the short story project


Mattie Esplin


“I am not an android.”

She leaned in closer to me face, “Yes you are.”

 She pressed my arms deeper into the metal chair. Her poisonous smile stretched across her face, “You were one of the best before you decided to go rouge. You were the most human of them all. We watched as your emotions developed more than any other android we had created. You were a killer before you developed a conscious. We created you so well, that we even fooled you.”

Her dark eyes gazed holes into mine. Her bun was too tight for her head and was pulling her features making her look even more sinister. I looked her up and down, calculating just how I would take her down.  My arms and legs were tied to the chair and I couldn’t get free.

“I am not an android.” I repeated. Sweat was making my red hair cling to my face. I could feel the ropes digging through my jacket and my jeans. If I was an android how could I feel, sweat, show emotion?

As if reading my thoughts she said, “We made you who you are. We wanted an android that could blend in and pass as human.” Her heels clicked on the cement floor in front of me. “We have learned from our mistakes in the past. The old androids were too robotic; not enough emotions, they didn’t sweat, cry, or anything the humans did. They were too perfect to be human. We created so many only to have the human race destroy them. We needed them to blend in and not draw attention to themselves. We tried and failed so many times until we made you. You were everything we were looking for. You had flaws that humans had, you cried, bled, and showed emotions. We trained you to fight and kill but you started to develop a conscious of your own, your emotions were spinning out of control. Until one day, you disappeared during a mission. We searched until we assumed you to be dead in a ditch. We feared another government found you. Until we found you here, with your little friend.”

My eyes glanced to the corner where I saw him slumped in the corner with is hands tied behind his back. Blood was dripping down the side of his head.

She saw the fear in my eyes, “He’s not dead. Yet.” The sinister smile returned.

“If I have done all these things and killed all these people, how do I not remember it? How do I not know I’m an android?”

“You were becoming too human. Your emotions took over and you had overridden your memory and your programming.” She paused. “But we are going to fix that.”

“No! Don’t do this!”

He stirred in the corner and came to. He saw what was happening and called out.

She stepped closer, nothing in her hands but the threat felt very real.

I screamed in pain as her slender fingers pressed hard behind both of my ears. I heard his shouts and my screams.

Then everything went black.


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