choice to make then
I would have to quit school
To join the Treble with Men
Which was really cool


[BOOK 3]
(Part 5)

The Hus(band)

A difficult decision I was making
But my life was a mess I guess
College I would be forsaking
But the band was already a huge success

I decided to give it a try
And join the Treble with Men
With a gleam in my eye
The band I would blend

They decided I would sing
Since an instrument I couldn’t play
Troy then handed me a ring
And said, “Marry me”, that day

A few years later I became his wife
We gave the money we made to charity
For I was already set for life
We lived our lives carefree

Troy said he had a surprise for me
I knew it was a song
I told him I had a surprise for him too
It’s where we belong

He didn’t know what I meant at all
Just then I called the band
And told them we would miss rehearsal in my call
My gift to him so grand

I told him to get into the car
As we drove down the road
Not very far
The end of this story is about to unfold

A brand new music studio
I had built for him
He shouted, “In I go
This is better than a gym”

He said he loved it
And said I was a great band member
He said in a bit
He would sing me something to remember

“First”, he said, “I want to tell you
As my wife
That this is true
You’re the best part of my life”

Troy then picked up the microphone
And began singing his song
We were all alone
But right where we belonged

The song to remember was so poetic – you see
It had a big impact
He then sang these words to me

“You are a real class act!”


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